7 Examples of Influencer Marketing on Youtube

In recent years, influencer marketing has become increasingly popular. This has evolved into a way for people to make money while building their brand and subscriber base. Everything from games to fashion to leisure to education to study abroad programmes. 

All of this has turned this form of marketing into a profitable endeavour. Without a doubt, a person with decent internet and a smartphone can quickly access the business side of social media, grow their business, and develop their brand. Many Influencers and brands buy youtube subscribers in order to make awareness and create a good base for their future. 

They use sites where they buy such subscribers. To further clarify this, we have another article here that will focus on seven instances in which influencers use YouTube, one of the most popular social media platforms, to expand their market and audience. Come on, let’s dive in.

1. Lifestyle and daily vlogging 

The most enduring and popular YouTube material is now vlogging. Influencers record and publish videos of their daily activities. People and viewers especially like the content like this, where they can watch their favourite vlogger discuss their daily activities. 

Daily vlogs such as “What I Do in a Day,” “What I Eat in a Day,” “How Do I Stay Productive Throughout the Day,” and “Good Habits” are examples of the types of topics they strive to instil in their viewers’ minds. Because of this, influencers offer products that help them with certain work during the day, which are essentially brand commercials, and they reveal their day-to-day activities as a result. 

Through this, they acquire money and YouTube subscribers. Both at the beginning of the video and in the description box, the sponsor is named, giving viewers extra chances to research the brand.

2. Giveaways And Contests

There are numerous strategies for reaching potential clients when it comes to YouTube marketing. Contests and freebies are a common strategy. Influencers used these campaigns to send their products and services to the giveaway winners, just endorsing their brand in the process and working to improve their reputation. They try to keep the contests straightforward and request that viewers subscribe, share, and comment on videos. This is an excellent marketing influencing strategy.

3. Hauls and unboxing videos

Every user and subscriber now goes to these videos to watch in order to see the product and the detailing prior to making the actual purchase. YouTubers typically introduce the brand at the beginning of the video, increasing the likelihood that viewers will see the brand. Hauls can be videos where you exhibit your purchases one by one from a store or brand and give them a star rating. 

Unboxing videos can be used to showcase a great new technology or to advertise a new product or brand. These two strategies for influencer marketing have been increasingly popular in the last ten years.

4. Video Podcast and Interviews

Inviting guests and conducting interviews with them is the specialisation that attracts the greatest attention. You feel motivated when you witness a successful individual on a show discussing common life issues and challenges that helped him become who he is today.

Brands then attempt to contact YouTubers who have a large number of views and followers. This is a terrific marketing tactic.

5. DIY Videos

Do-it-yourself videos are popular because they allow people to learn about and develop their skills in a variety of fields, which draws in viewers. There are DIY channels that teach you things like how to get glowing skin at home, sculpture, painting, and carpentry. 

These are all included in this group of marketing. It attracts more views and subscribers as more people become self-reliant.

6. Behind the scenes and tutorials

When you are uploading a video of a makeup look, take your subscribers into the tutorial scenic of the look you have created. It persuades people to stick with you because what they see on camera is not always a piece of cake. Similar to this, you shared a behind-the-scenes film from a brand shot on your YouTube channel. 

These days, the production of movies and television shows also employs this marketing strategy to increase viewers on YouTube and elsewhere. It gives them the chance to witness their favourite stars in action.

7. Brand Ambassador

Anyone who merely has a sizable following that brands may partner with within their network to boost sales and brand awareness is an influencer. As the brand’s face, influencers work to shape consumers’ perceptions of the brand and serve as an effective marketing tool for both the brand and the individual.


Influencers typically have a sizable and active audience that helps them connect with your brands, increase sales, and establish credibility. Influencer marketing is still underutilised despite its recent popularity surge. And businesses will use it as a key marketing tactic for years to come. 

Although there has been much debate regarding the authenticity of social media influencers, doing so can now be lucrative. This is due to the fact that marketers are now using influencers to reach their target audience. Therefore, it is a profitable and wholesome business. 

These 7 examples shown above have undergone research and analysis. I hope you enjoy it.

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