Content Policy

The main reason behind the content policy is to give the reader a healthy space where they can really share something good and knowledgeable staff. Our company holds the right to delete or correct misleading posts. Only those posts which violate the code of conduct will be deleted.

Adult Content

Adult content is strictly prohibited on our website. Adult content includes pictures, videos that directly or indirectly promote nudity, any sexual activity, offensive language. If any misleading content is found, then we have the right to edit or remove it.


It is against the rule of the company to threaten other people through or on your blog.

Personal Information

You are requested not to use other personal and confidential information and images. You are not allowed to post personal information like driving license number, mobile number, credit or debit card number, and other personal information.

We also come together to acquire knowledge so you are requested to respect each other space.

Child Safety

We strictly don’t allow child abuse and sexual attractions for children.

Malware And Viruses

Bloggers are not allowed to post a blog or comment which transmits viruses and pop-ups without taking prior permission.