5 Things that Make Packaging Attractive to Customers

Every reputable business knows how important packaging is to affect client decisions, boost brand awareness and sell more products. But do you know how to make your packaging attractive enough for your target customers? 

The PackLion experts spent years looking into ongoing trends and insights to figure out the formula for the ultimate appealing packaging. Stay around to learn more about the 5 things that make packaging attractive to customers.

What is the impact of packaging on consumer behavior?

The only tool you have to promote immediate sales in a store filled with thousands of products is captivating packaging design. The first impression is everything. When you can’t be there to market your product, your packaging design should speak loudly about what you stand for and what your goods are all about.

Clients are subconsciously influenced by packaging designs and they are drawn to certain types of packaging and brands that share the same values and ideals. Compared to neutral boxes, attractive packaging triggers purchase impulsivity and stimulates reward responses in the brain.

5 things that make packaging attractive to customers

1. Telling a story

Harness the power of storytelling by adding it to your packaging. Telling your brand or product story can help communicate your visions and connect with your audience on a more personal note. 

Through your design, you can create a dynamic and engaging narrative about your brand, drawing upon a variety of elements like the shape, size, and features of the packaging, as well as the copy that appears on it.

2. Clear typography

Typography directly affects customers’ buying decisions. That is why in packaging design, font choice is crucial. Fonts communicate your literal message, so you need to ensure the letters on your packaging are readable and legible. Fancy letters may be difficult for a customer to read and that could throw them off. 

Choose a font that reflects your values. Avoid using typography that evokes a feeling differing from the essence of your product and what you wish to convey. In addition, font hues should match the packaging color scheme.

3. Simplicity

In most cases when it comes to attractive packaging, less is more. Minimalism is a rising trend that puts a stop to overcrowded and chaotic designs that in modern days seem a bit too pushy and quite unappealing to the mass public. 

Nowadays, people prefer short, direct, and clear messages, as well as neutral color schemes, easy-to-read fonts, carefully selected elements, and designs with less text and more white space. This type of packaging gives off a luxurious vibe of a premium product.

4. Texture and touch

Packaging is an essential part of the whole product experience, so not only it needs to look good but it also has to feel good. That is because people are eventually going to touch it if they want to take the product home, not to mention the unpacking process. 

So in order to successfully design attractive packaging, it is essential that you consider how it stimulates the senses and how it feels to the touch. Think about textures that are delightful to touch to encourage customers to hang on to the packaging longer. Keep consumers hooked on your product with matte, silky, glossy, and soft finishes.

5. Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials in packaging are renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. They are not contributing to global pollution directly and can help brands lower their environmental footprint and consumers reduce their waste and adopt greener practices. Sustainable packaging also attracts more eco-aware clients and opens the opportunity for brands to explore the rising eco-friendly market.

Additional advice

In addition, you need to think about the color and the quality of your product packaging to make it more attractive. Colors should reflect your brand, make a statement and create positive emotional bonds with eye-catching and vibrant shades. The quality should also be immaculate so that your products stay well protected from external damage during storage, handling, and transportation.

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