Is Triller Really Worth $10 Billion?

This article is about triller-ceo-10b-billboardburch-thewrap While the company has been valued in the billions, Triller CEO says the company never inflated user numbers. He also says that the company should be valued at $10 billion. The question is, can Triller really be valued at that price? This article will discuss the competing landscape and valuation of Triller.

triller ceo: company never inflated user numbers

Triller CEO Mike Lu has responded to recent controversy by saying that the company never inflated its user numbers. The controversy erupted after Universal pulled its music catalogue from Triller after accusations that it withheld royalties. The CEO says that the company’s primary focus is monetization, not growth.

Triller’s monthly active user number is a key metric in judging how successful a product is. The company boasts about having 25 million monthly active users. However, the Billboard report focuses on Triller’s claims, which are not supported by its own data.

Triller’s ceo press release stated that Triller has over 50 million monthly active users, but the company only has about 25 million. That figure is much lower than the company claimed last year, according to six former employees. Triller has also threatened to sue an app-analytics company for estimating Triller’s user base. That said, Triller still has a few months to go until the company goes public.

Triller’s claims have bolstered Triller’s pitch to potential investors. However, they are not consistent with the numbers released by TikTok. In December, Triller said that Triller had more than two million monthly active users. However, it only had about half that number at the start of January 2020.

Triller has a lot of issues, including lack of infrastructure and national security concerns. These factors make it difficult to gauge whether the company will succeed in the long term. Despite its many shortcomings, Triller is currently the leader in user growth and is rapidly approaching the number of users that TikTok claims to have. In September 2018, the company had just under 100 million monthly active users.

Triller’s CEO is preparing the company to go public. As part of this, he has hired top executives in the music industry. In January, he hired Paul Kahn, former CFO of Warner Chappell. He also hired Tuhin Roy, former senior vp of new digital business at Universal Music Group and a former Proxima Media operating principal.

Triller is currently undergoing a public fight with Universal Music Group over the licensing of its catalog. It has also been called out by the National Music Publishers Association over its lack of proper music licensing. It is also undergoing a messy and disorganized unveiling of its streaming service.

Competitive landscape

Triller is a video-sharing app that allows users to upload and share content. It has gained a large following among celebrities and social media influencers. It was founded in 2015 and is now available for both Android and iOS devices. Since its launch, it has raised over $30 million in funding. Its unique offering is the ability to stream live content on social media platforms.

A competitive landscape analysis is a proactive approach to understanding your competition. If done correctly, it can help your business gain a foothold over its competition. It requires effort and planning, but the benefits can be huge. The analysis helps a business develop counterstrategies to overcome any threats.


Triller CEO Alex Hoffman recently posed an interesting question to the Wall Street Journal: “Is Triller worth $10B?” The company, which is best known for its music video app, is headquartered in San Francisco. While he acknowledges that a valuation is not an exact science, Hoffman believes Triller should be valued at that amount.

Triller’s success can be attributed in part to its major investor, Proxima Media, which is backed by Ryan Kavanaugh, the producer of The Social Network and the financier of The Fast and the Furious films. Kavanaugh’s connections with major recording labels have provided Triller with unrivaled media exposure. In addition to a massive user base, Triller has also signed deals with major record labels to release its music videos.

In addition to TrillerNet, the company owns the video-sharing app Triller and the Verzuz brand. TrillerNet is aiming to go public soon. The company has received commitments of at least $500 million from investors, and its valuation is based on that. The company expects to file for a direct listing with the SEC in July.

TrillerNet has also recently hired Mahi de Silva as its new CEO. Along with a talented team, de Silva will help transform the company’s future as a source of content, commerce, and creators. TrillerNet is also reportedly planning an IPO for 2021. In the meantime, it secured a $100 million funding round. In addition, TrillerNet announced it will buy publicly-traded video delivery software provider Seachange International Inc.

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