Which is Right for You? Comparing an Au Pair vs. a Nanny

Whether you are looking for a nanny or an au pair, you may wonder which is right for you. It would help if you considered several factors, such as the cost, whether you are looking for a casual or full-time position, and the duties of each role.


If you’re looking to hire a caregiver, you may have two options: a nanny or an au pair. Both types of childcare professionals are dedicated to helping children grow up healthy and happy. However, you should know the difference between au pair vs nanny. It’s important to compare each type before choosing.

The cost of an au pair is lower than that of a nanny. Depending on your needs, you can spend less than $7500 a year to bring an au pair to your family.

Au pairs can help with physical and mental stimulation and provide social interaction. They can also perform light housekeeping and cook for the family. They may even be able to take the children to the library for story times.

Au pairs come from overseas on a cultural exchange visa. They are usually in their early twenties. Before arriving, they must obtain and complete some paperwork.

Au pair programs are a popular choice for parents with school-aged children. For many families, these programs can be extremely affordable.

Some programs will require an upfront placement fee of as much as $8,500. This will cover the costs of traveling to the U.S. and health insurance for the au pair.


Au Pairs are foreigners who come to a family to live and work for some time. This cultural exchange experience can help children learn about their host country’s culture and language.

Au Pairs are not nannies. They usually live with a family in a family home. However, they may also live in a shared apartment or another housing arrangement. Nannies are typically paid a salary that matches the local minimum wage.

Nannies often have more professional education than au pairs. They are required to have a minimum of 200 hours of infant care experience. Many nannies have degrees in early childhood development or even have advanced training in early childhood education. Some nannies have special certifications, such as CPR, to provide childcare assistance.

Au Pairs can work for up to 45 hours a week. The tasks vary from family to family, but generally, they can perform light housework, including cooking and cleaning, babysitting, and transportation.

Host Family Role

An Au Pair and a Nanny are two different kinds of helpers. Both are viewed as domestic workers who care for children in exchange for room and board. However, there are some key differences.

An Au Pair is a young person who comes to live with a family in another country. In exchange for their room and board, they provide childcare, learn the host nation’s language, and participate in cultural exchange. Unlike a nanny, an au pair is not an employee but an intern.

Typically, an au pair will stay with a family for one or two years. They work up to 45 hours a week and may be expected to do light housework and childcare duties.

Compared to a nanny, an au pair has more flexible schedules and is more experienced. For example, an au pair might drive kids to school and daycare. Also, an au pair can ferry kids to various activities, such as sports and theater.

To qualify for the program, an Au Pair must have completed a specialized training course. Normally, an Au Pair’s salary is the minimum wage of the country where she lives.

Work Casually, Part-Time or Full-Time

An au pair is a foreigner who lives and works with a host family. The au pair provides a service in return for room and board. This service usually consists of helping the family with childcare. It is also a way for the au pair to learn about a foreign culture.

The nanny is a professional carer who may be hired to care for children of all ages. Nannies may be employed as full-time, part-time, or casual workers. A nanny is responsible for a child’s well-being, including bathing, dressing, feeding, and diaper changes.

Some nannies are considered household employees, which may involve some tax complications. For example, a nanny may be required to pay for their food and transportation, burdening the family.

One of the best parts of working as a nanny is being able to help a family. Often, a nanny is the main caregiver while the parent is at work or away for an extended period. Depending on the nanny’s abilities, she can provide excellent childcare while the parents are at work or on vacation.

Choosing Between an Au Pair and a Nanny

When considering full-time child care, it’s important to understand the differences between an au pair and a nanny. Both options can offer benefits to your child. You’ll need to consider your family’s needs and your budget.

Au pairs can provide many valuable services, including childcare, cultural exchange, and a chance to teach your children about another culture. In addition, they are more affordable than a nanny.

An au pair usually comes from a different country and may stay with your family for one or two years. They are authorized to live in the United States under a J-1 visa. If you’re interested in an au pair, check out the program offered by Au Pair in America.

On the other hand, a nanny is more permanent and can stay with your family for many years. Nannies are usually more experienced and can greatly impact your child’s development. Some are even more skilled than the au pair and can cook healthy, nutritious meals.

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