Yik Yak, the anonymous app that creates a forum and message board for users within a five mile radius, returns to the US iOS app store, after its 2017 shutdown (Tim Marcin/Mashable)

YIK US – Is it Safe?

This article is about yik us iosmarcinmashable the social networking app Yik Yak is positioned as a place to connect with local users and be authentic. The company says that it allows users to connect with like-minded people and create a community around similar interests. The app also offers location services that allow users to track their location.


Geo-fencing allows businesses and mobile apps to identify users and provide them with relevant information. By providing geo-fencing data, mobile app marketers can target specific population groups and ask them for feedback. In Chicago, for example, geo-fencing allows a business to engage with its local population and provide relevant information.Visit here.

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Geofencing uses GPS and GSM technology to identify users and track their location. If a user moves outside the geo-fenced area, an alarm will be sent. Using this information, geo-fencing can send an alert to the user or the geofence operator.

Mobile geo-fencing can be used by restaurants, retail chains, and big box chain stores to increase foot traffic. For instance, if a customer walks past a new coffee shop, geo-fencing can trigger an ad on their mobile device. The ad can contain the address of the store. It can also provide an exclusive deal or a limited-time discount. This can encourage people to download the app and visit the restaurant.

For marketing purposes, geofencing solutions allow marketers to select an exact location. By using different kinds of targeting, geofencing can be used to identify zip codes, street addresses, GPS coordinates, IP addresses, and more. These solutions allow advertisers to get an advantage over their competitors when it comes to marketing. For large events, geo-fencing can be used to send digital ads to attendees that are within the venue.


Recently, four college students have been arrested for making threats on Yik Yak. The students included a Missouri University of Science and Technology student who said he would shoot black students at Mizzou, a student at Charleston Southern who threatened racial violence at his college, and a former football player from Fresno State. While Yik Yak has its own tools to monitor content, some say that its policies are not enough.

Yik Yak is a popular social networking app that’s been linked to a number of incidents, including rape and shooting threats. The app has also been linked to a number of protests, including those in Missouri.

Yik Yak has been targeted by students for bullying and threatening posts, and some schools have banned its use altogether. In response, Yik Yak has promised to take action against harassers who make threats on the site. They have also responded to requests by high schools and colleges to ban the app on campus.


Using geo-tagging on social media is becoming increasingly popular. This feature allows users to tag images or videos with the precise location they were taken. The geotagged post will show up in a map, and if you click on it, you can zoom in or navigate to the location.

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Anonymous social network

YIK US is a mobile app that allows you to anonymously post and view posts from people in your area. The app was popular on college campuses during the early 2010s, but it shut down in 2017 due to low user numbers. The app lets you post anonymously to a local message board where other users within a five-mile radius can comment on it. Users can also upvote or downvote posts.

This app is currently only available for iOS devices, but developers promise to expand its availability to other devices and countries soon. However, as of writing, the app is only available for iOS users in the United States. It will eventually be available for Android users as well.

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