How to Win Livik in PUBG Mobile

To win in Livik, you have to adapt your gameplay style to the short duration of each match. Unlike other maps, Livik matches usually last around 15 minutes. This means you can squeeze as much gameplay as you can into a short time. If you are used to playing on longer maps, you can still take advantage of the short duration of Livik matches.

PUBG Mobile’s new map

Livik, PUBG Mobile’s new map, will add a fresh new gaming experience. Players can enjoy the hot spring, zip lines, and a resource-rich area that will spawn at the start of every match. The map also features new legendary rewards and mini-games.

The Livik map is scheduled to be released in May. Its new size is perfect for close-range fighting, and the map is also suitable for all Royale Pass and achievement missions. The small size, increased density of players, and faster health reduction make the map a great place for action-packed games. Livik brings excitement to the PUBG Mobile community.

Vehicles on the map

The Livik map is a small and sparsely populated area. It is possible to find good locations for looting, ambushes, and hiding from enemies. It has a church in the center and several buildings that can be used to hide. The map also has vehicles for use by players, but they are limited in number.

One of the new vehicles in Livik is a monster truck. This vehicle is exclusive to the Livik map and can speed up movement considerably. It is also one of the most powerful vehicles in the game. The Livik map is one of five available in PUBG Mobile, with four of them being adapted from the PC version. Each map is unique and has its own characteristics and strengths.

Loot locations on the map

While playing the game, you should be aware of the different locations on the map of Livik and where you can find great loot. Some of the best locations to loot on the Livik map are the power-plant area and Midstien. Both of these places have a lot of buildings and will have better loot than the other regions. In addition to that, you will also find super crates here.

The aqueduct is another good place to get loot. It’s strategically located near the coast and is the perfect place for beginners to get medium loot. Another location that is great for looting is Blomster, which is on the north-west of the map. There are lots of houses and small buildings there.

Tips to win in Livik PUBG

To win in Livik PUBG, it’s important to know the map and how to move around it. Livik is a small map with rocky terrain, dense forests, and small houses. As a result, moving from cover to cover is very important, and you should make use of smoke grenades to get around. It’s also important to land on the ground as soon as possible, and to choose a spot where it’s less crowded. See this video.

While moving through Livik, keep in mind that the map is smaller and requires more sniping. The map features different types of terrain, including arid terrain in the Southwest and snowy terrain in the Northeast. The map is also 2km by 2km, which makes it the smallest map in the game.

Aftermath update in collaboration with Spiderman: No Way Home

The PUBG Aftermath update brings several new gameplay improvements and a new web crawler mode, which lets players fly and use a web ball to swat enemies in the face. During battles, this update also improves the accuracy of gunfire. It also reduces the density of the Playzone and reduces the size of the urban area. Ziplines are also added to the game, making it much easier to travel from one place to another.

The PUBG Aftermath map includes the lava-destroyed city of Livik. The map contains fragmented rocks, demolished houses, and terrain, and it’s less difficult to hide from enemies. The AC Core Module and new scopes for weapons are also new additions, and players can revive their teammates if they die.

PUBG Mobile Maps – Livik

Livik is one of the smaller maps in PUBG Mobile. It features a zipline, waterfall, and active volcano. It also has a ton of cover to hide in. This makes Livik a great choice for first-time players. However, players should be aware of several drawbacks before starting the game.

PUBG Mobile’s smallest map

Livik is a new exclusive map coming to PUBG Mobile. The map was first released in the Beta version in July 2020 and is expected to be released in the full version in May 2022. The map is small and focuses on a fast-paced battle royale. It will accommodate a maximum of 52 players per lobby. It is one of the most compact maps in the game and will be perfect for mobile devices.

Currently, Livik is the smallest map available in PUBG Mobile. The map contains a secret cave, mansion with three swimming pools, and a Monster Truck. Additionally, it will feature a new weapon. Tencent has not revealed the name of this weapon, but it will be a shotgun. The NS 200 is a shotgun that will be featured in a future update.

Livik is only 2×2 km in size and holds 52 players. It’s small size and constant fighting will result in a stressful game. The map lacks peaceful moments, and rank pushing will be difficult. In other words, the map is designed for fast, intense games.

Livik is the smallest map available in PUBG Mobile. This new map allows players to play the game in 15 minutes. It is also the first to be designed specifically for mobile devices. It is made to support as many players as possible in a short amount of time.

It has an active volcano

PUBG Mobile’s Livik map features a megamall and an active volcano. The position of the volcano may not change between matches, but the lava will pose unique environmental hazards. Players will also have access to Recall Towers scattered throughout the map. While playing in the new Livik map, players should avoid approaching the active volcano, since the lava could erupt at any time. The new map will also feature a loot convoy concept, similar to the one in Sanhok. This means that players will drop gear and weapons as they repeatedly shoot supply choppers. The problem with this is that this will reveal your position, so it is best to avoid shooting the supply choppers too often.

Livik is a smaller map than other PUBG maps, so it is not as large as Sanhok or Erangel. It can accommodate up to 40 players, which makes it a great map for quick games. The map also includes a waterfall and hotspring. These features will create interesting interactions with other players.

Livik has an active volcano and active streams of water. The map will also feature a waterfall, hot spring, and volcano. Livik is also smaller than the other maps, so each match will last 15 minutes instead of the standard one hour and a half. As such, it’s an excellent option for players looking for a quick KD boost.

It has a zipline

The new map for PUBG Mobile is coming with a Zipline feature, which allows players to travel from high positions to the ground in a fast and safe way. In the Livik map, Ziplines can be found in several locations. Another feature, the Lift, is a mechanism that allows players to climb tall buildings. However, players can only use it on one building at a time.

The zipline feature can also be used to travel quickly in the game. Players can also use the zipline to parachute to different parts of the map. The map is also rich in craters due to bombardment. This allows players to lie prone in these craters and watch their enemies from a safe distance. It is also possible to equip a Riot Shield or a Smoke Grenade, which can help players hide from enemy players.

In Livik, players will be able to enjoy new combat strategies as well as new vehicles. The new version of the game will include several new areas that are not on the original map. Players will also find new mini games and structures to use in the game. In addition, the zipline will give players a way to get around the city.

PUBG Mobile has previously included ziplines in some maps. However, Livik 2.0 is the first map to incorporate a zipline. It is a new feature that will be available on May 19th. The new map will also include new loot crates and a beach to provide players with the necessary items to survive. There will also be water bodies throughout the map that will allow players to refill their boost meters. There will also be lifts to allow players to move from one location to another without any hassle.

It has a waterfall

If you like to explore the new Livik PUBG map, there are many things to do. There is a waterfall, a super truck, and other cool items you can find scattered across the map. These items spawn randomly, but they are most easily located near the waterfall. You can also collect the super crates near the waterfall. These crates contain the exclusive Livik weapons and accessories.

Located in the south-east part of Livik, the waterfall is a great place to find loot. The waterfall hides an area that contains almost every weapon in the game, including the Scar-L, DP-28, Mk12 (DMR), and P90 (SMG). If you don’t have any of these weapons, the waterfall is a great place to get them. It also has a hidden area where you can find even more loot.

The waterfall is not the only thing to do in Livik, but it’s a great way to regain health and find loot. In addition to water, the waterfall contains hot springs and other obstacles. They’re also a great place to recover from an injury.

In addition to its beautiful scenery, Livik PUBG has a waterfall that you can take advantage of. The waterfall is located in Livik, between the Lumbar Yard and Shipyard. You’ll need a vehicle to access the waterfall area.

It has a ruined church

Livik is located on the north-west side of the map. It has a ruined church and is a good landing spot. It also has a large map on the first floor of the tallest building. However, there are not many weapons available inside. This location is ideal for players that want to avoid a large number of players.

The Aqueduct in Livik offers great loot and is reminiscent of an ancient Roman ruins. It also features an opening to a puddle. It offers mystery territory. The ruins also feature an ancient church. Players can shoot down the hole from the top, making it an ideal place to get a shot at another player. The ruins are also home to a spawn point for Monster Trucks.

Livik is another of the best maps in the game. Its map is two kilometers by two kilometers, with 15 minute matches and many new areas. In addition, this map will have new vehicles and weapons that will be exclusive to Livik players. Like other maps in the game, Livik is currently in beta and will continue to evolve.

Livik is a small map, but is full of interesting points of interest. It also has a waterfall and volcano. Developer Li says that the design process has been enhanced to include interactive elements that will make the game more dynamic. This should make the game much more exciting than the previous beta version.

It has a place to loot

If you’re looking for some high-quality loot in Livik, you’re in luck. The northern area of the map has a slew of buildings, little houses, and even a huge church in the center. In this area, players can find massive amounts of loot. However, it’s difficult to get to this area and it’s often a crowded zone.

The top loot locations in Livik are located in the Midstein area, which resembles Pochinki from the Erangel map. Here, players can find a variety of super crates. They can also head to the Power Plant location to pick up a variety of gear. There’s a big building in the area with tons of high-level armour and crates.

Hot Springs and waterfalls are also prime locations in Livik PUBG. You can replenish your health in these areas, and you can use them to loot if you’re struggling to survive. The new map also contains a hot spring in the north. The hot springs have the same healing effects as energy drinks and painkillers.

Livik is a small island, so a quick landing in the center would not give you an advantage, but the building in which high-tier gear spawns is a good place to find high-tier gear. It’s locked inside a big building, but there’s an exit path if you’re trying to escape.

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