Who is a Victim of Pirates is Good for Many Reasons

Do you have a child who is Obsessed with Pirates? It’s Good for many reasons

Every child seems to go through this phase of obsession at some point during their development. Everything is “Yarr!” without any warning. It’s “this and “Yarr!”” Then there is your own anxiety from the eyepatch-wearing that your child will develop a lazy eye.

Who is a Victim of Pirates is Good for Many Reasons

It is, however, something to embrace rather than avoid, as we described with the dinosaur phase and unicorn phase. These students are curious, interested in learning and striving to develop their creativity and imagination.


Why do kids seem to be drawn to pirates? It’s the rebellion, isn’t it? Or perhaps it’s indifference to hygiene? They might be insulted by the parrot perched on top of their shoulders?

Fortunately, it’s none of those. OK, maybe just a little bit of the parrot thing.


The fact that your kids are fascinated with pirates is actually a good thing as it means they are interested in the adventure!

As part of your curriculum, explain the geography of where pirates would have sailed and the history of their journeys, with the hopes of planting the seeds for them to eventually explore the world!

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Century’s Topsail

In addition, a pirate fascination can give one other personal characteristic. Inventing pirate names, designing pirate ships, and inventing pirate costumes are likely to bring out creativity and imagination.

This could also be the beginnings of another fantastic quality: leadership! It is possible to set them on a course of climbing ladders and inspiring others by pretending to summon the crew or raise the mizzen mast.

Five Marooned

Therefore, the pirate phase does not have to walk the plank. It is important, however, to filter a kid’s desire for pirates through the best channels and to keep them from going too far.

Children will love reading about, watching, and interacting with great pirates – which will indulge their swashbuckling side. Unfortunately, Jack Sparrow is not one of them.

We’ve compiled our favorite five ways to board the Galleon and get into the spirit of the Jolly Roger to save you the hassle of discovering this hidden treasure of the best pirates!

Who is a Victim of Pirates is Good for Many Reasons

Captain Feathersword

Many kids will likely be exposed to pirates for the first time when watching The Wiggles.

It would be better if the fascination began with friendliness and love for dancing pirates?

LEGO Pirates 

Parenting probably involves stepping on a few LEGO bricks. You’ve chosen a wonderful, inventive way to explore the pirate fascination by extracting an anchor, a cannon, or a shark from your foot. Those bricks are pointy; go get a bandage!

Muppet Treasure Island

While we don’t ignore the source material – the classic book by Robert Louis Stevenson – we think kids might need some encouragement to get there. It wouldn’t be complete without The Muppets, would it?

This classic children’s film features the usual cast of Muppet characters, including Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Rizzo, along Billy Connolly.


Tintin is the hero of Hergé’s Adventures of Tintin, which follows his adventures all over the globe. Comics appeal to younger readers, but Tintin’s stories aren’t talking down to them because of their sophisticated concepts and language.

Several of the books are related to pirates, including Red Rackham’s Treasure and Secret of the Unicorn.

Captain Hook

No pirate is more quintessential than Captain Hook from Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie. The classic pirate has appeared in all kinds of media, both print and film, due to the book’s legendary status, making Hook available in so many different formats.

Beyond the book, Dustin Hoffman’s portrayal in the Robin Williams film Hook is the obvious choice.

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