When does Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Come Out

In this article i am going to tell you Hunter x Hunter Season 7. When the second anime adaptation of Hunter x Hunter ended its run with Season 6 in 2014 with “Election Arc”, fans were hoping that there was more to the corner. Finally, the creator of the series, Yoshihiro Togashi, continued to create small additions for the popular manga of the same name from 2014 to 2018. Why didn’t these stories even make anime?

However, now that more than half a decade has passed, without any real news, even hardcore fans of Hunter x Hunter on Reddit are starting to get discouraged.  Many people feel that there is a real danger that Togashi’s health problems will eventually get better and that their favorite anime heroes will unfortunately never see their stories completed.

At least that’s what the community felt before a couple of mysterious social media posts surfaced, with both voice actors working on the original Japanese dub of Hunter x Hunter. One went to Megumi Han’s Instagram, playing the lead role of Gon Frex, while the other came via Maria Ice’s Twitter account, which voiced Killua Zoldyck.

Unfortunately, these two clues are hard to understand for someone who doesn’t speak Japanese, so let’s dive into everything we know about the release date, cast, and plot of Hunter x Hunter Season 7.


Gone finally meets his father at the end of season 6 when he climbs the World Tree. One of the key plot points of mobile phones is Gone’s search for his father.  However, other characters are central to the post-manga arcs. So the end of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc was a good place for anime.

If there are more anime seasons, they will include a different cast of characters.  In addition, Hunter x Hunter is notorious for taking long breaks, the most recent of which lasted more than three years. Togashi’s health concerns, especially severe back pain, have prevented him from working regularly.

As a result, the manga, titled “13th Hunter Chairman Election”, has not made much progress. Given all this, we should expect that the next season of anime will be delayed for a long time. Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter is set to premiere in 2023.

What about Hunter x Hunter?

It’s not that you don’t know, but a little update can be good for all of us and for those who haven’t met this beloved Shawn anime yet. The series follows a young boy named Gone, who wants to be a hunter like his father Gung. Gone doesn’t know his father, so he probably hopes that becoming a hunter can put him on the same path as his father. But he also knows that being a hunter is not easy despite being full of dangers. There is a possibility that he could have died earlier if he had failed Hunter’s test. And I don’t think there’s a need to talk about the challenges he’s going to face along the way.

But soon, during the exams, he befriends Hunter’s three other candidates, Corsica, Levario, and his soon-to-be best friend, Kalwa, and builds a really strong and beautiful friendship with them along the way. So this quartet joins in their power among all and improves their skills which are necessary for detecting alien creatures, catching villains, and becoming deadly and elite professionals.

When does Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter Come Out

Is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 coming back or canceled?

Hunter x Hunter has a huge fan base who is still hoping for another season. As the last arc showed a lot of potentials, fans were eagerly awaiting Hunter x Hunter Season 7. Of course, the seventh season will be a huge hit due to its popularity. So, what is stopping Hunterx Hunter from coming back?

First of all, Mad House did a great job preparing Hunter x Hunter 2011. With a total of 148 episodes over three years, Madhouse featured one of the biggest anime projects ever. However, the studio could not continue with the second season.  Although Mad House wanted to make Season 7, the lack of source material prevented them from doing so.

As we all know, most mobile phones are represented by manga, light novels, and games. Presumably, Hunter x Hunter was shown in the original work by Yoshihiro Togashi.  Apparently, Togashi made a great run while making the manga. He not only wrote 36 volumes (380+ chapters) but also attracted readers with each new chapter.

However, Togashi stopped writing more manga chapters, eventually releasing Hunter x Hunter. Therefore, Mad House did not cover the extra season. In fact, Studio Hunter x Hunter is eager to make Season 7.

When is season 7 of Hunter x Hunter coming out

The biggest hurdle in Hunter x Hunter season 7 release date the new season of Hunter x Hunter is the lack of basic content of the Hunter x Hunter manga. The manga has always kept pace with the pace of creator Yoshiro Togashi and has seen several significant breaks over the past decade.

However, what if the anime creators decided to take a “Game of Thrones” approach while building Season 7 out of a sketch? If fans take the coded social media messages from Megumi Han and Maria Eyes as a sign that work on the next chapter of Hunter x Hunter has begun, it could be the case. Animation studio Mad House, which produced the first six seasons, has proven that they can deliver content quickly. From 2011 to 2014, the company produced 148 episodes of the show, with three separate season premieres in 2012 alone. There is a significant difference between the Japanese version of the show premiering and the English version airing, but once the dubbed version started, it also released several seasons each year.

That way, if the work continues, there could be a new season premiere by the end of 2021, and if that happens, fans can see the English version by 2022 but that’s entirely speculative.

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Who will be in the cast of Hunter x Hunter Season 7?

On this occasion, fans need to know what to expect in the sound cast, they are the social media messages of Maria Issa and Megumi Han. Funimation, thankfully, has translated these messages to give English-speaking fans an idea of ​​what they might mean for the future of the series.

Megumi Han, who voiced the main character Gon Frex, posted on Instagram a photo of a microphone with a caption, as translated by Funimation, stating that he was “back to his ‘starting point’. Very happy to be here and recording with her partner. ” Apart from some very minor parts, Han’s most important early role was Hunter x Hunter via IMDb. Meanwhile, Maria Ise, the voice actress for Killua Zoldyck, posted a post on Twitter stating that, according to Funimation, she was “recording for a project, and was happy to be with her ‘partner’. If these are messages. Referring to Hunter x Hunter, the two main cast members will then return to voice the main characters.

If the Japanese production is trying to maintain the same sound cast, then there is no reason why the English dub should not retain the same talent. This means that Erica Mendes could return as Gone Freaks, Christina Valenzuela could once again voice Killua Zoldyck, and Michael McConnohie could return to describe Season 7.

When does Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter Come Out

What will be the plot of Hunter x Hunter Season 7?

As mentioned, the biggest holdup for the next season of Hunter x Hunter is the incomplete source material, Hunter x Hunter. The manga is notorious for delays, but the recent pause, which has been going on since late 2018, is believed to be a possible obsession with Yoshihiro Togashi’s chronic health problems and, according to the CBR, the “Dragon Quest” video game series.

However, if Hunter x Hunter season 7 2021 ever comes out, it will probably be the end of the Gone Freaks and Hunters story. In 2018, just before the longest break in the manga, comic book reports that Togashi told the weekly Shonan Jump, I have to stop writing Hunter x Hunter. It ends or I die before that. But I intend to end it. “

So while it may be difficult for fans to say goodbye to the series as an epic and described in detail as Hunter x Hunter, they should probably be prepared to do so, whether season 7 comes or not. Did not come  Hopefully, it will come to an end with some more epic anime battles that fans expect from the series.

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Sales and profit information for Hunter x Hunter Anime

It all depends on the profit of the series. Why would producers continue to invest for no reason? We know that sales data becomes an important part of a series of profits.

If you are a fan of anime, you already know that making anime is a very expensive project. And most of the time, production houses lose money.

Our concern is what does the sales and profit margin of anime Hunter x Hunter look like? Does it fulfill our desires? Or, is it against us?

Let’s take a look

Manga Sales

I’m glad to tell you that the manga has been very successful. And I probably can’t stress too much!

By 2019, more than 78 million copies of the manga have been sold.

It was one of the “Top 5 Best Selling Manga Series” in Japan in 2018.

Sales of commercial goods

Due to the popularity of the series, Hunter x Hunter equipment is available worldwide. You can get your own from Amazon, eBay, redbubble, or Etsy.

Sale of Hunter x Hunter anime series

As you already know, the manga Hunter x Hunter has been adapted twice into an anime series. First began airing in 1999, and then the most popular adaptation, which began airing in 2011.

The 2011 series has received worldwide critical acclaim. Fans around the world have fallen in love with the series, and are eagerly awaiting another season.

Although we do not have the data to show you in this regard, the popularity on social media platforms, Google Trends, and ratings is proof that the profit margin of the 2011 anime series cannot be reduced!

Other decisive factors for Hunter x Hunter Season 7

The end of last season can tell a lot about the next season of the series. If the ending is interesting, fans will be looking forward to next season. Let’s talk about some other important factors.


Therefore, in addition to the source material, most of the factors are probably in favor of Season 7.

There has been no development in the source material for almost 2 years so we will have to wait a bit.

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