What is Search Engine | You Should know everything

What is a Search Engine?

A search Engine is an Online Program that Searches and Shows results that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user.

What is Search Engine | You Should know everything

We use search engines to do some searches on the internet. It is usually made up of two things: an information database and an algorithm that decides which results to return and rank for a query. For Example Google.

Google’s search engine is the most widely used search engine on the Internet. Without a Search engine, internet content is inaccessible to us.

How Search Engine Works?

-Crawler Find the Webpages/documents

-Indexer- Search Engine index the document/codes and add them to their own database/records and update basic.

-Search Engine counts many things and assigns the webpage in numbering by using algorithms.

What is Search Engine | You Should know everything

For any website to be visible on the search engine results page, the search engine has to perform some functionality.  Search engines have three main functions.

Crawling: Discovering the content.

Indexing: Rank and store content.

Ranking: Place the result in the most relevant order to the least relevant order.

When you do a search, the search engine returns matching pages, and the Algorithm ranks them according to relevance.


Scheduling evaluates the importance of new and unknown URLs. And then it decides when and how quickly to crawl this URL again and again.


A crawler is a computer program that downloads web pages. Search engines regularly discover new pages by re-crawling known pages.


The parser extracts the link from the page with the information of others and then it sends the extracted URLs to the scheduler and the extracted data to the index.

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Indexing: Indexing is a place where information from crawled pages is added to a database called a search index.

The mechanism followed by the search engine to build the web index is included in the Scheduling, Crawling, Parsing, and Indexing.

What is Indexing?

Thinking Engine has an indexing tab form when crawled data is processed and added to the database.

In Simply words, indexing is the process of adding web pages to Google search. Which meta tag is used to crawl Google on your page (index or no index) Google crawls and indexes your site based on this.

Google will not crawl and index your site if you have used the no-index tag. That’s why if you want your site to be indexed and ranked in Google, you should use the index tag on your site.

what is Search Engine Ranking?

This is the final stage of search engine working in which the search engine displays the most useful and relevant content in a particular order.

What is Search Engine | You Should know everything

Google uses algorithms to improve search results so that only genuine information can reach the user. Google or other search engines judge relevant information based on several ranking factors. Google Now Rank Brain Algorithm, an Artificial Intelligence Base Machine Learning System Displays the most relevant information to its users.

When people search anything on a search engine, the search engine displays the most relevant content in its index based on the score. The search engine displays the result in SERP based on relevance in an order called ranking. In simple words, as high-ranking Google or any search engine does any website.  For Google or other search engines, it is equally relevant for this query. If you don’t want search engines to crawl certain pages on your site, you can instruct search engines to use no-follow tags so that they don’t crawl your pages. But if you want your content to be accessible to searchers, you need to make your content accessible to crawlers.

There are some important Google ranking factors that you have to follow to rank high position in Google. You can rank your website in a high position by following these factors. To get a high rank on Google, you need to take care of the SEO factor of your website.

Examples of Search Engines

Google, Bing, Yahoo

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