What is Blogger?

What is Blogger?

Blogger or Blogspot is a free blog website-making service from Google. Blogger was launched by Pyra Labs in San Francisco in August 1999 and then Google purchase it in February 2003.

Blogger is the best option for Beginners to start blogging. Blogger service is absolutely free. On Blogger you can host your website for free and therefore it does not have many customization options. Its interface and layout haven’t changed much over the years. But despite all this, Block Spot or Blogger is the best option for beginners.

Above Blogger, when you create a website, your web address is with a subdomain.

For Example  newsinfowars.blogspot.com.

It has a blogspot.com main domain. You can connect your top-level domain (Newsinfowars.com) to your Blogger website if you wish.

Let us know some special things about Blogger which is why Blogger is still the best option for beginners.


1.  Easy Interface

Blogger’s admin interface is quite simple. It doesn’t take long for the new user to understand it. You will find the whole set in a very simple way right in front of you. Because it doesn’t have a lot of customization options, its interface is very simple.

2. Free of Cost

Creating a website on Blogger is absolutely free but even after being free your website is very fast responsive and SSL secure. You get unlimited storage and bandwidth to host the website. You can easily connect your top-level domain to your Blogger which will open your website on your top-level domain instead of subdomain.


3. Earn Money

You can easily make money with Blogger Blog. AdSense is easily approved and AdSense is a Google service on the website. If you work honestly on Blogger for 15 days, your AdSense account will be approved. And you can earn at least 200$ to 300$ a month. Some people create websites specially on Blogger to get AdSense approval.


4. Fast and Secure

Blogger has unlimited storage and bandwidth, so Blogger websites are quite fast. Because Blogger Direct is linked to your Google Account. So it’s safe as long as your Google Account is safe. Always have to set up 2-Step verification in your Google Account.

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