Advantages and Features of Virtual Mobile Numbers for SMS

Recently, due to the rapid pace of life and rapidly developing technology, there are special Internet services that become a human assistant in various tasks. It is thanks to such programs, there is an opportunity to get a virtual phone numbers.

What is a virtual phone number for receiving SMS?

Virtual numbers are telephone numbers which are not directly connected to the traditional telephone line. They work exclusively over the Internet and can be used to receive text messages.

These numbers are not physically linked to your city or country, unlike regular phone numbers. You can choose the area code you want and get a virtual number for absolutely any country without any restrictions.

Why does the user need a virtual phone number?

Virtual number is an analogue of the second, third, fourth SIM-card. If you want to separate work and personal accounts, you buy a new card or connect a free virtual number.

The second option is more convenient when you don’t want to go to the salon, when your gadget doesn’t have an extra slot, or when you need more than two numbers.

A virtual phone number can be used:

  • For registrations. You register to a new service, for example, a food delivery service, and you worry that the base will be leaked, or the number will be found out by fraudsters. In this case, you can leave a virtual number on the site. Even if it’s attacked by spammers, it’s easy to deal with: you can immediately turn off this phone if you’ve already received a message from the courier.
  • For sales. If you sell something – it does not matter whether it is clothing at an online flea market or an apartment – scammers are always around. They can call and ask to bring the product to the other end of your country without prepayment, even when it has already been sold. You can close the virtual number immediately after the transaction and get rid of such calls and messages. Also, most of these marketplaces have a limit on active listings per account. But to register another profile you will need an additional mobile number, in such a situation a virtual phone will also help you.
  • For travel. Calling from abroad or from where there is no connection is also more convenient from a virtual number. You have arrived in Egypt, you have not yet managed to buy a local SIM-card, but the hotel has Wi-Fi. If your relatives do not use messengers, you can call them from a virtual number and tell them that all is well.
  • For social networks and dating sites. If you think it is too early to give your personal number to new acquaintances, you can always give a virtual number and not be afraid for your privacy. In addition, not everyone wants friends or colleagues to receive notifications along the lines of “I think this is your friend. Would you like to add Johnny Depp to your list?” A virtual number can help keep you anonymous.
  • You can also sign up for loyalty systems from two different numbers and get twice as many bonuses. But this is, of course, a matter of ethics.

Benefits of Virtual Mobile Numbers

One of the important advantages of a virtual number is that it is comfortable to use because it doesn’t require a SIM card or gadgets. Therefore, it is possible to receive SMS on this number being in any country, where you can use the access to Internet.

More than a million people all over the world rent virtual numbers and use them with success. On the Internet you can meet a lot of positive feedbacks, because renting a number is very important for the modern society. Such service is characterized by the comfort of use in all kinds of communication and data exchange.

What are the disadvantages of virtual numbers?

– A virtual number only works if you have internet – otherwise you can’t do anything with it.

– You have to pay for the number. Although it’s many times cheaper than buying a full sim card, you have to pay a couple of tens of cents for one virtual number.

– You may be sold an old virtual number that has recently been used by someone else. This means that strangers may call you with a message from your past life (not yours). But they can do the same to an ordinary number. Everyone has a past – even numbers.

How to get a virtual phone using the SMS-man service

Step 1. Register at

Step 2. Now you need to top up your balance. To do this, go to the “Top up balance” page and select a convenient payment system.

Step 3. On the main page, select the country of the mobile operator and the service you want to register.

Step 4. Next to the selected service click “Buy”, and then virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet.

Step 5. Enter the virtual number in the appropriate field when registering with the chosen service

Step 6. To receive SMS with activation code go back to SMS-man web-site and click “Receive SMS” opposite to the purchased virtual number.

Step 7. Now you only need to enter the received activation code in the application to confirm your account.

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