Thrasio raises $100M for its Amazon roll-up play, appoints retail CFO for its next steps

Thrasio Raises $100M, 750M Series C Funding Round

It is the time of year for new investments and venture capitalists are looking to invest in some of the hottest startups out there. And that includes Tharasio, which has just raised $100 million to fuel its growth. The company has a data analytics engine and has also tapped into a network of more than 750 merchants, including Target, Walmart and Walgreens. That’s a lot of potential customers, and the money should help them grow quickly.

Amazon data

Thrasio is the largest aggregator in the Amazon marketplace. The company has built an analytics engine that helps sellers sell better. It can also help individuals understand the strategies and tactics of the e-commerce giant. Recently, the company raised a $100m funding round, and a Series C round of 750m. This is an extension to the previous Series C round of $260m.

Thrasio is a company that buys and sells essential everyday products on Amazon. Its business model is based on the premise that most third-party sellers are not ready to scale. To that end, the company has purchased over 40 businesses on the platform, and is currently closing two or three deals every week. The aggregator has a portfolio of more than 100 brands with more than 15k products.

The company aims to transform from an aggregator into a global omnichannel consumer-facing company. The company has offices in Texas and Massachusetts, and employs over 200 people. A key focus of Thrasio is to upgrade its supply chain, marketing, and operations. In January, the company announced plans to hire 30-40 people a week to support this new growth.

Thrasio is also building out its supply chain to include its own warehousing for product fulfillment. While its core business is selling on Amazon, the company is expanding its retail expertise into brick-and-mortar retail. For example, it recently acquired Angry Orange, a pet odor eliminator brand, and fitness equipment maker Beast Gear.

Last week, the company raised a $100m funding tranche, which was an extension to its Series C round. As part of the deal, the company is also appointing Bill Wafford as its chief financial officer. Wafford previously served as the CFO of JCPenney and Target, and will serve as a key member of the company’s senior management team. He will work with Thrasio to steer its next phases of growth, including a major international push.

Meanwhile, the company is adding new products and brands on a daily basis. Currently, the company has a portfolio of more than 14,000 items on Amazon.

Wafford’s experience across brick-and-mortar retailers

While e-commerce continues to dominate the retail landscape, brick and mortar is still on a roll. For the first time in retail history, brick and mortar store sales outstripped e-commerce sales. Moreover, retailers are embracing omnichannel retail strategies aimed at wooing shoppers. iQmetrix, a provider of endless aisle solutions, will be unveiling a consumer survey to see just how much consumers are paying attention to stores.

For the most part, the best way to attract shoppers is to create a fun and engaging shopping experience. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, including a well stocked inventory, free WiFi, and stellar customer service. But to truly differentiate your brand from your competition, you must make your store’s experiences worth the visit, and the visitor’s time. Similarly, you must take every opportunity to display your expertise in the digital age. After all, no one wants to be out-shopped by a customer who can shop for everything at their own pace.

In addition to a streamlined inventory management system, a successful brick and mortar store also has a keen sense of what customers want, a well stocked e-commerce presence, and a social media strategy that is consistent with its business goals. All of these components work together to create a win-win situation for consumers, merchants, and the local economy.

New $100 million round

Thrasio announced last week that it has raised a $100 million round of funding. The round is an extension of the company’s Series C round and will help the company expand into new markets.

A number of major investment banks participated in the round, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Citi. The total amount of funding raised so far by Thrasio is over $3.4 billion.

Thrasio, which specializes in scaling up third-party merchants on Amazon and other marketplaces, plans to use the money to acquire more online brands. It has been building a powerful analytics engine that will be used to assess companies’ sales performance and find potential businesses to acquire.

Thrasio also plans to use the funds to build its sales presence on other channels outside of Amazon. Last month, the company entered Japan.

As of March, Thrasio employs over 200 people in eight locations in the U.S. and Europe. About half of the staff is based in Massachusetts.

Recently, the company hired Bill Wafford, a former chief financial officer at JCPenney and Target. Wafford will lead Thrasio’s finance team, which will help steer the company’s international expansion and growth.

Over the past three years, Thrasio has acquired more than 40 businesses that sell on Amazon. It has also consolidated more than 15,000 products on the site. In fact, one in 10 US households owns a product from a Thrasio brand.

With the influx of capital, Thrasio will be able to buy more online brands and continue its rapid expansion. And its founders could benefit from a lucrative exit.

The company has a large mix of debt and equity, but the capital raised in its latest round was mainly funded by existing investors. This includes about $35 million in extra debt capacity and a $75 million Series B preferred equity.

Thrasio is still considering going public in a traditional IPO. However, the deal has delayed plans to do so. At the same time, the company has been putting off a planned merger with a special purpose acquisition company, which led to some financial audit issues.


What is Thrasio?

Thrasio is a Boston based e-commerce company. Their business model is to acquire profitable third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace, and operate them in-house. In this respect, the company has been successful. Since its inception, they have managed to grow their inventory by 323% and their gross revenue by a substantial amount. With this in mind, Thrasio has just announced a hefty new round of funding.

The 100 million dollar question is what makes Thrasio different from the rest of the Amazon crowd? What makes their model unique is their focus on the Amazon platform. They have successfully managed to purchase over 14,000 items that are sold on Amazon, and have been able to bring quality products to consumers worldwide.

Their list of acquisitions includes notable names such as Beast Gear, the pet odor eliminator maker Angry Orange and the aforementioned Beast Mender. Not only does Thrasio boast over a hundred and twenty employees, they also have two offices in the northeast and one in Texas. While Thrasio is still in its nascent stages, it is well positioned to make its mark on the e-commerce industry.

While Thrasio is no stranger to the e-commerce fray, the $100 million mark is an impressive feat of finance. Several of their largest investors are lending the company a helping hand.

What is Thrasio’s business model?

Thrasio is an online business acquisition platform that targets profitable third-party sellers on Amazon. It also works to optimize these brands, helping to build their brand and expand their sales channels.

Founded by Carlos Cashman and Joshua Silberstein in mid-2018, Thrasio has been profitable since its inception. It uses data science, best-in-class product development, and supply chain management to increase the sales of its branded products.

Thrasio has a focus on Amazon, but is building a global consumer goods company. In addition to the US, Thrasio has operations in Japan, China, and the U.K. The company is now preparing for a public listing.

Thrasio’s initial focus is on acquiring Amazon FBA businesses. However, the company plans to expand its reach to other retail distribution networks. As such, the startup is currently looking for businesses from around the globe.

Thrasio’s business model allows for an exit strategy that is lucrative for both the seller and the brand. Currently, Thrasio offers sellers performance earnouts and a stabilization payment. These payments will be released to the sellers when the business maintains its pre-acquisition level.

Thrasio is a relatively young start-up, but has built a strong track record of acquiring third-party sellers. Its portfolio is made up of over 14,000 products. Typically, the companies acquired by Thrasio are top-rated, bestselling products.

How much funding did Thrasio raise?

Thrasio is an e-commerce company that acquires third-party sellers on Amazon. It uses proprietary technology to boost sales. Currently, it owns over 200 brands, including the SafeRest mattress protector brand. The firm recently announced that it’s going international.

Thrasio’s model is based on a data-driven, economy-of-scale approach. By acquiring businesses, it’s able to leverage its scale to reduce placement costs and optimise marketing. At the same time, it helps consumers discover high-quality products.

The firm has a team of retail experts who work with large national retail chains and influencers to help expand its reach. The company’s recent acquisitions include camping equipment and home bedding.

As Thrasio continues to build its customer base outside of Amazon’s ecosystem, the company plans to acquire more brands domestically and abroad. To do this, it’s raising fresh funding to accelerate its growth.

Last month, Thrasio announced a $650 million debt facility with JPMorgan Chase & Co. That’s just one of five mega-rounds the company has raised this year. Another round was led by Advent International. In August, Elevate Brands invested $250 million, while Heroes and Berlin Brands Group each invested $200 million.

Thrasio has a proven track record of acquiring third-party sellers, paying more than $150 million to owners for brands, ranging from car cleaning and detailing to home furnishings. The company says it buys around 1.5 businesses a week. This has allowed it to pay 2.5 to 4.5 times on business earnings.

What is Thrasio’s roll-up strategy?

Thrasio is a US-based e-commerce startup. It is focused on the acquisition and expansion of third-party seller businesses on Amazon. The company uses its expertise to grow the seller’s business. Currently, the company is acquiring around 1.5 businesses a week.

The company is also expanding into other markets. In January, Thrasio closed a $500 million debt round, and in October, the company acquired SafeRest, a mattress protector manufacturer.

The firm is also active in China, Japan, and India. They plan to expand their team in Shenzhen, China to 100 people. This will allow them to provide comprehensive service offerings to the drinks industry.

In its first three years of operation, Thrasio has reported over $100 million in profits. With its $3 billion valuation, it is a promising company to watch.

Thrasio is also growing in Europe. They’ve recently announced a EUR300 million investment into Europe. That puts them in the go-big-or-go-home stage of scaling funding.

Thrasio has also recently been acquiring businesses in Japan. It’s targeting a 50 percent share of all Amazon aggregator funding in 2021.

Thrasio focuses on the consolidation of the highly fragmented third-party seller market. By integrating small brands to its platform, Thrasio enables these companies to reach more consumers and increase their sales.

Who is Thrasio’s new CFO?

Thrasio, an Amazon third-party seller acquirer, is bringing in a new executive to steer its financial strategy. Bill Wafford, formerly CFO of JCPenney, The Vitamin Shoppe and Target, has been appointed to the role. He will help guide the company’s expansion as it moves forward.

Earlier this week, Thrasio announced that it has raised $100 million in funding. It is an extension of its recent Series C round.

As part of its roll-up strategy, Thrasio aims to consolidate the market for third-party sellers on Amazon. It has acquired more than 100 brands since the start of the year.

In addition to Thrasio’s roll-up strategy, the company uses technology to boost sales. Its analytics engine, based on data gathered from Amazon and other marketplaces, determines which companies are likely to sell better and how to increase profitability.

Bill Wafford has a track record of helping companies drive profitability and growth. Before joining Thrasio, he was CFO at Walgreens Boots Alliance, where he saved over 60,000 jobs. And he was a partner at KPMG’s advisory practice group.

Bill Wafford will be replacing Joe Falcao, who has been promoted to a newly created role of senior vice president of finance. Falcao will be responsible for treasury, tax, and international finance.


In conclusion, Thrasio, a Boston-based e-commerce company that acquires and operates successful Amazon businesses, has raised $100 million in a recent funding round. The funding will be used to continue Thrasio’s roll-up strategy, which is focused on consolidating the highly fragmented third-party seller market on Amazon. The company has also appointed a new retail chief financial officer, who will play a crucial role in the company’s financial strategy and help navigate the competitive world of e-commerce and Amazon.

With a strong focus on Amazon and a proven track record of success in acquiring and operating third-party sellers, Thrasio is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory in the years to come. This is a great development for the company as it takes an important step towards becoming a major player in the e-commerce industry.

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