The history, art and style of cowboy belt buckles

A belt buckle is a hook that is used to fasten straps or both ends of a belt. One popular type of belt buckle is the western belt buckle, worn by cowboys. These boxes can be made of metals such as brass, silver, or gold (plated) and can sometimes be quite large and shiny. But did you know that cowboys didnt always wear belt buckles? In the 1800s, most of them wore suspensions instead of belts. This is because those who work like suspenders are very active in their field of work.

Date of suspension

In the 1800s, suspension pants were a widely used option, not just a style but a necessity. In the old days, suspenders were also considered undergarments. It was very inappropriate for suspenders to show that men wore jackets to hide them. However, with the changing weather and conditions, men started removing jackets and because of this, suspenders are considered an important part of fashion these days. 

Suspension is the most practical solution for cowboys. But during that time, suspended people were used not only by cowboys but also by military officials and almost everyone. But today suspenders are mostly associated with cowboys because of their ugly shape and old feel. Nowadays suspenders are found in most clothing stores. This is the best gift for men and women who like the trend Do Everyone used to. But today suspenders are mostly associated with cowboys because of their ugly shape and old feel. Nowadays suspenders are found in most clothing stores. This is the perfect gift for men and women who love the trend.

It is made of pure leather and has lost its beauty. These suspenders have leather button holders that you can use to sew buttons on your pants. Also, the suspenders come in a beautiful box which makes them a great gift for birthdays and other special occasions.

Tips for wearing suspenders

If you are thinking of wearing a suspension car, make sure the pants have buttons to fasten your suspenders. These days, you may find suspensions that come with clamps. Also, it is considered a fashion misguided pass to wear a suspension and belt together on formal occasions. You can even meet people wearing both of them these days and thats fine. But most traditionalists say its unpleasant to wear both together. Also, if the suspension is visible, it is still considered inappropriate by them.

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This is a pair of suspensions for children/toddlers. Fasteners adorn them with baby cowboy shoes. These suspension dresses can be worn during parties and even birthdays. The size can be easily adjusted and the suspension can easily fit both newborn and toddler. The metal pieces are carefully placed in the suspensions and the suspensions are child-friendly for children.

The role of Levi Strauss in introducing the ballot

Levi Strauss was the first brand to introduce belt loops in denim jeans that eventually became essential for everyday life. Denim dangers were the most popular clothing at the time, and when belt loops were introduced, the trend of wearing suspension gradually moved toward the belt for better grip. The belt has been around since the Brass Age, but before that, because the pants were mostly waist-high, the popular choice was suspended, but as fashion changed and the pants came down, the belt came into fashion because of both the need and the style. Are the same The 1920s were a period of belt-renaissance. In the old days, belts had decorative buckles and were worn on military officers corsets to lower the waist and extend the shoulders and chest of the officers. You can find symbolic honors for men in old movies with shoulders and chests and very short waists.

The history, art and style of cowboy belt buckles

Buckles and cowboys

During the Civil War in the 1860s, soldiers wore brass buckle belts. This type of buckle is where you pull the belt to the right and there are no holes to hold it. As the war progressed, these buckles were made in large quantities and at some point, the cowboys also began to wear them.

Buckle in Hollywood and Western Belt

When the 1900s came, Hollywood began to romanticize cowboy costumes in movies by adding unique elements to cowboy costumes. In the early movies, cowboys wore regular belts and buckles. These films were so influential that even the cowboys adopted the fashion. The first Western buckles were adapted from the gun belts worn by the heroes in the movies. Although wearing a belt doesnt necessarily suit the way they work, sometimes styling is more likely to win.

Cowboy calling cards

Western belt buckles are also known as cowboy calling cards? In Western culture, the buckle belt is not only used to hold the pants. Some people wear buckles with their names on them. Others want to have their favorite sport or favorite animal to find prey written on their belt buckles. They can even describe the wearers brand or brand, claim a significant success, and even expose devotion to the country.

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Buckle to save history

Nowadays, some of the Western belt buckle makers are influenced by its early style. For example, a Texas silverware, client Ormus, form the classic belt buckle. Thats the decent thing to do, and it should end there. On the other hand, David Deeres belt buckle designs were inspired by the buckle worn by Jane Atrey in the 1935 Western sci-fi, The Phantom Empire.

Buckle as a trophy cup

In addition to fashion accessories, buckles were also used as an alternative to trophy cups given to cowboys who won in barrel racing, bull riding, team roping, tie-down reception, and other radio events. The use of belt buckles as trophies dates back to the 1920s. The trophy buckle usually includes the location, event name, and year.

Bohlen boxes

Most of these ballot boxes are shiny, and the credit for shining them goes to Edward H. Bohlen, a Swedish immigrant. He specializes in leather making and saddle making, but before that, he was a shepherd in Montana and Wyoming. He returned in 1922 to work as a rope tiller at the Woodall Show. There he met Tom Max, a movie superstar, and started making belts and belts for him. When designing belt buckles, the use of silver accents and trimming, along with the trim, became the signature form. Bohlen became the most popular and in-demand belt buckle designer in Hollywood. Its original boxes accumulated a lot and some are still on display at the Bohlen Companys new buckle in Dallas, Texas.

Buckles today

Today, Western belt buckles are popular not only for cowboys but also for those who appreciate Western-style and especially country music. When you shop for belt buckles, you will find that the most expensive buckles on the market are handmade. However, you can find beautiful-looking boxes with basic metals. Youll find lots of styles and options, and of course, a wide range of prices. Enjoy shopping for a great western belt buckle and show off your style.

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