Sure raises $100M at a $550M valuation to help companies launch insurance products with its ‘flexible’ APIs

Sure 100m Series Announces $100 Million Series C Funding Round

For the last three years, the Sure 100m series has been the most popular outdoor water meter in the world, thanks to the company’s dedication to offering a reliable solution to consumers. Earlier this year, the firm announced plans to expand to Latin America, Europe, and Asia, as well as hire more than a dozen tech roles. With a focus on creating an all-in-one platform for the ‘right here, right now’ mentality, the company is positioned to lead the market in the future.


Sure, a Santa Monica, California-based company that specializes in enabling brands and insurers to offer insurance products directly to consumers, closed a $100 million Series C funding round. The company plans to use the funds to increase its employee count to triple its current team, and to expand into new markets. Its technology enables companies to provide convenient and personalized experiences to their customers.

Sure’s flagship product, the Sure Platform, helps leading carriers and insurers cover their policy and claims management needs. This technology allows insurance providers to rapidly launch new products and cost-effectively offer them to consumers. It also powers digital insurance programs for global brands.

Sure’s platform includes integrations with more than 300 vendors. These vendors include traditional and fintech companies, as well as automotive manufacturers. Chubb, Farmers Insurance, and Intuit are among the many Sure customers. However, the company declined to share revenue figures.

The startup’s mission is to make the entire insurance process easier, faster, and more convenient for consumers. As such, it is working to embed its technology into online car-buying experiences.

Since its founding in 2015, the company has raised $123.1 million in venture capital financing. Its enterprise valuation is $550 million. To date, the company has hired dozens of engineers and employees. With its recent round of funding, it plans to triple its headcount within three years. Meanwhile, its revenue has increased to double digits in the past year, and it has a plan to expand its business to Europe and Latin America.

In addition to its technology infrastructure, Sure also provides tools to help companies build embedded insurance products. According to the company, its APIs allow insurers to quickly create innovative products that can be accessed by consumers. Plus, it offers a comprehensive library of integrations to support both the customer experience and the claims management process.

Platform designed for the ‘right here, right now’ mentality

Sure is a fintech startup that’s been around for five years. In the past two years, they’ve raised a staggering $123.1 million in funding. This includes $3 million in seed funding and $23.1 million in Series B and C funding. They’ve also expanded their team, which now comprises 80 employees.

Sure’s technology is designed to help insurance companies improve the customer experience. It includes a SaaS platform that gives insurers the tools they need to create embedded insurance products. The company also has an impressive library of integrations with more than 300 vendors. Several prominent insurance carriers work with Sure, including AmTrust, Betterment, Farmers, Nationwide, and Tesla. However, the company does not underwrite their own policies, instead relying on third party underwriters.

Sure’s top-of-the-line product is their SaaS-based insurance platform, which is used by leading insurance providers to provide new and better products and services to customers. The platform features a number of features, such as claims management, web access, and agent distribution. Plus, the company offers a suite of mobile apps, including a smartphone-friendly version of its core insurance offering. Among its other offerings are a suite of enterprise software.

The company has a couple of notable firsts to its credit. For instance, in the last year, they’ve doubled their revenue. And they’ve grown their employee count by 50 percent. Now, the company’s going all-in on their fintech push, with plans to hire a dozen more technical folks in the coming months. At the same time, they’re planning to double down on their product development efforts and continue to invest in marketing. With the money in hand, they should be able to continue delivering their unique take on the insurance world.

Hiring for over a dozen tech roles

If you’re looking to hire a few talented people this year, Sure might be the company for you. Sure, which is focused on consumer experience, has a lot of employees, and plans to hire for dozens of new roles over the next two years. Its mission is to help brands create and share new revenue streams, and it’s working to embed its capability into the consumer relationship.

A company like Sure could help insurance companies and other businesses expand their customer base and earn new revenue streams. Sure is also working to embed its technology into the consumer relationship, making it more convenient for consumers to purchase products. The company’s headcount is up by over 50 percent this year, and it plans to triple its engineering team in 2022.

While Sure is a relatively new company, it’s competing with some big names. Apple, for example, is preparing to launch a mixed reality headset in 2023, and Amazon is also launching a number of products. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Amazon are expanding their retail and logistics operations, respectively.

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