Human Remains Found in Murder Case in Summer Wells, Tennessee

During an investigation of a suspicious case of murder in the town of Summer Wells, the Human Remains have been found. However, there are still questions about the motive and how long the deceased has been dead. In this article, we will talk about some of the evidence and information that is currently known about the case.

TBI asks public not to submit tips based on what they hear on YouTube or theories posted on Facebook

During Summer Wells the course of the week, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) held a media briefing to discuss the latest entrant in its stable of sexy ladies. During the briefing, a number of revelations were teased to the dark recesses of the room. While the TBI was not forthcoming about the nitty gritty details of the flurry of sexy ladies, it was revealed that the TBI is no longer looking for a female suspect in the case of the long running female suspects. Although the TBI has yet to make an arrest, the agency has been putting the squeeze on those in and out of its employ. Among the plethora of revelations, the TBI has been tasked with investigating a series of murders, including the recent death of a high school classmate. Despite the snafu, the TBI remains one of the most efficient agencies in the state. Those tasked with the job are rewarded with a hefty paycheck. Aside from the paycheck, the TBI has a new mission: find the missing Summer. The agency is not yet ready to put the final touches on its search plan, but has a clear understanding of the road map.

TBI says there is no evidence that suggests Summer was abducted

Summer Wells Earlier this month, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) issued a statement saying there was no evidence to suggest that Summer Wells was abducted. However, the agency warned the public to avoid speculating on the case. Despite the TBI’s statements, investigators continue to explore all the possible possibilities, including foul play.

In addition to a massive ground search operation in the Beech Creek community, investigators have spoken with dozens of people, including residents and people who worked in the area when Summer went missing. TBI officials also have asked for cell phone data, security camera footage, and other points of interest. This is part of the TBI’s effort to obtain credible information in the case. The TBI has also warned people not to speculate on social media.

On Wednesday, TBI announced that they have been able to collect more than two hundred leads in the Summer Wells case. A spokesperson said they had spoken to a number of people who had stayed at the Wells’ home before Summer went missing.

The TBI has contacted more than four dozen agencies in the search for Summer. They have collected cell tower data, searched buildings and sheds, and questioned several individuals. TBI officials have also urged residents to check their properties, especially those near the Ben Hill Road and Beech Creek Road.

Search crews working under cover of darkness near the Wells’ Ben Hill Road residence

Several search crews are scouring the Rogersville area for information on 5-year-old Summer Wells. The young girl disappeared nine days ago. Her parents are convinced that she was abducted from their home. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has said they are following all leads. However, they have not yet released any details.

Search crews have been covering more than 3,000 acres since the girl went missing. According to the TBI, the best way to describe their search is as “extremely frustrating.” The agency has received more than 1,800 tips, many of which have been related to the girl’s disappearance. Among them, one tip was a particularly useful tidbit.

It’s not clear what this tip involves, but it’s worth a shot. It’s a rumored e-mail from Wells’s father that she was seen at his home at 6 p.m. on the night she went missing. The e-mail was not forwarded, but the TBI is investigating it as a possible lead. It’s not a known timeframe when the e-mail was sent or received, but investigators say they’ll follow up with any leads that may come their way.

The TBI hasn’t released any new information, but they did confirm a small-scale search in the Beech Creek area on Monday. They have also received a handful of tips on the girl’s whereabouts.

TBI says all available evidence, cell phone data and cell tower data has been collected and analyzed

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TBI releases statements

Earlier this month Summer Wells, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released statements about the human remains found in Summer Wells’ summer wells. Investigators have searched the Wells home, as well as other locations in the area. However, they haven’t been able to identify the remains. They say the information gathered is still being investigated.

In June, Summer Moon-Utah Wells, a 5-year-old child, was reported missing from her family’s home in the Beech Creek community in Hawkins County. The girl was last seen wearing a pink shirt and grey shorts. She is described as being three feet tall and weighing around 40 pounds. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

The TBI says the investigation into Summer Wells disappearance remains active. They have more than 100 agents working on the case. They are asking the public to stop spreading rumors on social media and to call them with specific information. They also have a FAQ sheet for anyone who has questions about searches of the Wells’ property.

Investigators have also been searching other points of interest in the area, including the nearby Beech Creek Road and Ben Hill Road. They have also interviewed neighbors and registered sex offenders. Some of these people have stated that they stayed at the Wells’ home for a period of time before she was reported missing.

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Mother posts video on TikTok about searching for her child

Almost a year after Summer Wells disappeared, her mother has posted a video on TikTok to try and find her. The video appears to show a child that could be Summer Wells.

The account that uploaded the video, known as Candus Wells, has previously posted videos of Summer. The girl in the video has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is three feet tall and wears a pink shirt and gray shorts.

Summer’s parents have said that she may have been kidnapped. They also believe that a bad guy threw her into a car and drove away. However, investigators are not sure if this is the case.

Authorities are still investigating the disappearance of Summer, and the FBI has not yet said if there are any suspects involved. A reward fund has been set up to reward information leading to the discovery of Summer. These funds will stay in place for six months. The funds will be donated to the Child Advocacy Center.

The TBI has received more than 2,000 tips since Summer’s disappearance. The agency has also been working with the FBI and other agencies in the area to search for the girl. The TBI has encouraged homeowners in the Beech Creek area to check for any hidden areas of their house where the child might be hiding.

summer wells found dead 2021

Hundreds of people are searching for answers after skeletal remains were found in Summer Wells, Tennessee. The case is still unsolved. There have been several searches in the area, and authorities have received nearly 200 leads.

The human remains found in Summer Wells, Tennessee, were found near the town of Mount Pleasant. The investigation was launched after a preliminary inquiry revealed the formation of a human skull on South Port Road near Mount Pleasant. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, and the FBI have been involved in the investigation.

There aren’t any signs of an abduction. However, the investigation is ongoing, and officials continue to look for clues.

Investigators have also questioned other people who lived in the Summer Wells home before Summer disappeared. They have searched the basement and crawl space, and the entire residence. They have also interviewed neighbors and registered sex offenders. They have also searched nearby bodies of water.

There have been three large-scale searches in the last year. The TBI has teamed up with the MTSU Anthropology Department to investigate the case. They have also issued an AMBER Alert. They have collaborated with other local, state, and federal agencies.

Did they ever find summer wells from Tennessee?

Despite thousands of tips from the public, no sign of Summer Wells’ human remains has been found. However, authorities are still investigating the case.

There have been many theories about what could have happened to Summer. One theory suggests that Summer was abducted, but there has not been any evidence to support that theory. There is also the possibility that she simply strayed off into the rugged terrain.

There have been searches of the Wells’ home, outbuildings and other points of interest. Investigators have collected cell phone data, cell tower data and drone data. In addition to searching their home, investigators have questioned neighboring residents and people who had been staying at the Wells’ home before the child’s disappearance.

The investigation has been conducted with the help of the FBI and the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office. In June, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an AMBER alert.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has a Frequently Asked Questions sheet that provides information on the search for Summer Wells. The sheet answers questions about searches on the Wells’ property, as well as other people in the home.

The case is being investigated with the help of a K9 team, cell tower data, and other sources of information. The HCSO and the Church Hill Rescue Squad are currently working together.

Is there anything new on the summer Wells case?

Almost a year after Summer Wells disappeared from her Hawkins County home, the search for her remains has gone on. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has been working in conjunction with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the case. There have been more than 2,000 tips from the public. It is believed that many of these tips have been false. TBI states that this has impacted the investigation.

The family of Summer Wells has hired private investigators to find her. The investigators have worked 365 days on the case and have not yet found a lead. However, the search has spread into the mountains of Hawkins County. There have been numerous searches in the area, including three large-scale searches at Mt. Carmel Freewill Baptist Church. There have also been numerous other searches in different areas.

The family of Summer Moon-Utah Wells has released a statement to mark the anniversary of her disappearance. The family claims that someone abducted her. The parents have been enrolled in classes to regain custody of their daughter.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has been collaborating with the FBI and other agencies in the search for Summer. The case has inspired volunteer efforts. There are more details on the search for Summer Wells on their website.

Why was Summer Wells head shaved?

During the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Summer Moon-Utah Wells, investigators released several new images of the little girl. They also asked locals to search their homes and sheds. They did not find evidence of an abduction.

The new images showed the little girl wearing a pink top and a dark grey trouser. She had blue eyes and weighed 40 pounds. The picture was posted on electronic billboards in the area. The outfit was said to be a new outfit for her first day of school.

The little girl’s mother gave a live interview on a local TV station. She told a reporter from WKRN that she called out to her daughter when she saw her on television. She also claimed that she had planted flowers in pots on the property when she disappeared.

The Wells family was in the spotlight after accusations of domestic violence and abduction. A judge ordered a gag order in the case, but officials have declined to elaborate on the reason.

The TBI released a FAQ sheet that addresses some of the rumors circulating in the community. It also addresses questions about searches of the Wells home. There have been three large scale searches, but no evidence of an abduction has been found.

Did Summer Wells brothers get taken by CPS?

Despite dozens of searches, search crews still haven’t found the missing Summer Wells, but authorities continue to take steps towards finding her. Investigators have been involved in multiple searches, including aerial searches, drones, and K9 teams.

Aside from being a search-and-rescue mission, authorities have been investigating possible human trafficking in the area. A study conducted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in 2011 showed that 85% of counties in the state had at least one case of human trafficking.

The TBI also released a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet, which addresses some of the most common questions about the Summer Wells case. These include questions about the other people who were at the Wells home.

While it’s true that a red pickup truck was seen in the area where Summer was last seen, authorities say the vehicle wasn’t captured on surveillance footage. However, a nearby resident told police that he had spotted a red or maroon Toyota Tacoma with a ladder rack in the area of where she was last seen.

In addition to the red Toyota Tacoma, other vehicles have been searched. Investigators have also questioned neighbors and registered sex offenders.

How old is Summer Wells now?

Almost a year after Summer Wells disappeared from her home in Hawkins County, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an update on the case. The department’s investigation into the case remains active and they are still working with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office.

On June 15, 2021, Summer was last seen outside her home in Rogersville. She was wearing a pink shirt and gray shorts. She may have been barefoot. She had blue eyes and weighed about 40 pounds. She was five years old when she disappeared.

TBI officials have received hundreds of tips, and investigators have sifted through the information. Authorities said they’ve been able to identify points of interest in the area surrounding Summer’s home, but they’ve yet to find her.

Investigators said they were originally concerned that Summer was lost or wandered away from the home. They also thought she may have been abducted. Several search warrants were issued. Crews from East Tennessee joined the search. But because the terrain was difficult, the effort was scaled back.

Summer was not the first member of the Wells family to disappear. Her older brothers were removed from the home in July 2021 by the Department of Children’s Services.


Hundreds of tips have been received in relation to the case of Summer Wells. However, there is still no conclusive evidence to determine whether the human remains found at Summer Wells’ home are that of Summer. Moreover, there is no evidence that Mr Wells is responsible for Summer’s disappearance. The theory is that the child was killed on her way home.

Mr Wells told police that he saw people in the woods near his house. He also believes that the kidnapper threw Summer into the car. Then he drove away. This is not the first time Mr Wells has seen someone in the woods. Previously, he had spotted a man with a gun. He said he believes the kidnapper went down a hill near his house and came out of the woods.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the case. Various agencies are involved, including Church Hill Rescue Squad, Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, and state and federal law enforcement. The local Newschannel5 has reported on the case. The search for the missing child is currently being scaled back. There is a reward of $40,000 for information on the child’s disappearance.

The case of Summer Wells has been ongoing since May of this year. The family of Summer Moon Utah Wells lived with their three older brothers and grandmother in a house in Beech Creek, Tennessee. They attended a local Seventh Day Adventist church.

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