Some Basic Blackjack Terms Every Player Should Know

Blackjack has always been one of the most popular casino games. As far as card games are concerned, there are places that see more blackjack play then poker play. Online, of course, blackjack is considered the king of table games.

The success of online casinos has led to a growing interest in blackjack. While most people prefer to check play live blackjack, there is a pretty huge market for online blackjack as well. But, the growing popularity of the sport has resulted in a lot of newcomers.

The new players may not be aware of all of the blackjack terminology, that every blackjack player needs to know. In this article, we do our best to explain some of the most important terms that are key to understanding the game.


Those who’ve played blackjack are aware that the goal of the game is to get cards whose total sum equals 21. In order to get more cards, the player must indicate to the dealer that they want one more card dealt. Asking for another card when the player’s turn comes around is usually called a hit. This is why, in films or television about gambling, you will often hear a player say “Hit me,” when requesting a new card.


If the goal of blackjack is to reach 21, what happens after you’ve exceeded the sum? Well, exceeding 21 is one of the main ways that a player can lose in blackjack. But, hitting 21 isn’t necessarily the way to win. A player who has gotten closest to that sum is also a winner. So, if some player has a sum that is too high to hit, they can choose to stand instead. Standing basically means that the player doesn’t want an extra card, and would prefer to stick to their current hand.

Double Down

Doubling down is such a popular term, that it has entered the common vernacular. In popular speech, doubling down on an idea means that you’ve dug your heels in, and you believe you are right. This meaning reflects the blackjack meaning of the term. In blackjack, if you double down, you are doubling your bet, and getting an extra card, after which you must stand, no matter what the other players do, or no matter what the card you’ve been dealt is. In other words, it is a very high-risk/high-reward play.


Finally, we should talk about a bust. Once again, the term has entered popular speech. When we say that something was a bust, it means that it went south, or that it didn’t turn out the way we wanted. So, you can probably assume that, in blackjack, a bust is what happens when the game doesn’t go the way a player wants it. Indeed, when a player is dealt a card whose addition helps the total sum of their hand exceed 21, it results in an instant loss. That is why, we call this phenomenon a bust.

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