Small Blogging Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

In this article, we will talk about beginner Blogging mistakes

When a blogger makes a mistake on his blog, his blog flops very quickly. So today we will learn Small Blogging Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

Small Blogging Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

Blogging is not just about writing articles, it’s about getting your article across to people in a better way. It is also important to be SEO friendly. It is very important to write the article according to the readers and SEO. We need to think not only about SEO but also about blog readers whether this article is useful for them. Whether the article structure is easy to read or not.

Beginners make a lot of mistakes in blogging, ignore the little things and think it’s not a big issue.

Small Blogging Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

Below are 20 important points that Beginners bloggers make mistakes. You need to take care of these 20 points in your blogging.

1- Regular Blogging

2- Title Length

3- Not Focus on SEO

4- Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

5- Text Size Problem

6- Trending Topic

7- Write Meta Description

8- Image Optimized

9- Content Length

10- Long Intro in Post

1- Regular Blogging:

If you blog and you don’t post regularly, no one will give your blog much importance. Be sure to post one or two blog posts a week or blog every day. Blogger’s common blogging mistake is that he starts writing blogs but he can’t regularity. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.  To become a successful blogger, you also need to focus on regularity.

2- Title Length:

Title length is a very important topic for a blogger. You know that a title is needed everywhere, whether it is a newspaper, an article or a book. Most of the visitors pay attention to the Title/Headline first. That’s why we should make the title attractive before writing a blog. It is important for a beginner blogger to choose the best title that is attractive and bold when writing a new blog. Otherwise, normal visitors will ignore your article because of your Title. The title should be 50 to 60 letters. This blogging mistake should never be done.

3- Not focus on SEO:

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This is a program that has a lot of algorithms. SEO have a lot of data. In which all the website blog information is available on the internet. We will know why SEO is important for blogging.

Any blogger who improves his blog to make it SEO friendly is called an SEO. If a blogger wants to get his blog ranked in Google, he has to focus on SEO. That’s why we always recommend that your blog be always SEO friendly.

4- Spelling and Grammar Mistakes:

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes are natural. They happen to everyone. But we also fear that this blogging mistake could have an effect on SEO. By the way, Google has not made it clear to us that Google does not rank posts due to spelling and grammar mistakes. But Google wants to rank websites that have properly High Quality content. And our High Quality content will only come when we follow SEO as well as spelling and grammar.

5- Text Size Problem:

Common blogging has been seen a lot Mistakes Beginners who don’t pay attention to the font at all. Never make a text size mistake. Text size Mistakes can irritate visitors. Being irritated, they will not like to read or share your blog.

So write your blog clearly, neither too big nor too small. Write in a way that is easy for visitors to read. Bold the main point in the blog in dark black. It also helps to make your blog high quality so that visitors can easily understand.

6- Trending Topic:

Small Blogging Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Blog

People search for this topic which is trending and it changes every day. There are some topics whose value decreases over time and has negligible traffic.  This is because you ignore the trending topic. So we should always write blogs on trading topics. With the help of Google trends you will know which topics people are searching in these days. And then you can write a blog on this topic. We can get more visitors because of the updated topic.

7- Write Meta Description:

Beginners who do a lot of blogging mistakes. They start writing blogs but they don’t understand much about meta description, what to write there and how. While it is very important to follow and write the Meta description SEO.

So we should always give good details and 160 liters in meta description. When someone searches Google for related topics from our website, Google shows them our post, Below the title of the post are some details related to the post, this is called Meta description. Most visitors read the post only if they like the details.

8- Image Optimized:

You must include an image in your blog. You must include at least one image in each block. It is very important to optimize the image before uploading the image to the blog.

this is a common Blogger Mistake. The sooner it is repaired, the better. Otherwise, your website may slow down. There are many websites on the Internet where you can easily optimize your image. For Examples EWWW Image Optimizer, Smush, and Tinypng. With all of these you can make the image smaller or larger without compromising the image quality.

9- Content-Length

Incoming traffic to a blog post depends on the quality of the blog post, the most important of which is how many letters were used in your blog post. Content length means how many letters you are using in the blog keeping in mind the SEO here. Normally a standard blog should use at least 800 to 1200 letters. Long blog posts also look good when you sometimes post blogs otherwise your content length short on daily basis is better. If your content length is standard length then you will have lower bonus rates and those who have lower bonus rates will also have a higher ranking.

10- Long Intro in Post:

Normally all bloggers sometimes make this mistake. Long Intro Post is a very important point of Blogging mistakes. As we sometimes read a post, if there is more intro in it, then we get bored in it. Always give in intro short because they only like to read the main point. Try to give an intro of 12 to 18 lines as much as possible.

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