Simple Relaxation Techniques for Every Day

Simple Relaxation Techniques for Every DayStress is one of the most common health risks in our society. It does not only drain your strength but also serves as a driving force behind various diseases. In stressful situations, the hormones adrenaline, Norepinephrine, and Cortisol are intensively produced from the adrenal glands. They speed up the metabolism. The pulse quickens, blood pressure rises, calorie consumption increases by about 10-15%, being under stress, the body ages faster. 

Many studies suggest that a mild and regular massage can help reduce stress and anxiety in a person. Therefore, some people use a massage device to relax their muscles and mind.
However, most of us, unfortunately, do not have enough time to learn complex relaxation techniques and practice regularly. But, as the Persian proverb says, “one moment of peace of mind is more precious than anything you can achieve.” Often, even short, relaxed moments are enough to re-energize. Therefore, we have several tips which can be easily integrated into the daytime schedule. For any of the presented relaxation techniques, it will take no more than five minutes. 

Breathe Correctly
Stress can take our breath away. When we experience anxiety and frustration, the abdominal muscles and diaphragm contract convulsively, the lungs cannot expand optimally, breathing becomes shallow and fast, and the oxygen supply to the body is impaired. Often, only the upper parts of the lungs are filled with oxygen, and most of them remain unused. 

With this kind of shallow, stressful breathing, the shoulders tend to lift, the chest bulges out, and the abdomen pulls in. A relaxed person, on the other hand, breathes in and out deeply and slowly. Therefore, in the light of impending stress, the advice to “breathe deeply” is very helpful.
Breathing is the only involuntary function in our body that we can control with willpower. To use the entire volume of the lungs, it is necessary to ventilate their lower sections. 

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This is only possible with belly breathing. To track the correct breathing technique, place your hands on your waist with your fingertips toward your navel. Inhale so that you feel with your fingers how the belly expands and contracts. 

Make sure your shoulders do not rise. Consciously stick out your stomach, take rhythmic breaths in and out. Deep breathing causes the body to release large amounts of the calming happiness hormones endorphins. Just five or six of these mindful breathing cycles is enough to distance yourself from stress.
With relaxed breathing, the solar plexus is massaged by the abdomen. This ganglion is located in the upper peritoneum and stimulates the calming effect of the parasympathetic nervous system. Thanks to this, nervous tension is relaxed, rest is restored.

Simple Relaxation Techniques for Every Day Observe the life of the aquarium

Calm observation of fish in an aquarium, according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, lowers blood pressure and eliminates anxiety and fear. Slow movements immerse the observer in a hypnosis-like state, which has a positive effect on stress levels.

Some Additional Suggestions
Now you have a good idea of how to relax your body when you are free. Please remember that taking over stress can affect your mental physical and spiritual health. You must also remember that you need a proper amount of spare time in your day for your own. Spending some time alone in a day can also be very healthy and beneficial for your mental and physical health. Whenever you are off the work please try to focus on the things that are not related to your job. Make sure you have enough holidays in a week to relax with your family and friends. 

Also please buy a massage gun to stay healthy and toned. Studies show that massaging your body using massage guns can help you relieve your body pain, muscle tension, and all. We hope you have learned enough about it. Please remember that you should always stay with your loved ones, family, and life partner in your free time to stay away from stress since loneliness can trigger it even more.

You can also plan a family trip or a solo trip to a nearby hill station or nature park to soothe yourself in a peaceful and healthy environment.

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