Side raises $150M at $1B valuation to help real estate agents go it alone

Side 150m Series Telescopic Tripods

The Side 150m series is the first of a new crop of high-end telescopic tripods that aim to offer the best in flexibility, comfort, and quality. The new designs feature high-quality, stainless steel construction, plus a unique folding mechanism that provides a full 180-degree rotation for a variety of mounting and travel angles. These new designs are available in four different models, each with a unique look and feel. They are available for sale online at


Side, a real estate technology startup founded by Edward Wu and Guy Gal in late 2017, raised more than $200 million in financing over the past 18 months. The company has grown to 1,500 partner agents and serves three states. Its latest round, a $150 million Series D, Side has paved the way for a flurry of new hires and a revenue growth rate of more than 30 percent. In 2019, Side racked up more than five billion in home sales and plans to double down on the business this year. As a result, the company is looking to pull in $30 to 50 million in revenue in 2020.

The company’s new capital will be devoted to hiring and expanding outside of its core markets of Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Its biggest draw is its technology platform, which provides real-time data and analytics to its more than 300 partner agents.

New capital raised

Side, a real estate technology company, has raised $150 million in Series D financing. It plans to use the capital to hire more agents, increase its headcount, and expand into new markets. The company was founded in 2017 and has raised $200 million in total. As a result of the investment, its valuation increased to $1 billion. Currently, Side has more than 300 employees, and is supported by more than 1,500 partner agents in three states. Moreover, it turns independent brokerages into boutique businesses.

Among the companies that participated in the funding round were Hi Inov, Revaia, One Peak, Sapphire Ventures, Matrix Partners, Coatue Management, and SoftBank Vision Fund 2. With the new funding, Deepki plans to consolidate its leadership position in Europe, as well as in the United States within the next 12 months. Also, the company plans to make strategic acquisitions Side.

Clarify Health, a health information technology company, has also raised fresh funds. The company works with providers, life sciences companies, and health plans, and has helped more than 300 organizations and 300 million patients. With the money, it will expand its clinical informatics capabilities and value-based payments technology. This investment will help the company serve 75 of the largest healthcare organizations in the country.

Bullpen Capital, a venture capital firm, has also raised a $145 million fund to invest in startups that are overlooked. This is the sixth-largest fund the firm has ever raised, and it indicates that investors are confident in the firm’s ability to pick overlooked startups and bring them to the forefront.

Manfrotto MVT502AM

The Manfrotto MVT502AM Side 150m Series Telescopic Tripods is a solid bet if you are on the hunt for a sturdy but lightweight gizmo for your HD capable camera. This telescopic juggernaut weighing in at 4.3 pounds is a breeze to haul around with its included detachable leg strap. Featuring ellipse profile aluminum tubes, the ole boy has the tast to support a camera up to 56.5 inches in height. A plethora of mounts and adapters to accomodate all your shooting needs are also stocked up in the sleeve. Designed to be user friendly, the Manfrotto MVT502AM is a good choice for all your video needs.

With its impressive list of features and features, the MVT502AM is worthy of its place on your wish list. From its nifty telescopic legs to its nifty telescopic head, it satisfies all your video needs and then some. It is an ideal solution for any professional who is on the go or wants to be.

Libec HS-150M

Libec’s new HS Series of telescopic tripods is designed to offer photographers a more elegant, lightweight, and efficient means of taking their images to the next level. The system features a dual-head base, allowing users to configure and adjust the heads in a variety of ways. It is compatible with a variety of other accessories, including sliders, skater dollies, and photo tripods. HS-150C/150MC carbon leg models feature a 20% weight savings over aluminum versions.

Libec’s HS-450M Tripod System is a no-nonsense tripod system that offers a 26.5 lb load capacity and a slew of other useful features, all housed in a handsome carrying case. With a side lightweight construction, the HS-450M boasts a solid weight-to-strength ratio, as well as three rubber feet for extra stability. A telescopic head and mid-level spreader are both included, providing added versatility. In addition to being built to last, the HS-450M boasts an attractive price tag, making it the ideal solution for photographers who are looking for a complete package at a reasonable cost.

Element Tripods

The Manfrotto Element MII series is a portable, feature-packed tripod series. It is designed to meet the needs of both hobbyists and beginners.

In addition to being sturdy, reliable, and lightweight, the Element MII tripod series features high quality polymer plates. These plate material choices are designed to be both durable and easy to clean. A handy, removable center column allows for quick set-ups.

Side Tripods are important photography tools. While they are not for everyone, they are essential for long exposure shots and astrophotography. They also allow for easy composition changes, which is especially helpful for videography.

There are several different brands to choose from. Each is available in a variety of styles, including a long, three-section tripod and a shorter, four-section model. Some models also include a mobile phone clamp.

Gitzo has been the first name in the industry when it comes to high-end, professional-quality tripods for decades. They are known for their ability to support a wide range of accessories, as well as their solid vibration resistance.

X-PRO 3-Way Head

The Manfrotto X-PRO 3-Way Head is the most advanced and versatile three-way head on the market today. With friction controls on the tilt and portrait axes, it is ideal for precise adjustments. It is compact, yet able to support a maximum weight of 17.6 lbs. This camera head is designed for photographers and video makers who need an efficient and accurate tool.

In addition to the telescoping levers, which reduce the size of the head and give you increased leverage, the X-PRO includes a quick release plate. It is fitted with a cam lock to attach it to any support system that has a 3/8″-16 thread. This allows you to move your camera or lens in a jiffy and achieve accurate framing.

Another feature that the X-PRO offers is a dedicated angle scale. By setting the control knobs underneath the telescoping handles, you can rotate them to apply tension control to movement. These dedicated knobs are very easy to read and operate. They are also designed to give you better visibility.

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