Who Is Ryan Garcia and His Wife?

If you have ever wondered, “Who is Ryan Garcia?” or “Is he married?”, then you have come to the right place. Find out about the boxer’s personal details, marriage status, and ex-girlfriend Catherine Gamez. You’ll also learn the latest on their daughter.

Who is the Ryan Garcia?

If you are looking for a boxer and Ryan Garcia wife, then you’re in luck! Ryan Garcia is already engaged to a pregnant woman. His boxing career has been a success, with a record of 21-0. He hopes to marry Selena Gomez, but in the past has been linked to Catherine Gamez, Drea Celina, and Malu Trevejo. Catherine was born in Colombia on June 5, 2000, and is an influencer and Instagram blogger. She is a mother to a daughter, who Ryan has named Rylie.

Garcia has a few female friends but he is not keen on discussing his private life on social media. However, he has been dating Catherine Gamez for many years. The couple have two children together, Ryan and Andrew. The boxer has no other spouse, but he does have a lot of female friends. However, Garcia is not keen on discussing his personal life on social media, and his wife is still dating another woman.

Garcia has not been married since 2002, but has been linked to a number of women over the years. His first marriage was to a former girlfriend, Andrea Celina. They later split up and had a daughter, Rylie, together. The reality star has also been linked to other women over the years. His current relationship with Drea Celina is reportedly not the first, as she is not engaged to Garcia. However, they are planning to get married soon.

Ryan Garcia Boxing Facts:

Ryan Garcia is one of the most famous boxers in the United States. As such, he has many women who are interested in his personal life. Unfortunately, he does not like to share any details about his personal life with the public. However, there is one woman who is very close to Garcia: Catherine Gamez. Although they are not married, they have been in a relationship for quite some time.

Ryan Garcia is an American national and was born under the Leo zodiac sign. His parents are boxing coaches, and he was introduced to the sport from a very early age. He held the WBC interim lightweight title from January to May 2021. He also has a one-year-old daughter named Rylie from a previous relationship.

Although Garcia has not married yet, he has been in several relationships during his professional career. Interestingly, some of these relationships were even famous due to their offspring. Currently, Garcia is dating Andrea Celina.

Ryan’s ex-girlfriend | Catherine Gamez:

Catherine Gamez is a model and social media user. She is a daughter of a wealthy Colombian family and lives in Los Angeles, California. Ryan Garcia was previously linked to her. Catherine is an Instagram blogger and is also active on Twitter. The two were once spotted kissing on numerous occasions.

Although the two haven’t gotten married, they still maintain an amicable relationship and are raising their daughter, Rylie, in a happy household. The boxer is very successful in the business and has many female friends, including Catherine Gamez. She became famous in the United States after becoming pregnant with Ryan Garcia’s daughter. Garcia and Gamez had been together for several years before their split, and the two are still friends on social media.

While Garcia hasn’t been married, he has had several relationships during his professional life. His relationship with Catherine Gamez, Drea Celina, and Malu is all public knowledge. Despite this, the boxer has been linked to several models over the past few years. While he hasn’t yet tied the knot with one of them, he’s been seen in public with Celina.

Ryan another girlfriend | Andrea Celina

Ryan Garcia is currently dating Andrea Celina, who also goes by the nickname “Drea”. The boxer has been linked to several women in the past, including actress Catherine Gamez and singer Malu Trevejo. The couple has one daughter together, Bela. Their relationship began in 2019 after Garcia broke up with Catherine Gamez.

Celina, also known as Drea, is a social media star who regularly posts to her Instagram and YouTube accounts. She has also worked as a model and appeared in commercials. Although she is mostly known as the girlfriend of professional boxer Ryan Garcia, she also has a large following of her own.

Celina has an active Instagram account and follows over 201 thousand people. She also has 23 thousand followers on TikTok. On her Instagram account, she has received more than 213 thousand likes from fans. Her net worth is rumored to be between four to six million dollars.

Now, girlfriend of Ryan Garcia | Malu:

Ryan Garcia has had many girlfriends during his professional career, but he has never married anyone. Because of his fame, he has been involved with many women. Currently, he has three girlfriends. In addition to Malu, Garcia has two daughters and has been involved with several other women.

After the video of Malu kissing Garcia went viral, she went on Instagram live to explain her side of the story. She posted a private conversation between the two and detailed the incident in an attempt to dispel the rumors. She remained silent for much of the drama, but she finally opened up to fans. She also said that she was not engaged to Garcia and didn’t want to cause anyone pain.

Garcia’s relationship with Malu has sparked a controversy in the boxing world. Malu is a popular TikTok star, and her relationship with the lightweight boxer has become a point of contention. Drea Celina, Ryan’s girlfriend, has been reportedly upset with Malu after she saw the pictures and questioned Garcia’s intentions. The two have been dating for over three years, but have not revealed how they met. Drea Celina is a fitness trainer and a 172K-follower on Instagram.

The final words about Ryan Garcia wife:

Mikey Garcia has been in and out of the headlines for most of the last year. Many have accused him of not having the heart for the dirty game and just wanting to be a celebrity. He drew a lot of flack after pulling out of a fight against Fortuna last year. Now, it looks like the former boxer is finally finding the right words to share about the dark stuff in his life.

While Ryan Garcia has never married anyone, there are several relationships in his personal life. The popular boxer has 3 girlfriends and two beautiful daughters. His parents are Henry Garcia and Lisa Garcia. Ryan Garcia is also engaged to Drea Celina. While she has not posted anything on Instagram, it is important to note that she is pregnant. In addition to that, her Instagram account has been set to private. It is unclear how her reaction to the cheating allegations will play out.

Ryan Garcia barely sees Rylie Garcia these days. In fact, she barely recognizes him. In reality, Ryan is a bad human. He has no respect for people who don’t believe in him.


The conclusion of Ryan Garcia Wife saga is far from being a foregone conclusion. While the couple has a child together, Garcia has been a romantic interest of actress Andrea Celina. The two are often seen hanging out at parties and posting pictures of themselves together on social media. However, they haven’t formally announced their relationship. So, the question remains: Is Andrea Celina really Ryan Garcia wife?

Ryan Garcia wife has been involved with many women. One of his long-term relationships was with Catherine Gamez. She was the mother of his daughter, Rylie. However, the couple later divorced and separated after their daughter was born. This led to speculation that Garcia was dating someone else. The actress had known Garcia for a few years before he became romantically involved with her.

Garcia has three previous girlfriends. His first one was Catherine Gamez, who is the mother of his daughter Rylie. After the couple separated, Garcia began dating Drea Celina. In December of 2020, Drea Celina became his second baby mama. She gave birth to their second daughter, Bela, in December of 2020. Malu Trevejo is another woman whom Garcia is rumored to have dated. Recently, video surfaced of the two.

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