Rapid Enterprise Inc Stamps is It Scam or Legit?

What is Rapid Enterprise Inc Stamps

Rapid Enterprise Inc Stamps develops enterprise-class, cloud-based, technology-enabled products and services that help clients digitize paper-based processes. These services include rapid mail merge, electronic signature, distributed ledger-based provenance, and document recording.

This integrated technology platform also offers a robust business suite of services that improve productivity and efficiency and streamline information access for managers and workers.

Rapid’s IP and license-generated intellectual property (IP) is licensed in multiple countries, which allows the company to rapidly expand its reach worldwide. Rapid currently maintains offices in Parma, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Sydney, Australia.

Rapid Enterprise Inc/Stamps – Is it Scam or Legit?

Rapid Enterprises Inc/Stamps was incorporated back in 2002 and its website displays a website that states:

“Let’s run! It’s easy and fun to run a business. You are your company’s CEO, product designer, accountant, salesman, office manager and salesperson.”

One of the options the site offers to prospective entrepreneurs is to become an agent. What is an agent? According to the Rapid Enterprises Inc website, an agent can go into business for himself or herself as a sole trader and rent a small office, commercial premises or a home to operate the business.

This then involves purchasing, leasing or sublet premises, and converting them into a place to run the business. The entrepreneur then purchases or leases one or more products from Rapid Enterprises Inc and then distributes it to his or her customers. The agreement is usually for a fixed term, either for three months or one year.

The entrepreneur, however, does not receive any payment. If the business fails to perform well, the owner of the business is able to cancel the agreement and leave the premises with no further obligations.

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Rapid Enterprises Inc is not the only company that offers to put business owners in touch with other entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of these in the business opportunities section of Internet. Here are a few:

Rapid Enterprise Inc Stamps is It Scam or Legit?

Mini Express

Mini Express is a company that can help you build a successful online business. According to the company, it can connect you with successful entrepreneurs who have an idea for an ecommerce site and run successful online businesses.


GoEkiez is another company that offers to put business owners in touch with other entrepreneurs. GoEkiez claims that it can connect you with another entrepreneur and a business based on a common interest.

The company can help you buy or lease a commercial space and then operate a business out of it.


Postdirect is a company that helps you buy or lease space to operate a business. The idea is to lease or buy from a location where you can set up your business.

Rapid Enterprise Inc/Stamps, whose name is a double pun, is a team of 3 individuals that focus on building web, mobile and backend applications and are driving the business. A domain under which we are running our testing services is #2elms and that domain is currently running on AWS.


Rapid Enterprise Inc Stamps has received a lot of shares through various media articles because of its simplicity and the fact that it also does most of the things that Microsoft can do as well. When you are looking for a relatively unknown company with amazing prospects, RER Stamps is one of those that you should be following with a closer eye.

As they say, always follow your money, and make sure to check the legal actions that you will be taking. Thus, we recommend Rapid Enterprise Inc/Stamps as it is not a scam.

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