There are 4 Questions Based on the Same Puzzle

The same puzzle is presented in 4 different variations. In the first variant, the 4 people are seated in a row in front of a camera. The first person is X, while the second and final person are P and Ris. The first person sits to the left of the center person.

X Y Z P and Rare sitting in row in front of camera

You can tell if X Y Z P and Rare are sitting in front of the camera by their seating arrangements: X sits on the left of P, Y sits on the right of P, and R sits on the right of Z. Rare is second from P.

X is on the left of person sitting in the center

Two men are on the field. One is wearing a mask, and the other is running toward the mask. The catcher is not exactly at home plate, and the runner is trying to get home before the catcher gets to him. The catcher is Hal Lowery. The runner is Chris Riley. The man in the mask is on the corner. The other person in the picture is R.

R is second person from person sitting in center puzzle

In this riddle, R is the second person from the person sitting in the center of the puzzle. However, R can also face away from the center. To answer this riddle, you must first determine who the second person is. You can start by asking yourself who he is sitting next to.

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