Queenslandmax Is it Fake or Real for Watching Real-Time Video Content?

We live in an era where high-speed Internet is accessible, extremely fast, and free for most of us. With this comes the ability to download and watch videos, stream live TV, listen to music and even upload your content.

Once you have the proper devices and bandwidth to accommodate this new capability, you may be wondering if it’s possible to view live streaming content on the go, without paying a single cent. That is possible with QueenslandMax, an open-source TV tuner for ARM CPUs.


OpenTV for GNU/Linux is an open-source project for building a media center/multimedia PC, originally based on the KDE4. It is being developed for the i.MX, ARMv6, and ARMv7 processors and, after a recent reboot, we can now try QueenslandMax in a distribution like Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or even Arch Linux. 

QueenslandMax TV Tuner for GNU/Linux

QueenslandMax is a TV tuner and a media server and currently supports many basic multimedia services. It comes with a GUI installer to quickly install it onto a DVD drive, a configurable web interface for the remote control, as well as a WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi device to get rid of the need for a PTT button on your TV remote.

QueenslandMax is a fully functional Debian/Ubuntu compatible TV tuner with a wide range of options that make it a great product for power users, as well as a great way to gain free access to live TV and any videos or videos you upload to your cloud.

QueenslandMax Architecture

QueenslandMax has been designed for a wide range of devices. It can run from a single ARM9 to four ARMv7 cores. But the one and the only limitation is the host machine’s CPU. You will not be able to run QueenslandMax on a single core ARMv7 system with only 1 GB of RAM, and it won’t run on a dual-core system with 2 GB of RAM.


  • Ø Programmable logging interval, image readout, creation of custom log files
  • Ø CPU monitoring for several real-time tasks such as FPS counter, frame counter, CPU load
  • Ø Multiple ports for device management with full power management features
  • Ø The remote control supports various command-line interfaces and hardware-accelerated graphics to make the remote control a powerful service.
  • Ø Automatic power-off upon disconnecting from the device
  • Ø Live TV recording of most popular channels, covering over 90% of European HDTV
  • Ø Remote control comes with complete RIL software

Queenslandmax Is it Fake or Real for Watching Real-Time Video Content?

Software Development Kit (SDK)

SDK is the essential program for the development of third-party tools for QueenslandMax such as a file-system cleaner, the movie player, and a more advanced control system. There are no programs in the distribution that come with QML support.

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It would be possible to write QML programs that run on the device and control the settings, but that is an unnecessary complication and not to the advantage of the end-user.

Download and Install QueenslandMax on Your Ubuntu/Debian Linux System

QueenslandMax is available in a beta version, but it’s a live package. So, all you have to do is grab the source code and run the following commands to install it on a fresh Ubuntu/Debian Linux system:

sudo apt-get install mpm4 -y Sudo apt-get install qt-snd-base -y Sudo apt-get install qt-xfce4-dev -y Sudo apt-get install qt-WebKit-dev -y Sudo apt-get install qt-python-dev -y Sudo apt-get install qt-5.9 -y Sudo apt-get install qt-tiles-does -y Sudo apt-get install qt-translations -y Sudo apt-get install qt-utils –y

To test the live TV video recording of QueenslandMax, open the terminal and type:


You should see the video stream from the TV. If you are connected to the internet, you will see the video player (port 80). The default video quality is 720p (it’s also available in 640×480 and 640×480/1080p).

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To change the video quality of QueenslandMax, enter the following command in the terminal:

sudoku-qt_quality video

You will see that it will reduce the default quality, to 720p. That’s fine if you want to save some disk space. The rest of the options, like the frame rate, the resolution, and the channel number, can be changed later, using QueenslandMax’s GUI.

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