PUBG Mobile Livik Map

The PUBG Mobile Livik Map is a 40-player map that has a waterfall and a supply shop. This map has many things to offer players that make it a good place to start for new players. The minimap is also helpful in determining where nearby gunfire is coming from. Players can use this information to determine when it is safe to attack other players.

PUBG Mobile Livik map is a 40 member map

The Livik map is the first map specifically designed for the mobile version of PUBG Mobile. It measures two kilometers by two kilometers and supports up to 40 players in each match. It was designed to be fast-paced and allow players to finish matches within fifteen minutes. The map features several new landmarks, themes, and changes to the terrain. It also includes a waterfall that allows for unique interactions between players.

The Livik map includes a waterfall element, a new vehicle called a Monster Truck, and two new weapons. One of the new weapons is the P90, which is only available in Team Death Match, and the other is the MK12, a burst sniper rifle. This new map is sure to please players looking for a more realistic battlefield experience.

The Livik map is the smallest map in PUBG Mobile. It features interactive elements and is based on a Nordic environment. The map features interesting topographic features, and is designed specifically for mobile devices. The Livik map is expected to go live with the 0.19.0 update, but a specific date has not been confirmed.

The Livik map is designed for those players who are limited by time. At two kilometers by two kilometers, the map will allow up to 40 players to play simultaneously. The game’s map designers also added a volcano, hot spring, and waterfall to make the game more enjoyable and fast-paced.

The Livik map is currently exclusive to the mobile version of PUBG Mobile. Despite its exclusivity, the developers haven’t revealed a specific date for its release. If the developers are successful, it should hit other platforms soon. If it doesn’t, it’s a positive sign for the success of the mobile version of PUBG.

The Livik map will be available for PUBG Mobile beta players as part of the 0.19.0 update on 7 July. This is the first map to be specially designed for the mobile version of the game. The previous maps have all been adapted from the PC game. The new Livik map is a major addition to the game.

While the Livik map is the smallest in the game, it contains several interesting features. Its location is located in the Arctic and is home to waterfalls and hot springs. As a result, the map will allow for faster-paced matches. Livik has a total of four terrains with waterfalls.

It has a waterfall

The PUBG Mobile Livik Map is a beautiful new map that includes a waterfall, hot springs, and aqueduct. In addition, you’ll also find several new buildings and obstacles. The map also includes sniper areas and monster truck areas. The Livik map is based on the tileset from the game The Ascent/Descent. You’ll also encounter a boss with dual melee claw attacks and a new skill called Whirling Blades.

The waterfall is located in the South-East corner of the map. It features a secret place behind it where you can loot a lot of items and weapons. As a result, the waterfall can also serve as a good sniper location. This map has a lot of loot, including nearly every weapon in the Classic mode. Weapons found here include the DP-28, Scar-L, Mk12 (DMR), P90 (SMG), and more.

The Livik Map also has a hot spring, which is a good place for players to heal. This water will help you recover from a wound while replenishing your health. The hot spring is located in the northeast section of the map, opposite to the waterfall. It is one of the most popular spots in the game to heal and restore energy.

Another cool feature of the Livik map is a ruined church. This building is situated on a small island, and is full of man-made wonders. The ruins are a great place to loot, and you can even find AWM cutting tools nearby. This area is also relatively safe for landing.

Another unique feature of the Livik Map is the waterfall. It is a three-level waterfall that features a stream ski directly above it. Players can also ride stream skis down the waterfall. Besides the waterfall, the Livik map also has a shrouded region. If you get a chance to visit this unique location, you’ll be able to get some powerful loot for your team.

The Livik map is very small, with just 52 players, but that doesn’t make it any easier to play the game. The smaller map size means more players per area, but this means more difficulty for campers. Despite this, the Livik map is a nice place to get some loot, and you can also get Super Crates.

Livik is the newest map in the PUBG Mobile game. Located in the Nordic mountains, Livik offers a variety of unique interactions for teams. It also allows for some great surprise tactics. In addition, the new map has several exclusive items, weapons, and vehicles. Livik will be available to download tomorrow. It also features a new theme and several game tweaks. If you’re looking for a new way to play the game, the Livik map is an ideal option.

Another cool feature of the new map is the inclusion of a Monster Truck, which spawns at random locations. You’ll also find a waterfall. Livik also has new weapons, including the MK-12 and P90. These weapons are available in XT weapon upgrade packs, which will boost their performance and control. These weapons will also help you attract more enemies.

It has a supply shop

The Livik Map has a supply shop on it, and players can use it to upgrade weapons. This feature is new to the game, as the previous beta version did not have it. Previously, players had to rely on airdrops and crates to get XT variant firearms, which were not guaranteed. By using the Supply Shop, players will have easier access to the weapons they want.

PUBG Mobile players will be able to purchase a range of weapons and armor. They can also buy new items, such as XT Upgrade Crates, and use them to upgrade their weapons. The game also features new interaction zones that allow players to earn tokens. This feature will make the battles more exciting and give players more ways to get the items they need. In addition, the new Livik Map will have a new UTV vehicle that players can drive around.

Another addition to the Livik Map is the addition of a waterfall element. Another new vehicle is the Monster Truck. Players will also be able to find a supply shop on the map. They will also be able to purchase XT weapons, which are exclusive to the Livik map. They will also be able to find coins for the supply shop all over the map.

In addition to the supply shop, the Livik Map also has airdrops and recall towers. The Advanced Supply Zone will also appear near your flight path. Because of its high supply level, this zone will attract other players and lead to high-risk, high reward skirmishes. In addition, the Livik Map allows players to embark on treasure hunts, which will also help them gain more supplies. Moreover, players can mark crates on the mini map. They can also collect hidden berries that can restore their energy.

The PUBG Mobile Livik map also comes with a new vehicle and urban area. This map also comes with improved structures and graphics. It will be available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store. A new season will also be available soon. This update will also bring new weapons and vehicles to the game.

While the beta version of the Livik map is available now, the official version will be released in May 2020. Players will be able to enjoy this feature in Ranked Mode. Once released, the new map will include new buildings, alleys, and roads, as well as a large gate at the entrance.

Players can also earn new achievements in the game. These new rewards are given out after completing missions. There are also Livik-themed achievements to unlock. These achievements will be available on the Unranked Erangel, Ranked Livik, and Aftermath maps.

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