Profile – Abu Dhabi Based Music Platform With 70 Million Subscribers and 220 Million Dollars to Spare

In this article we will discous about profile dhabibased anghami 1.4Million 70Million 220Million. Profile is a company that is in the business of streaming music. It has a wide range of offerings. Some of these features include a IPO and a music library. The founders of the company are from both a tech and business background. They also have a vision for what the future holds for them.


Anghami is the latest high-flying tech startup to make its way to the Abu Dhabi skyline. With over 70 million registered users, 1.4 million paid subscribers, and the requisite capital, this music nirvana is well on its way to becoming the Arab world’s answer to Spotify. Currently, it serves the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The company is working with local labels to keep the music flowing and has negotiated licenses with major international labels. In the process, it has built a catalogue of songs from across the region.

While the Anghami is a relative newcomer to the music streaming space, its predecessors have a wealth of experience. For instance, one of the founders of Anghami, Ahmed Hamdan, was a founding member of UAE-based startup Ubisoft, which he helped turn into a billion-dollar company. Meanwhile, he is also an investor in Dubai-based startup company Fandoo. A few years after he stepped out of the spotlight, he joined the ranks of CEO and chairman of a UAE-based startup called Vistas Media Acquisition Company, which acquired Anghami.

Streaming service

The latest stats indicate that a music streaming service based in Abu Dhabi has a healthy 1.4 million paid subscribers and has a hefty 220 million dollars to spare. This makes Anghami the newest member of the nascent entertainment industry in the Gulf region. And while the company may be the poster child for ad supported free music streaming services, Anghami Labs is making a concerted effort to provide music lovers with a more intimate experience.

For starters, Anghami partnered with a number of notable local and international labels, such as Universal Music Middle East and Warner Music Middle East. It also negotiated the requisite licensing agreements. With the right ingredients, Anghami is well positioned to take on the likes of Spotify and Apple in the Middle East. To further its chances of becoming the next big thing, the company has enlisted a number of talented young players. These include founder and CEO and chairman of the board Khaled al-Saeed, chief executive of Anghami Labs Alistair Mulligan and Chief strategy officer Adam Adler.

Music library

Anghami, an app for mobile and desktop, is a music platform that has carved its niche in the Middle Eastern market. The service offers users the ability to stream content from around the world. It has been gaining popularity across the region and has an active user base of over 1.4 million.

Anghami’s reliance on a local user base and content is an important part of its strategy. This approach allows it to tap into a burgeoning regional artist community. In addition, the company has partnerships with major Middle Eastern labels. By using the service, these labels are able to reach new audiences, which in turn boosts their revenues. Besides these partnerships, the company also provides aspiring artists with a platform to make money and get their music out there.

The service has been heralded as a game-changer for the Middle Eastern music industry. Anghami’s technology helps ensure high-quality legal content is being streamed. Additionally, the company’s audio recognition technology can offer personalized recommendations for a user’s listening preferences. With Anghami, users can also create and share playlists with their friends.

Anghami has also developed a strong relationship with the local media. For example, Anghami’s partnership with Vistas Media Acquisition Company allows it to acquire music for its library. In addition, the company has 37 telco partners in the region. This allows Anghami to serve music to customers in many regions, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. Ultimately, Anghami hopes to expand the music repertoire in the region.

The company plans to launch an iOS and Android app in the near future and is targeting an $88 million revenue forecast in 2018. Eventually, Anghami could see its stock listed on the Nasdaq.


Anghami is a music streaming service in the Middle East that has 1.4 million paying subscribers. The company is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and serves customers across the region. It also serves Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Anghami provides users access to a wide variety of songs, including Arabic-language tracks.

Anghami has managed to grow its user base by appealing to consumers with a good user experience and a deep catalogue of songs. Originally, Anghami was a free-to-download service. After a successful launch, Anghami rolled out a paid subscription. Since then, Anghami has become one of the most popular music services in the Middle East. It has a library of 60 million songs. In addition, it has a database of artists and has negotiated licenses with major international labels.

Anghami’s success has given rise to a new era in the Middle Eastern music industry. Streaming services will continue to be a major driver in the industry for years to come. As a result, more and more people will have access to a variety of songs from a wide range of artists. This could open up the opportunity for more and more artists in the region to gain a larger audience, and this could lead to more and more innovative ideas for the music industry.

With a public offering, Anghami can expand its success. Not only can Anghami expand its customer base, but it can also benefit the artists in the region through marketing campaigns and technological advancements. A public offering also provides Anghami with a larger pool of capital to invest in its expansion. Thus, Anghami may be able to bring more and more innovative ideas to the music industry.

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