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New York-Based Start-Up Makes Splash on the Amazon Stage

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Acquco is an ecommerce company that focuses on acquiring and growing third-party sellers on Amazon. The company is based in New York-Based and was co-founded by two former Amazon employees, Raunak Nirmal and Wiley Zhang. Since its launch, Acquco has experienced a rapid revenue growth, reaching over $100 million in revenue in a single year. Its technology has helped to drive efficient scale and management. As of April 2021, Acquco’s market capitalization was $1.7 trillion.

In addition to its technology, Acquco has a unique operational edge. The firm has a track record of closing over $40 billion in M&A deals. They also offer flexible deal structures that give sellers a share of revenues and help them monetize their businesses. This allows sellers to exit their business, earn money and participate in the future growth of the brand.

Another unique feature of the company is its ability to close deals within 30 days. These deals are made possible by its proprietary algorithms that analyze thousands of criteria sets, including data inputs. Using these tools, Acquco helps Amazon sellers scale after the acquisition of their business. Acquco’s goal is to reach $500 million in revenue in 2022. With the support of its new funding, the company will continue to grow its portfolio of brands and acquire new companies, aiming to enter the hypergrowth space.

Acquco plans to use its new investment to build out its technology platform. It also plans to hire more employees. To that end, the company plans to introduce new tools to help brand managers manage their brands on Amazon. According to the company, consumer purchasing behavior has meaningfully shifted to online channels, allowing it to be the leading beneficiary of the ecommerce trend.

Investors in Acquco include Crossbeam, CoVenture and Singh Capital Partners. However, the company would not disclose its valuation. Rather, the company says the proceeds will be used to build out its technology platform and fund its aggressive growth plans New York-Based .

Acquco is backed by a number of leading investors, including Aman Bhutani, CEO of GoDaddy, and Ali Hamed, founder of CoVenture. Having recently closed $160 million in Series A funding, the company is preparing to expand its business with more capital. It plans to leverage its technology to accelerate the growth of its brand portfolio, and to enter the hypergrowth space with the new capital.

Seriesann azevedotechcrunch

A new New York-based startup is making waves in the Amazon third-party seller space. The aforementioned startup is Acquco, a three-man shop founded in 2010 by a former Amazon executive, Wiley Zhang, and a former coventurer, Raunak Nirmal. Although the startup has yet to reveal its valuation, it is backed by some of the best and brightest names in web and mobile development. Despite its early start, the company has already amassed over $100 million in revenue and is a mere 30 days away from helping some savvy business-minded individuals make a splash on the Amazon stage.

It may be too soon to tell if Acquco is on the path to making a splash, but judging by the success of fellow NYC-based startups like Zipcar and Lyft, the company has an excellent shot at becoming the next big thing in transportation and commerce. In addition to the many ventures in their pipeline, the aforementioned startup has also secured an impressive number of angel investors, including GoDaddy chief Aman Bhutan, Capital Accomplishments Managing Director Michael Polsky, and Amazon’s own Alexis Vultee.

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