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NORSTRAT, as the name suggests, is an organization that provides networking services to people and companies. It is based in New York, and its services focus on connecting people and companies with each other.


NORSTRAT is a consulting company that helps customers build an ideal foundation in Northern Canada. It is located in Ottawa and offers a number of services to clients from across the globe. Norstrat also works on federal initiatives and assists with next-level projects. Its headquarters are located within a few short steps from the national headquarters of ITK, which protects Inuit rights throughout Canada.

The company has a vast team of professionals, consultants, and experts. They work on telecommunications, social structures, housing, defence, and infrastructure. The company also has a special focus on innovation. It provides customers with the knowledge and expertise they need to build the ideal Northern infrastructure.

The company also offers a variety of packages for customers. The company customizes each package to fit their specific needs. NORSTRAT also provides quality assurance testing for mobile and web applications. It also offers security architecture support.

The company is also involved in major infrastructure projects funded by government. The firm’s investment schemes focus on telecommunications, housing, and transportation. Its team of professionals has helped build a number of major brands for clients.

Main purpose of Norstrat

Founded by former Canadian military personnel and government employees, Norstrat Consulting is a firm that provides strategic consulting services to businesses. It has gained extensive experience and has shaped some of the most well-known companies in the world.

Norstrat provides a wide variety of services for business, including strategic consulting, marketing, and crisis communication. Norstrat’s services can help new companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and established companies grow. The firm serves customers across Canada, the United States, and the western world.

Founded in 1988 by Lee Carson, Norstrat Consulting Inc was created to help clients integrate a variety of features into their business. Its focus is on marketing and public relations. The company’s expertise includes social media marketing, digital strategy, and crisis communication.

Norstrat Consulting Inc has a wide network of professionals, including former military personnel, government officials, and business experts. Its strategic advisors are available to help clients with brand development, coalition-building, and customer acquisition and retention strategies. It also offers community capacity-building consultancy for low-income non-profit organizations.

Norstrat Consulting Inc has an extensive history and has been a part of the Canadian and global business community for the past 30 years. Its services are tailored to meet the needs of its clients.

Major Focus of Norstrat

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was founded in 2010 with a mission to bring the Northern Strategy to life. It was founded by a group of former Canadian Armed Forces officers. They wanted to develop a collaborative relationship between private sector and government organizations to tackle issues in the northern regions of Canada.

The company specializes in a wide range of services, including digital marketing, public relations, market research, and strategic planning. The company is located in Ottawa, Canada, but also serves clients on a global scale. The firm’s primary focus is to help its customers develop a structure necessary for the growth of their business.

The firm is comprised of a number of experts with a wide variety of backgrounds. These include experts in marketing, public affairs, exploration, and corporate communication. The firm also provides crisis communication services and management of social media platforms.

NORSTRAT also works closely with military and government sectors. The company has been involved in several important events and projects, including the Victoria Strait Expedition, the search for missing Franklin ships, and the Arctic Circle Conference in Reykjavik.

Process Norstrat Uses for the Clients

Founded in Ottawa in 1992, Norstrat is a jack of all trades with an extensive suite of services including public relations, branding and digital marketing. They are also well positioned to help clients navigate the perils of the digital age. Norstrat uses cutting edge technology to ensure that their clients are able to do more with less.

The company has a unique Creative Briefing Centre that allows customers to modify their message before they even distribute it. They also have an impressive suite of services that cover the basics like social media marketing and digital marketing to more esoteric offerings like brand management, content marketing and analytics. Norstrat has also branched out into Europe and the United States. The company has also found a niche in the financial sector. Regardless of your industry, Norstrat has the skills and resources to help your business achieve its goals. It’s the right company to consult when you are looking to make a splash.

Norstrat’s list of notable clients includes the federal government, a handful of Canadian provincial governments, a number of nonprofits and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Norstrat is also a partner in a few of the more niche projects like Canada’s Northern strategy.

Norstrat Located and Where it Operates From?

Located in Canada, Norstrat Consulting is a strategic consultancy company that has offices across the country. It helps clients develop business strategies to achieve success. The company has been established by a group of business leaders, former Canadian armed forces personnel, and government bureaucrats. It has a multidisciplinary approach to developing projects, including strategic planning, market research analysis, and technology.

Norstrat works with clients to develop customized solutions for their needs. Whether the business is a large corporation or a small startup, Norstrat’s consultants work to assess their strengths and weaknesses and help the business develop a comprehensive plan for success. The company’s experts are trained in various areas, including geospatial data analysis, reputation management, and media relations.

Norstrat has worked on major projects, including the Radarsat Constellation Mission and maritime coastal defense vessels. It has also been involved in the implementation of the National Energy Act. The company has received over $200 million in Canadian government contracts.

Norstrat has an office in Ottawa, Ontario. Its main goal is to help businesses and organizations realize their full potential. They also provide advice on how to develop a strong brand. They have expertise in project management and media relations, and they are dedicated to helping businesses achieve success. They also provide a range of training programs.

Norstrat Priority

Founded by former Canadian military personnel, Norstrat is a strategic consulting firm that focuses on northern strategy. The company is known for its innovative operational strategies, which have been successful in a variety of projects. Norstrat’s main objective is to help businesses achieve their objectives. Whether you’re a small startup or a large company, Norstrat can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Among the company’s various services are research & intelligence services, campaign consulting, business coaching, paid media planning, social media management, and more. The company’s headquarters are located in Ottawa, but Norstrat has offices across the United States and Europe. It also provides flexible office space and professional meeting rooms.

Norstrat’s task management system is a great tool for reducing distractions and boosting productivity. The program is easy to use and includes features such as priority ratings, automated notifications, and the ability to track progress.

Norstrat has worked with companies as diverse as the World Bank Group and The Walt Disney Company. The company also provides consulting services to military and government organizations.

How Much Networking Partners Does Norstrat Has?

Despite the fact that it is located in the land of the free, Norstrat is a large and complex organization. This triumvirate of human and machine churns out a dazzling array of products and services in the communications, information technology and healthcare industries. The name Norstrat might not be well known in the United States, but in Canada, it is a household name.

One of its most notable contributions to the national lexicon is the acronym Norstrat. This snazzy nameplate is the brainchild of Lee Carson, a prominent consultant with the Department of National Resources of Canada. Carson was not alone in his efforts, as Norstrat is bolstered by some of the country’s best minds in the business. Some of Norstrat’s more storied projects include the Maritime coastal defense vessel and the Radarsat II constellation.

The company’s training and consulting services include everything from strategic communications and information technology to healthcare and logistics. Norstrat is also home to the country’s largest telecommunications carrier, which boasts a whopping 40, 000 employees. To bolster their remit, Norstrat has recruited students from some of Canada’s most prestigious universities.

Norstrat’s Expertise in This Area

NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated was founded by a group of former Canadian Armed Forces and government officials with the intention of putting the Northern Strategy into practice. The company serves a wide variety of clients, including Fortune 100 companies and early stage startups. The firm’s advisers are on the cutting edge of the latest products, services, and trends, and they help their clients solve complicated challenges.

The company is based in Ottawa, Canada. It has a research tank that contracts with corporate companies, as well as with government projects. The experts in the research tank are able to help its clients overcome challenges and achieve success.

Norstrat provides a range of business solutions, including marketing and communication services. They can also help with brand development and customer retention strategies. The firm’s consultants can help businesses with new technologies, social media management, and campaign preparation. They can also provide market research analytical tools.

In addition to their services, the firm provides training programs for businesses of all sizes. The firm works with clients to determine their needs and then tailors solutions to fit them. Whether the company is a small start-up or a multinational corporation, the firm’s services can help them grow and succeed.

NORSTRAT Consulting

NORSTRAT provides a broad range of project management, engineering and consulting services to the energy industry. These include focused capital project expertise, business growth consulting and subject matter objectives.

Subject Matter Objectives

Founded in 1988 by a former aerospace industry executive, Norstrat is a Canadian company that offers a wide range of consulting services to help businesses grow and prosper. From marketing and branding to advising businesses on the best ways to improve their performance, it offers a suite of services to help companies of all sizes achieve their goals.

The company boasts of some pretty big fish, with clients including Fortune 100 companies and early stage startups. The company offers services to the consumer goods, financial, media, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. The company has received some pretty impressive contracts, including a hefty $200 million in Canadian government contracts.

As the name suggests, it is a consulting company, but it also offers a slew of marketing and business services, including social media management and campaign consulting. It has been around for a little over a decade and its employees have a slew of hands on experience in developing advances.

The company’s main focuses are on helping clients achieve their business objectives. It offers services such as change management, strategic business development process training, and campaign consulting. The company also helps businesses design and develop their product lines. Its offerings include social media management and marketing, as well as office administration and transportation services. Its list of clients includes Charles Schwab & Co.

Northern System Building Objectives

Several infrastructure projects are needed to develop and enhance the north. These projects include railways, highways, airports, water systems and power plants. They all require expert bidding and managing to ensure that the project is completed successfully.

One of the best ways to improve the infrastructure in the north is by sharing domain information. This can be accomplished through the use of Objective Build forms, which have been used by almost 25 councils in New Zealand. These forms are pre-filled with data about the most important improvements that can be made and the time it will take to complete each of them.

The Radarsat Constellation Mission is a great example of this. It offers strategic support for the Northern Strategy campaign. The mission also offers advice on procurement and closing strategies.

The IDIAS Ocean Ice Mapping System is another example. It is a device that was developed by Norstrat. It has been proven to be a successful project. The BAPS Iceberg Tracking System is another good example.

There are many different consulting companies that can help you with a Northern Strategy campaign. Some of the better ones include Norstrat Consulting Inc., Norstrat Group, and Carson Consulting Services. These firms can help you with strategies, procurement, and even with housing.

Business Growth Expertise

NORSTRAT Business Growth Expertise is a company that enables businesses to achieve the desired results. They provide comprehensive consulting services and solutions for small to large enterprises. They offer services to various industries, including marketing, technology, and health care. They also offer training programs and leadership programs. The programs are designed to develop the soft skills of trainees and keep them up-to-date on developments in the field.

The company was founded by Lee Carson, a member of the Aerospace and Defense community in Canada. He has a wealth of experience in communications. He has also worked as a principal consultant with the Department of National Resources. He has helped to protect over $200 million in Canada-based government contracts.

Norstrat is a leading provider of business growth and consulting services. They work closely with clients to provide results. They also help clients to develop strategic marketing plans and online platforms. They also offer leadership programs, training programs, and marketing solutions workshops.

Norstrat consultants are highly experienced in industry. They have an extensive client base and a proven track record. They are always open to new ideas and offer solutions to complex challenges. They are also highly rated by their clients. They can help you develop your business and become a respected brand. They can also help you develop ethical business culture.

Project Management Expertise

NORSTRAT Project Management Expertise is a consulting company that provides a wide variety of services to business clients. It helps them to stay on top of the competition. It also works to ensure that clients get the best service possible. Norstrat has a team of experts with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. They can provide advice to any company, large or small, on how to improve their operations. Norstrat consultants can help organizations develop positive brands, acquire new customers, and improve their retention rates.

Norstrat is an organization that has been serving businesses for 30 years. They are a Canadian-based company that is dedicated to helping businesses improve their strategies, gain new customers, and become a respected brand. They specialize in public relations, marketing, and campaign strategies. They work with clients to understand their needs and develop a plan to meet them.

In the past, Norstrat worked on major projects such as the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel, Radarsat II, and the PolarSat Mission. They also provide services in technology, digital marketing, and corporate planning. The company works with clients to create an online presence and helps them to develop strategies for success in the global marketplace.

Norstrat offers training programs for businesses of all sizes. These programs help trainees to become more knowledgeable about their fields, improve soft skills, and develop a successful career.

Focused Capital Project Expertise

NORSTRAT is a consulting firm that boasts a number of specialized services. This includes a high-level training program. Besides, the firm serves clients across the globe.

The company specializes in providing information on offshore gas and oil exploration. It also facilitates effective communication with clients. The company also offers risk management assistance. The firm aims to help businesses grow and realize their full potential. The company uses a variety of technology to solve complicated problems. The firm’s headquarters is located in Ottawa, a capital city that serves as a major air link between northern and southern regions of the country.

The company also has an impressive number of employees. These include former military officials and private companies. It also serves as a liaison between law enforcement officials and private companies. Norstrat has also consulted on several innovative projects, like the Radarsat Constellation Mission and MCOIN III Recognized Maritime Photo System.

Norstrat has a reputation for delivering the right strategy to the right client. For instance, the firm offers high-level training services and a range of coaching programs. The company also provides social media monitoring and digital marketing solutions. The firm also serves as a supervisory jurisdiction. Norstrat has also completed federal government contracts.

What Services Does Norstrat Offer?

Founded in 2010 by a group of former Canadian Armed Forces veterans, Norstrat is an integrated communications and consulting firm. It provides a variety of services, including digital marketing, public relations, identity design, branding strategy and social media optimization. It serves customers throughout Canada and North America.

Norstrat’s main focus is to help clients build a northern structure that will facilitate their business success. It has a comprehensive set of services, all tailored to the needs of its clients. Norstrat also provides a variety of training programs.

The firm has a unique Creative Briefing Center, which allows clients to create and modify their messaging before distributing it to its key partners. It also has a team of experts in a variety of fields, including government relations, campaign planning, customer retention strategies and market research.

Norstrat has a strong record of success, with many satisfied clients, including some of the world’s most renowned businesses. Norstrat also has a reputation for developing innovative technologies. It is also a prominent player in the Arctic. Norstrat has extensive links to military and government agencies. In addition, it has worked with many start-up businesses and Fortune 500 companies. It has also been involved in numerous projects, including the Arctic Framework, which was developed by the Canadian government in 2009.

The Arctic Framework addresses issues such as climate change, sovereignty and economic development. It also highlights some of the unique opportunities and challenges of Canada’s north.


NORSTRAT Consulting is a company that helps customers in a variety of ways. It offers services that include strategy, digital strategy, and marketing. It has helped many companies to grow and to develop a strong brand. It has also been known for helping companies develop new strategies to help them improve their businesses.

The company was established by a group of former Canadian armed forces and military personnel. It was created in order to assist the private sector in implementing the Northern Strategy. The goal is to develop a developed country, and Norstrat helps clients develop and implement that strategy.

Norstrat is also known for its expert advisers. These advisers are known for helping businesses with marketing strategies, and also for helping to make decisions for companies. They are experts in a variety of fields, including intelligence services, government relations, marketing strategies, and public affairs. They are also well-known for helping to apply the Canadian Northern Strategy to businesses.

The company is also known for its ability to create innovative technology and underwater search systems. It also has a system that can help businesses monitor their competition. It can also provide an online police force. It can also help businesses with medical administrations and pharmaceuticals.

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