Norstrat Consulting Inc Review- Building on the Northern Strategy

Introduction: Norstrat Consulting Inc

Norstrat Consulting Inc is a multi-disciplinary consulting company that was set up in 2011 by Edward Wild, his wife Kate and John Callen. They are London-based consultants and it is probably fair to say that it is a client-focused company. Nordstrom was an employer of Matt Canavan, the New South Wales (NSW) MP who stood down from the NSW Legislative Council in March 2015, before the election.

Nordstrom was also employed by Mr. Callen, who sat on the Senate Electoral Matters

committee. This committee investigated electoral spending at the 2013 federal election. The committee reported back in July 2014 and it was then referred to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs for consideration. But perhaps Norstrat does more than this, as Mr. Wild spoke at the 2016 Liberal Party conference, and also has his finger in the pie of Liberal Party property developments in Queensland.

Nordstrom – Is It Fake or Real?

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It seems that Norstrat Consulting is pretty fired up on this issue and we had to ask the question as to whether it is a firm that is ‘fake or real’. After all, a fictitious firm could do more than just use those five words to refer to its work and ‘fake’ does not even begin to cover the questions that Norstrat may be attempting to pose.

Norstrat Consulting Inc Review- Building on the Northern Strategy

Nordstrom Statement About Their Company

Our website is up-to-date and accurate. Our website was not created by our office. It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. If anyone is confused by our website, our website was created by a company called DOA and is solely responsible for the content on the site, which includes the statements about ‘FAKE FACTORS’ that we quote in the report.

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If any of our customers make such a suggestion, it will be publicly rubbished by Nordstrom. Nordstrom has never referred to a corrupt process as being common words. Nordstrom has referred to this type of expression only at the very outset of the investigation about the Electoral Reform, which is our report. Therefore, in using such words, it was referring to the work of the Electoral Reform Committee. We think that our work is fact-based and we don’t try to spin or lie about anything.

Nostra Website Claims

The Nordstrom website also claimed that the company was established in 1995 and conducted public and private sector investigations and audits. The site said that Norstrat held membership of the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

They also said that they had been referred to the Victorian Crime Commission and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on several occasions about several investigations. The site referred to 2012 whitepaper called ‘Electoral Reform: Good, Fair, Effective?’, which said:

If we cannot guarantee and cannot prove that the political process is working effectively and fairly, we cannot ensure a fair outcome and the fair participation of all of our citizens, and the future viability of our democracy. At the time of writing, the Nordstrom website claimed that the firm was based in Victoria and that it had offices in the United States, UK, and Japan. A search of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) for the company’s ticker returned nothing.

Nordstrom Acknowledgements

Nordstrom acknowledged its links with the committee by saying that the chief executive had consulted with the committee before setting up the company. However, the firm did not explain why the company was unaware of the committee’s role and past investigations before it started working with them. Nordstrom claimed that the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) confirmed that the company was not required to provide access to the company’s confidential files. The AEC responded that it did not have this information.

The AEC refused to release information requested by the Senate committee, which included a breakdown of its dealings with Nordstrom. This was later upheld by the Victorian Electoral Commissioner Simon McInnes. McInnes was asked about Nordstrom’s proposal in March by Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.

The Nordstrom investigation

The Victorian Electoral Commission stated in response to our questions. The statement said that the investigation started in November last year when the commission received a complaint about the nature of the relationship between Norstrat and the committee. This was the first time the commission was aware of Norstrat’s work for the committee. The commission’s integrity service started an investigation into Norstrat in November.

It was expected to be completed by March 2015. It proves that Norstrat is not a fake company but the few complaints and negative reviews need to be noticed as the working of the company are not satisfactory.

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