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The founder of the No-Nonsense Beauty Blog is Deb Schachter, a New York native. After graduating with a journalism degree from NYU, she spent time in medical research at the National Cancer Institute and NYU School of Medicine, where she worked as part of a team studying the connection between Retin A and aging. Deb founded the blog in 2010 and is married to Mount Sinai pulmonologist Neil Schachter. She enjoys vintage furniture and flea markets, as well as spending time refinishing vintage items.

Her site is a health and No-Nonsense Beauty Blog

Amelia Liana is an influential London-based beauty blogger. She created her site at the age of twenty-one and has worked as a beauty editor at Cosmopolitan and Suitcase magazine. Her health and beauty blog includes natural skincare routines and recipes, eco-beauty lifestyle tips, and articles on natural treatments, holistic beauty, and natural wellness. You can find the most up-to-date beauty information on her site.

Christine Kim is a Pediatric Critical Care Physician and mother. Her health and No-Nonsense Beauty Blog is full of informative and relatable content aimed at busy women, including those with acne. She also reviews cosmetics and skincare products. Her site includes product reviews and sartorial experiments. She also covers lifestyle trends and other health issues. She is also known for her online beauty store. She has many popular products from leading brands.

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