Mov Or Mp4? Which One will You Use?

Whether you are a professional video creator or editing videos is your hobby, you must have come across MOV and MP4. These are two of the most popular video formats, and even the best video creators and editors find themselves in a fix when choosing a format.

Here’s what you need to know to help you make an informed decision.

What are MP4 and MOV?

  • MP4

MP4 is a multimedia file storage format that works with a wide range of devices. In addition, the format is used for storing videos.

It is a digital container file containing compressed video data and other necessary data required to play the video. MP4 files are compressed, and hence, they are smaller in size compared to other video file formats.

Within MP4 files, the video content is encoded with MPEG-4.

  • MOV

MOV is a digital container file for storing videos and other multimedia. The format is developed by Apple, and it works best with Apple’s QuickTime Player.

MOV videos are encoded with the MPEG-4 codec.

If you need to convert the MOV files, you can use a MOV to MP4 converter Mac.

How are the Two Video Formats Different?

The MOV format is developed by Apple. When edited videos are exported from Apple’s Final Cut, the videos are saved in MOV format. If you are using Final Cut, MOV is the highest quality format you can use, and there are several ways to set up the export according to your specific needs. However, the MOV files are saved in the highest resolution of the project, and hence, the files are typically large. Therefore, these large files are not suited for the Internet or platforms where small file size is essential. Also, MOV files are played best with QuickTime Player.

On the other hand, the MP4 format is widely used, and it is compatible with most devices. If you want to use the video file on the Internet and upload it on Vimeo, TikTok, or YouTube, you can compress the file and upload it. This video format is highly compressed, and the file sizes are small. But even though the file size is the smallest, the quality is not compromised. Due to MP4’s flexibility and high quality, this video format is the standard for several video creators and editors for distributing their projects.

Which Platforms Support MOV?

MOV files are compatible with Windows and macOS. Additionally, these files are compatible with DVD players and Sony PSP. You can view these files on your iPads and iPhones, along with Windows Media Player, VideoStudio, etc.

However, Android does not support QuickTime videos by default. Therefore, if you want to play MOV files, you must install a specific video player.

Also, there are several online platforms that do not support MOV files and prefer MP4 files. In that case, you will have to convert your MOV files and then upload them to the platform.

Which Platforms Support MP4?

MP4 is a widely used video format, and almost all video players and platforms support this video file type. For example, you can play MP4 files on Apple QuickTime Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Microsoft Movies & TV, VLC media player, etc.

Also, most online platforms, like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and more, prefer MP4 files because these files are smaller and do not compromise quality.

Which Format Should You Use?

The answer is not as simple as saying to use MP4 or MOV format. The video file type you choose will depend on your specific requirements and the device you use to create the video.

MOV files are quite similar to MP4 files, but they do have their differences. They are both lossy compression formats, meaning parts of the file can be trimmed to get a smaller file size. This is the primary reason why these formats are the preferred ones when it comes to distributing videos online.

By comparison, the MP4 video file type is much more commonly used than the MOV video file type. This is because the former is compatible with a wide range of hardware devices and software. Also, most platforms prefer this video format.

Moreover, the MP4 format is much smaller in size compared to the MOV format.

To sum up, the choice of video format depends on your specific project and where you want to upload your video. It would be best if you went through the format compatibility and recommendations of the particular format. However, you can create MOV files and then convert them to MP4 according to the platform’s needs. The same can be done with MP4 files.


MOV and MP4 video formats are popularly used by video producers and editors. However, the choice depends entirely on your specific needs, including the platform and device you have selected for your videos.

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