Mountains Are Calling: Time To Test Your Endurance With Best Treks

The famous line starting with “The mountains are calling, and I must go…” is still ruling the heart of every adventure lover. Somehow we can still feel the intensity, determination, and passion for mountains in the words of John Muir, well known as John of the Mountains. 

There is nothing more exciting than trekking in the mountains for naturalists and trek lovers. Almost all adventure lovers want to live the life of John Muir and nothing short of that. It’s not easy, but there is something in the mountains.

Some of us trust in mountains like god exists in there. There is nothing more scenic and more natural than mountains, and thus traveling to mountains and trekking through the enchanting ways can be a real adventure for us. 

Are you ready to explore the world of mountains with us?

Well, if you are dreaming of becoming a mountaineer, then you should have endurance in you as well. And also, make sure that you have downloaded all the travel-related information and Ebooks from here

Best Treks In The World To Taste The Scenic Joy Of Mountain Experience

Are you the man who sees purpose and responsibility in mountain takings? 

Let’s find out the best treks to ensure natural beauty with sturdy, strong mountains. 

1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

If you want to experience the best trip of your life, you will have to complete this round trip of 80 miles by continuing for 12 consecutive days. The world’s tallest mountain is waiting for you, and this is for everyone who has moderate strength and experience.

There will be nothing more exciting than tasting the beauty of Everest once. Through the rivers, Buddhist monasteries, and Sherpa villages, you will continue to climb around the mesmerizing Everest by reaching 5,500m. 

2. The Haute Route, France-Switzerland

If you want a hut-to-hut trail in the Alps, it’s the destination for you. Summer is calling you to climb through the mountains, and the Swiss and French Alps are ready to greet you. 

A summer hike with outstanding scenery and lots of fun can be The Haute Route. Switzerland is a little country to offer you the biggest trek. You will never know what you are going to archive while lost in the Alps. You will experience 11 mountains, ranging from 21,000m to 28,000m.

This is the most flexible trek as it has 13 different routes that you can consider your choice. 

3. Gr20, France

It is, and it is the toughest when you are in Europe. We know what is tough in Europe, especially in France. That is the craze of Football and the speed of Mbappe. Now it’s time to experience GR20. 

The work is going to be hard and is not for all. But if you have the endurance, you are going to enjoy every minute of this long and hard trek. Well, you are going to see the beauty of the mountains, but you will also have to face the heat of the summer sun for almost two weeks. 

This is going to be a real challenge for you in the backbone of Corsica. Sunny mountains are uncommon and thus worth trekking.  

4. Routeburn, New Zealand

If you want a complete pack of entertainment, you are probably searching for Routeburn. Fiordland National Park is where you are destined, and through the jungles and valleys, you will experience the unique beauty of jaw-dropping, soaring mountains.

It’s a short trek as well, which will take four days at most to give you the ultimate experience of a mixed mountain package. If you are planning to travel here, go between November and April so that you can get better facilities. 

5. Snowman Trek, Bhutan

Now you are entering between Bhutan and Tibet to ensure another challenging global trail. Where the challenge is tough, their snow will greet you with its greatest white. This extended trial will take you from Laya to the beauty of the Himalayas. 

The route can be heaven for the peace founders as you will find grueling places with total isolation. The usual world will be a distant memory for you on this trek. So, get ready to get the mountain view while sighting snow leopards. 

Start Planning For Your Trek Today.

If you want to be a mountaineer or a random trekker, a plan is necessary for all. Start planning for your next mountain trek by considering one of the above to give you an experience of an enchanting trail. 

It’s time to listen to the silence of the mountains with mesmerizing views.

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