Best HIPAA Compliant Messaging Software and Apps 2022

Messagenius, JustCall, SnapEngage, Halo Health, and other HIPAA-compliant messaging software are some of the best options on the market. These messaging software help protect sensitive health information while in transit. Since text messaging is an unencrypted form of communication, it is easy for anyone to intercept a message. To make things safer, HIPAA-compliant messaging software protects sensitive data during all stages of transmission.


Messagenius is a white-label messaging platform designed for healthcare organizations. This app allows doctors to communicate via instant messaging, alerts, voice messages, files, and more. The app also has features to determine the severity of an emergency and track which employees have read messages. It also supports encryption of all messages, including HIPAA-compliant ones. It also has admin capabilities and integrates with various enterprise tools, including intranets, databases, and directory systems.

Messagenius can be installed on proprietary servers of your business, on-premises, or in a private cloud, ensuring full ownership of data. With this level of encryption, your conversations are secure and Messagenius is not able to read them. Messagenius also allows you to activate various levels of encryption for enhanced security. This feature enables you to control the level of encryption for each conversation, which is essential for protecting sensitive information.

Messagenius’s HIPAA-compliant messaging system is ideal for healthcare organizations with sensitive patient information. The software enables multiple parties to collaborate on a patient’s care, reducing costs and increasing productivity. You can also integrate this platform with your corporate directory and manage accessibility settings. Its automated audit logs allow you to quickly and easily conduct risk management analysis. These features also ensure compliance with HIPAA standards and help you avoid penalties for non-compliance.


If you’re in the medical field and looking for a HIPAA-compliant messaging software solution, look no further than JustCall. This HIPAA-compliant messaging software provider is a complete contact center for healthcare professionals and has implemented relevant security measures to keep your PHI private. Its highly secure data centers and a suite of safety features enable secure clinical systems phone calls. Similarly, Klara is another popular HIPAA-compliant messaging software app that caters to the needs of healthcare professionals.

JustCall HIPAA-compliant messaging features include voicemail scripts that are compliant with HIPAA regulations. The software also incorporates encryption and access controls, which protect sensitive patient information. This is essential for avoiding security breaches and building trust with your customers. To learn more about JustCall HIPAA compliance, check out our free webinar. It’s also easy to get started today! And don’t forget about the free demo! JustCall is available to medical practice owners, too!

JustCall HIPAA-compliant messaging apps offer a secure alternative to text messaging. Secure messaging software enables multiple parties to collaborate on patient care. These apps streamline workflows, increase productivity, and reduce costs. And you can use just about any device to send messages to patients. HIPAA-compliant messaging software also includes read receipts and delivery confirmation. These benefits are only the beginning! Try it for yourself today and see how secure messaging apps can improve the standard of patient care.


SnapEngage is a HIPAA-compliant messaging software solution that allows your patients to send you texts with questions, schedule appointments, and update information. It can save you money on waiting room time and front-office procedures by eliminating communication barriers. Younger target groups will find that it is easier to reach you and your staff via text. This feature improves staff efficiency and patient satisfaction by making it easier for both parties to stay in touch and stay informed.

Trillian is another HIPAA-compliant messaging platform that has developed its messaging platform with HIPAA in mind. Unlike other software, it allows you to use private chats or team chats. Messages can be sent in private or group settings, and the platform shows read receipts for sensitive information. Notify also offers services for automating certification expiration alerts and checking documents for validity.

Another feature of SnapEngage is SMS-to-Chat. This feature lets visitors interact with agents using SMS text messages. You can choose specific phone numbers from the Admin Dashboard and the agents can use them to communicate with customers the same way as they would in any other chat. This feature also enables them to collect confidential information, such as social security numbers, credit cards, and notes. This feature ensures the security of your sensitive information.

Halo Health

Halo Health is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant messaging software provider. Founded by Halo Clinician, it is one of the first applications of its kind in the healthcare industry. Recently acquired by Symplr, it has grown its portfolio to encompass a wide range of applications for health care operations. With a single, unified mobile messaging platform, it enables physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to communicate and share patient information on the go. Other features include on-call scheduling, instant routing of critical data, analytics, and a unified mobile platform.

The cloud-based system is hosted on Amazon Web Services and allows healthcare providers to send and receive PHI-related messages, thereby reducing the risk of compromising patient privacy. The software offers features such as auto-forwarding with sender notification, “safe text,” and message status notifications. Users can start new communication threads or continue an older text-messaging thread when the intended recipient is unavailable. It also allows users to integrate patient health information. To get a free trial, you will have to request a price quote.

The software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and supports both internal and external communications. Halo Health offers HIPAA-compliant chatbots and secures SMS messaging. Healthcare providers can use it from any location with an internet connection. The security of the messages is important because they cannot disappear automatically. Furthermore, HIPAA-secured messages are not programmed to disappear. The application creates a secure tunnel between two devices.


If you’re looking for reliable and affordable HIPAA-compliant messaging software, look no further than QliqSoft. Its secure messaging app is easy to use, and QliqSoft offers free training as well. Healthcare organizations are the primary users of QliqSoft, and its features include integration with EMRs. Additionally, QliqSoft’s desktop messaging software lets you send and receive messages right from your computer. There are three levels of HIPAA compliance. Those in the Business and Enterprise levels will only need to sign a Business Associate Agreement.

For healthcare organizations, QliqSoft HIPAA compendial software can help them achieve regulatory compliance and streamline workflow. It also enables multiple parties to collaborate on patient care, reducing costs and increasing productivity. A secure messaging platform enables secure images to be sent and received, allowing physicians and patients to connect in real-time. Ultimately, this technology can help healthcare providers improve patient care by minimizing readmissions, and by allowing them to engage with each other in a way they never could before.

The QliqSoft HIPAA-compliant messaging software is available in different pricing plans. The Business Plan starts at $6 per month for 10 users and includes advanced security features. Enterprise Plans have advanced security features and include group management, multiple devices per user, and custom integration with applications. QliqSoft has both desktop and mobile apps, making it ideal for larger organizations. This HIPAA-compliant messaging software also comes with a Business Associate Agreement, which protects your privacy.


Did you know that Twilio is HIPAA-compliant messaging software? In case you are wondering how this can help you, Twilio’s new HIPAA-compliant products and services will help you do just that. First, you must establish Twilio as a business associate of a covered entity. Under HIPAA, this requires signing a business associate agreement with the service provider.

It’s important to note that while it is difficult to find HIPAA-compliant messaging software for healthcare providers, Twilio is different. By using its messaging APIs, healthcare providers can develop applications that support secure texting. In addition to secure messaging, Twilio also supports two-factor authentication for user logins, media sharing, and @mentions within the chat. In addition to these features, Twilio’s cost starts at $399/month for five thousand chats. Its scalable infrastructure and HIPAA-compliance messaging capabilities make it an affordable solution.

Healthcare providers and other covered entities may use HIPAA-compliant messaging software to help them manage their patient’s health information. The secure messaging software is integrated with a corporate directory, allowing administrators to control access settings and allow authorized users to find one another. Additionally, the service provides automatic audit logs, which help accelerate risk management analyses and ensure HIPAA compliance. The most important benefit of HIPAA-compliant messaging software is its ability to make it easy for healthcare providers to implement HIPAA-compliant policies.

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