Matillion raises $100 million to help enterprises accelerate cloud data integration

Matillion Secures $100 Million Investment From Brian VentureBeats

Matillion, a company whose ELT platform for enterprise sports data combines cloud-native capabilities with ease-of-use, has received a major investment from BRIAN VENTUREBEATS, the venture firm of former Triathlon World Champion and world-renowned Ironman triathlete Brian Murphy. The news comes less than two years after the sports data firm raised $35 million in funding. Now, with its new investment, Matillion is looking to continue to grow its presence in the global sports data market.

BRIAN VENTUREBEATS invests in matillion

Matillion, a cloud-based ETL and data integration provider, has recently raised a $100 million round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Battery Ventures. It has also secured investment from Scale Venture Partners and Silicon Valley Bank’s UK branch.

Matillion is a platform that helps large enterprises move faster with their data. Currently, the company serves over 500 enterprise clients, including Novartis and Amazon.

The company has offices in Seattle, Denver, New York, Israel, and China. Its platform is written with a “low-code” approach, making it easy for non-technical users to source and analyze data. Moreover, the company has a wide range of enterprise-grade features, such as visual tools, data-aware security, and repeatable processes.

The company’s mainstay is a cloud-native ELT, which takes data from a variety of sources. Presented in structured format, the solution enables large enterprises to quickly and efficiently transform raw data into value. This helps reduce the cost of data transfer, and helps customers to easily integrate and analyze information from various sources.

While the Matillion solution may not be for everyone, it does have its place among the ETL providers. In fact, the company has gained a reputation for being the best in the business. For example, Matillion’s low-code interfaces have helped companies in a variety of industries move data more efficiently. As more and more companies are adopting cloud-based data warehouses and analytics, Matillion is seeing an opportunity to help.

Matillion’s big data platform enables companies to interact with, build applications, and visualize data. The software can identify the best sources of information, so companies can get the most out of their data. And it can detect and remove anomalies.

With the Matillion funding, the company expects to double in size by 2021. As it expands its go-to-market efforts, it will be able to meet the growing demand for cloud data integration. During the next few years, the company plans to add more than 400 employees.

While a $100 million round isn’t enough to make Matillion a unicorn, it will fuel the company’s growth. Moreover, its solution is built to solve the cloud data integration needs of large enterprises.

Matillion’s cloud-native ELT makes it easy for non-technical users to access data

Matillion is a cloud-native data integration platform that helps organizations to easily and quickly transform raw data into business-ready information. The platform combines data exploration, ETL, and analytics in a single tool. It offers 100+ ELT templates and connectors out of the box, and allows teams to create new custom data connectors without writing a single line of code.

Matillion offers flexible consumption-based pricing and an automated scale-up capability. This enables users to refresh their data pipelines at any interval that suits their needs. Users can also receive alerts if data pipeline processes fail.

Matillion’s ability to ingest data from any source and then perform a range of transformations in a unified, scalable fashion is key to its success. Matillion is built on native integrations to leading cloud data platforms. Unlike traditional ETL tools, however, it can’t connect to on-premises data sources. Therefore, it is best suited for smaller organizations and those that do not have a large number of data sources.

Matillion’s ability to slash deployment time by 75% is another key benefit. It also offers automated pipeline setup and performance management, as well as disaster recovery support.

Matillion’s cloud-native capabilities help organizations of all sizes achieve more data innovation. They are especially useful for teams that are looking to leverage the power of cloud-based data warehouses. Whether a company is implementing a cloud data warehouse, or wants to modernize its existing on-premises data lake, Matillion can help.

Matillion’s flexibility can allow companies to take advantage of unlimited scalability of their cloud data warehouses. The platform can help to reduce development times for new use cases, as well as extend existing data analytics platforms.

While Matillion’s ELT and cloud-native capabilities are beneficial, it may not be the right choice for every organization. If your team needs advanced error handling, on-premise support, or a broader range of functionality, you might want to check out another tool.

Another alternative is Fivetran. With over 50 pre-built data models and fully managed connectors, you can move large volumes of data with minimal impact. However, it does have a learning curve.

Matillion’s latest round of funding comes less than two years after it raised $35 million

Matillion, a big data integration company, has just raised a new round of funding. The latest round comes less than two years after the startup secured $35 million in funding. It is valued at more than $1 billion, and has attracted more than 500 clients worldwide.

The company’s software is built to bring order to a variety of data sources. Whether you are building a content marketing platform or a media company, Matillion can help you get your information organized and ready to be used. You can also use the software to power AI-powered analytics and visualizations.

Matillion’s software is built to make it easier for non-technical users to extract and organize data. That means no programming or data-science experience is required. This allows for faster time to value.

The company has been successful in bringing cloud-native data integration to companies of all sizes. Its software has been used by more than 500 companies across 40 countries. For example, the company’s software is a key solution for customers of Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. Rather than spending weeks on data warehousing, organizations can now use Matillion’s data transformation software to speed up their data processing, visualizations and analytics.

As the market for cloud-based data integration grows, more and more companies are looking for a solution that can integrate their data into their workflows. Many organizations have dozens or even hundreds of data sources, and often have multiple apps and clouds. They need a way to find the right data and get it into their data warehouse in a fraction of the time.

In addition to Matillion’s success, the company has also secured a series of other recent investments. These include Patreon, a fundraising platform; Emotive, a messaging platform for building loyalty; Aidentified, an AI-powered sales intelligence tool; and Blueshift, a customer-centric campaign management solution.

The company is expecting to add more than 400 employees to its workforce in the coming year. Several investors are participating in this latest round, including General Atlantic, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sapphire Ventures, and Scale Venture Partners.

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