Mastering Mojoo Poker With These Secret Tips & Tricks

Mojoo Poker is an online gaming platform for Android users to play different types of online games such as poker, Omaha, tourney, SNG, pool, and rummy. You can win free daily lucky spin amounts up to ₹2,000. It is 100% secure and legal and provides all-time customer support. It provides various cashback offers and has a round-the-clock withdrawal facility. You can compete with different players all across the world and can get better with practicing. The billiards comes in three versions such as snooker, 8-ball, and 9-ball. There is a chatting option in the app wherein you can talk to your friends and play side by side. In this article, we’ll see the tips and tricks to master Mojoo Poker.

Tips and Tricks to Win Mojoo Poker 

The main tips and tricks for winning any poker game or Mojoo Poker is to learn their hand rankings and master them. There are different types of poker but the common thing is that we have to use the best five cards to increase the chances of winning. 

Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards which includes the numbered card from two to ten followed by Jack, queen, king, and ace. The four types of suits are hearts and diamonds which are red in color and spades and clubs which are black in color. Here are the card ranking from ascending to descending order and how you can play at best in these rankings: 

1. Win with the royal flush

Royal flush cards include the five cards from the same suit from the rank of 10 to Ace. If you have this on your hand, then you are surely going to win this round of Mojoo poker and if someone has similar cards which are very rare, then the pot is split amongst the two of you.

2. Get upfront with a straight flush

Straight flush means the five cards from the same suit. If you have the Queen card highest, then you can win this round from the player holding a lower ranking card such as Jack. 

3. Be confident with a four of a kind

Four-of-a-kind means having the same valued or ranked four cards. An example of this might be four 8-numbered cards and one 7-numbered card. If the two players hold the same four cards, then the fifth one will be the deciding factor.  

4. Be patient with a full house

Full house means having three cards of the same rank and two having another pair. Suppose you have three 9-numbered cards and two 7-numbered cards. This will help you win only if you hold the higher total of the top three cards.  

5. Be observant with a flush

Flush means having five cards from the same suit which can be in any number. If the two players hold the same suit, then the highest-numbered card player will win this round of Mojoo Poker.  

6. Be the last one to unfold with a straight

Straight means having five cards in any suit in sequence. If you have the 9, 10, J, Q, and K, then you will lose the round. But if you have the 10, J, Q, K, and A, then you can win.

7. Wait with a three of a kind

Three of a kind means that three cards of the same number and the rest two can be anyone. The pair of the three 6-numbered cards will outrightly win the pair of three 5-numbered cards. If you hold the same three cards as a competitor, then the unrelated cards will be taken as the deciding factor. 

8. Make a bluff with a two pair

Two pairs mean two cards of the same number, two from another, and an extra card. The decision to win is taken on the basis of the highest paired card held by the player and followed by the second pair and finally the last card. 

9. Ready to face one pair

One pair means two cards of the same number and three random cards. The player having the highest pair will win the round but if you have the same pair as another player, then your other three cards will be considered. 

10. Unfold a high card

A high card means the card of any number or from any suit and this is the lowest rank. The player having the highest card amongst the five cards will win the round.


Therefore, knowing these card rankings is crucial to master Mojoo Poker. However, do not fold cards in the very first round, and be patient if you hold the highest-ranked cards. You should start with betting on small amounts if you are just a beginner and start playing on one table at a time. Take time to understand the competitor’s strategy and do not go out of order with your pre-decided strategy.