Madrid-Based Jobandtalent Raised EUR88M in a Series E Round Led by Lomastechcrunch

Jobandtalent raises EUR166 million

Madrid based jobandtalent 108m 80k lomastechcrunch in this artivle we will discuss about Jobandtalent is a workforce solutions provider that focuses on tailoring matches between companies and employees. The company serves over 1,300 clients across 9 markets, including household names like DHL and FedEx. Additionally, it offers its workers the benefits of a full-time job.

The funding will help Jobandtalent expand into new markets and hire more employees. In order to do this, it will add to its technology team and grow its tech infrastructure. Additionally, the company plans to hire more managers and executives to help scale the company. This latest round of funding is the second largest round in the company’s history. The company has now raised more than EUR166 million and is valued at USD 2.35 billion. Visit here.

The company will use the Series E funding to expand to key markets and hire additional staff. It has previously raised EUR166 million in debt financing and a $120 million Series D round. In March, it announced that it would use the Series D cash to enter the U.S. and expand its team in other key areas. Additionally, it plans to increase its sales and tech teams and add key executive roles.

It has 80,000 workers

Madrid-based Jobandtalent has grown to include 80,000 workers in seven markets across Europe and Latin America. The startup works with 750+ employers to help them manage large parts of their workforce. Its latest funding round from Kibo Ventures includes the first round of funding for Portuguese startup DefinedCrowd.

The company uses an app to match temporary workers with jobs they are looking for. Its service also takes care of the administrative processes, including payroll and benefits. It also provides healthcare in some markets, and offers advance pay, training, and holiday pay for workers. As the workforce in these markets grows, the platform can make more accurate matches.

Madrid-based Jobandtalent claims to have helped 80,000 workers secure temporary gigs in the past year. It serves seven markets, including Spain, the UK, France, and Germany. In addition to gig workers, it also serves logistics companies CEVA and XPO. It has also worked with Santander and other large companies in Spain. Although it does not specifically target gig workers, it claims to serve a growing number of businesses that are looking for new employment models.

Madrid-based Jobandtalent was founded in 2009 by Felipe Navio and aims to build a digital market to serve employers and temporary workers. It boasts more than 80,000 users in Europe and the U.K. The company has also recently acquired workforce solutions provider BGSF, as well as recruitment platform Jobzone. These acquisitions have increased the company’s global reach and added new features.

The company recently filed its financials with the Spanish registry. The company made EUR1 million in sales in 2014, EUR768,000 in 2013, and a loss of EUR2.5 million in 2014. Despite the loss in 2014, the company has been able to attract financial backing. In May 2015, it received EUR23 million in new capital.

It promises more perks for temps

Madrid-based Jobandtalent is a workforce marketplace that matches temporary workers with companies. The company has raised more than $290 million from investors and is growing rapidly. It boasts more than 10 million registered users and has helped 850 companies find qualified temps. Its recent round of funding has added new features, including a rewards system for top temps.

The mobile app-based platform claims to simplify the temping process, from hiring to payroll. With an in-app video interview and a comprehensive career path, Jobandtalent is aiming to make precarious employment more rewarding and stable. The company also claims to reduce the costs associated with recruitment and payroll.

The startup is focusing on the 500 million workers that work in temperatures around the world. It wants to reduce the risk of precarious work by giving these workers better benefits and insurance. Moreover, Jobandtalent plans to push for better wages and better conditions for temps, by using its platform’s size as leverage.

In addition to hiring temps, Jobandtalent also helps traditional recruiters reach certain groups of people. It provides recommendations based on user profiles, job offers and application patterns. Revenue from this method accounts for about 40% of the company’s total income. Its clients range from large institutions like the Instituto de Empresa to smaller programs.

The Spanish startup Jobandtalent is aiming to offer more perks for temps to attract the best candidates. It boasts a matchmaking algorithm that matches employers and temp workers. Using its worker-to-temp matching technology, Jobandtalent aims to minimize the burden of recruiting and payroll for both sides. Its platform also aims to reduce the expenses involved and increase the number of job offers.

It has raised EUR88 million

Madrid-based jobandtalent has raised a total of EUR88 million in a Series E round led by Lomastechcrunch. The company has a plan to use the cash to expand into key markets. In March, the startup announced a $120 million Series D round in addition to raising $100 million in debt financing. The company also plans to expand its tech and sales teams and hire key execs.

Madrid-based Jobandtalent, which launched in 2009, currently operates in nine countries and claims to have placed over 2,000 international clients in nine countries. The company expects to have a global client base of over 200,000 by 2021. The company is backed by investors including SoftBank, Atomico, and BlackRock.

Jobandtalent operates a dual-sided platform that connects employers in need of casual labor with temp workers. The company has raised more than EUR291 million since its founding in 2009. It expects demand to grow as more processes become digital.

Jobandtalent is a Madrid-based digital workforce marketplace that connects employers with workers who need temporary positions. The company recently raised USD250 million in equity and $75 million in debt financing from Kinnevik. It plans to use the funding to scale globally and further its mission of reshaping temporary work.

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