Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3 | Complete Review

“Love Chunibyo” Has a New Season on Vimax

“Love Chunibyo” or “Love Chunibyo Season 3” is the third of the “Sensei’s” series. The show’s first season was broadcast on Fuji TV in January and it ran for eleven episodes. Everyone just found it hard to focus on one episode at a time. We guess it’s like trying to focus on a video game. It’s hard to concentrate on one objective at the same time. It is expected from internet news and forums that Love Chuniya and Other Delusions Season 3 Release Date will be announced before 2021 is out.

We are also a huge fan of “Chun Li” myself, so we’ll be providing our own opinions of the new season here. We do, however, expect the show to be a huge hit among martial arts lovers and to score higher on the viewership charts than “The Love Knot.” Don’t miss out on the hottest new program on Korea TV. Watch “Love Chunibyo,” on Vimax. Love Chunibya and Other Delusions Season 3 Netflix Release Date is not going to be exposed till 2022. 

Love Chunibyo Season 3 – Review

“Love Chunibyo” is a web series with a very unique premise. Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions (LCD) came up on April 14th. Well, if you’re an avid fan of the drama series then you’ve come to the right spot. “Will there be a season 3 of love chunibyo other delusions?” is the most commonly asked query. Here’s everything you want to know about the much anticipated third season of the hit animated fantasy series. What we’re about to reveal to you may shock you a bit. In the third season of LCDD, there are a lot more twists in store for our old heroes. Here’s just some of them:

Love Chunibyo& Other Delusions – Mysterious Characters and Stunning Story


Love Chunibyo& Other Delusions were once again postponed due to sudden high incidences of murder and violent acts committed by strange people. This time around, it’s all about the serial killer Chuumo. He has recently been added as a suspect in the whole murder mystery that happened in Kyoto several years ago. This time, he will be the one trying to unravel the truth behind his partner’s and other supernatural powers’ misfortunes.


Love Chunibyo& Other Delusions are about a boy named Ryuji, who lives in Kyoto. There’s also another mysterious and interesting main character known as Nagi who somehow survived the entirety of the first season. Both are suspects in the case of the strangest case a television show has ever been involved in. 

Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions season 3 are about the life of a boy called Ryuji, who was once considered a prodigy in martial arts. However, he lost his ability when he was killed during a battle. In this third season, we get to find out more about his past, his relationship with his young master, and some embarrassing situations that happened to his classmates and him during his early years in training.

Reign of Anger – Episode Title:

The Love Chunibyo& Other Delusions season 3 are a spin-off of the popular anime series. It started with the original volume’s episode titled “Reign of Anger.” Although the second cour was less successful than the first, it still received a decent number of viewers. The main storyline in Love Chunibyo& Other Delusions revolves around the life of a young boy named Ryuji, who was trained by the mysterious Master Kuchiki.

Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions Season 3

love chunibyo and other delusions season 3 – Music:

Another good thing about Love Chunibyo& Other Delusions season 3 is the music. Music is considered to be one of the fundamental aspects of animation, and this is evident once again with this series. It brings out the feeling of the story while also giving us a glimpse of what direction the makers want to take their story in. Very good! 

Chun Li

Chun Li has become one of my all-time favorite comic book and cartoon characters. We grew up loving “X-men: The New X-Men” and “The Transformers.” Now she has her own television show, “Love Chunibyo.”

True Story

The director told Yahoo! Movies that the whole premise of the show is based on a true story. The writers confirmed that they did in fact write the series based on a true story. The story was also given the animated watch treatment. The story follows two high school friends who get locked inside a train station after being pranked by a third boy. From there, they learn that they have magical powers that can help them save the world. They use their newfound abilities to fight against evil and learn more about each other as well.

Positive Response:

We started out by going to a discussion forum on the subject. There were a lot of discussions about the animation style, the romantic and comedic elements, and so on. Many people expressed their love for “Love Chunibyo Season 3” in the forum. Of course, some people didn’t like the show at all. But overall, the responses were mostly positive.

We are not going to lie to you, the first few episodes of “Love Chunibyo” were a little dull. We know it’s the middle of the season but this show needs to find a way to start picking up some momentum. If the ratings are to go by, then it should at least pick up enough viewers to move past the highly-rated “The Love Knot.” In the meantime, “Love Chunibyo” should be a fine replacement for “The Love Knot.”

Right Place, Right Time –

For those who are unaware, the story of Love Chunibyo& Other Delusions Seasons 3 takes place in modern-day Japan. We follow the story of a talented young artist named Ryuji as he slowly develops martial arts skills that would leave an impression on all who see him. This is a story of struggles and triumphs, and the journey of a young man’s self-confidence and determination to become the next HokutoShuumai (one with supernatural powers).

A new story about a boy and his struggles to gain respect is always exciting to watch. And the style and pace of storytelling are very well done.

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