Lobbytrack and Eventleaf Integration Brings to Life a Unified Hybrid Workplace Management Platform

Lobbytrack – Eventleaf Integration:

As we know that Lobbytrack is a visitor management platform and Eventleaf is an event management platform. Their blended integration has paved the way to bring advanced technology unified and unique to the end-users with advanced tools, features, and functionalities. The existing integrations on the scene still have a single view of the customers. We know that event/ visits tracking is one of the crucial use cases of both Eventleaf and Lobbytrack. 

Before merging the events of both platforms, it takes months to generate some reports for the companies and becomes a tedious task for the IT department. With this integration, one can now create reports and dashboards for the marketing team, sales team, events team etc., from one place. This is a solution for companies and property managers who aim to achieve faster, more accurate results from visitor management systems by streamlining and integrating data. The event management platform brings big data to a larger surface for developers and administrators to get an edge over the competitors.

Benefits of Lobbytrack – Eventleaf Integration in Hybrid Workplace Management:

This integration makes a lot of sense given the obvious necessity for the two technologies to talk to each other to create a true hybrid collaborative system. So, without further adieu, the entire web-based interface for Lobbytrack and Eventleaf is a single and very easy to use drop-in module. Lobbytrack-Eventleaf integration has provided an advanced way to managing and tracking events/visits and for booking meeting rooms and conference halls. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of using a hybrid workplace management platform like Lobbytrack and Eventleaf, and how the integration of both platforms has come out be more beneficial:

More Effective Workflow

As the name implies, Lobbytrack – Eventleaf integration allows employees to track events at specific locations within a company. Whenever the employee is in the office, this makes it easy to provide a proper and detailed description of all activities undertaken by the employee and also to quickly identify any issues that need to be addressed at the location.

Similarly, companies can also track their employees on the go, when the employee is travelling for a meeting or a meeting or project. For instance, when a team member is travelling, the entire team is kept informed and all the actions and any problems need to be directed towards the employee who is in the office.

Improved Usability

Lobbytrack – Eventleaf integration means that all the standard reporting features of Eventleaf and Lobbytrack are now available to the end users. Whenever a tracking event is made available to the users, all the required reporting data is stored in Eventleaf and can be accessed by the users whenever required.

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Managing hybrid workplaces with these tools are helpful to track visits/events and to book meeting rooms and conference halls easily with great usability and integrity convenience. There are a lot of tools available to give such benefits but Lobbytrack and Eventleaf are emerged as one of the best.

Improved Productivity

The whole set of tracking events/visits functionality offered by Lobbytrack and Eventleaf is now available in a simple and convenient UI. The end users can see everything they need to know without having to leave their solution or ever think about using any external tools to do so.

If you are not a fan of the endless scroll and the “data on endless scroll” feature you can skip the tedious process of navigating through all the track events or projects and directly access the information they require and also view how many records there are for them. The visitor management feature also enables the users to filter and manage the available visitors to them and even schedule times of specific visitors.

Increased security

Most of the organizations have invested in authentication systems to handle the authentication and authorization of their employees, guests, and clients. Having all these users authenticated in the system means that each visitor to the company has to be authenticated in the system before accessing any relevant information. For instance, a visitor will need to enter their login credentials and all their information must be validated before he/she is allowed to have any interaction with the system.

A simple click of a button on the settings panel and a user will be granted access to all the system integrations and access needed to track all events and visit places within the company. Lobbytrack’s well-executed integration with Eventleaf allows the users to link all their tracking events in Eventleaf to the Lobbytrack user-management system. This will make the access to the data easier and also further facilitate and expedite workflows for the end users.

Improved Accessibility

Lobbytrack and Eventleaf integration is by far one of the best uses of desktop and mobile application integration to the end users. Anyone with the latest version of their desktop or mobile operating system is able to access the entire set of tracking functionality offered by our solution by simply clicking a few buttons. They have also made this integration extremely easy and functional by adding the highly useful ‘keyboard navigation’ feature.

The different stages of the tracking function are intuitively navigated with keyboard shortcuts, for instance, the tracking events can be navigated from the business record, view the detailed tracking function and then click on the ‘register event’ button and the events registration has been automatically completed without any hassle. This makes our solution extremely easy to learn and use by any end user.

Final Verdict:

Eventleaf and Lobbytrack are a perfect match and a hybrid workplace solution. This integration enables users to run the lobbytrack and eventleaf comb. It has its own distinct set of benefits. The user can add and track events using the solutions provided in a single interface and track employees seamlessly across these platforms. The integration of Lobbytrack and Eventleaf is offering the users a feature rich solution for their business needs. So, the bottom line is – choose your technology and take full advantage of it.

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