Is There Any Harry Potter Sequel Releasing soon?

Is There Any Harry Potter Sequel Releasing soon?Even though years have passed since the last harry potter sequel was released, the charm and spark of Harry Potter never fade away. Rumors have been circulating that finally after years, a new sequel of Harry Potter named Harry Potter and his cursed child is going to be released in 2021.

Yes, you read that right but hold on that might be only a rumor or it can be a truth as well. But to know the truth you will have to stick with us a little longer. Harry Potter fans are still crazy about the Harry Potter sequels and they have been waiting for years for a new sequel.

What is the Storyline?

If you are a book reader then you must know the storyline. Don’t worry if you don’t know because we are here to tell you. The sequel Harry Potter and his cursed child is about Albus who is Harry Potter’s son. Albus discovers the secrets of his father’s past when he starts studying at Hogwarts.

The play also features the kids of Ron, Hermione, and Malfoy. The most interesting part about this sequel is that it includes time travel. Albus discovers the secrets through time travel. Fabulous, isn’t it?

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Harry Potter fans will surely be over the moon if any sequel is gonna release in 2021. As stated before, no matter how many years have passed Harry Potter movies never get old. On the internet, a variety of harry potter quizzes and games are available and people love to play them. Still, Harry Potter posters are seen in the market. People enjoy reading the famous plays of Harry Potter.

All these facts prove that Harry Potter never gets old and still remains in the heart of his fans.

Is There Any Harry Potter Sequel Releasing soon?

When is Harry Potter and Cursed Child Going to Be Released?

The storyline of this play is quite lengthy and it is tough to squeeze it into a 2 hours movie. That is why makers have been reluctant to release a new sequel. But there are chances of a tv show because the makers think that this sequel can be portrayed better through a tv show.

Don’t worry as there are chances of a sequel as well because the makers have appointed writers to script the play like a movie and if this works, they might start shooting for the movie.

But nothing is confirmed by the makers. Neither the tv show nor the movie. You will have to wait for some time to get confirm the news and even if the news gets confirmed then there are very less chances that the movie will be released in 2021 because of the ongoing situation worldwide.

It may take longer than normal to shoot for this play and the sequel might be released in 2023. But for now, nothing is confirmed. The makers might change their minds and no sequel will be released. To conclude, no matter if a sequel will be released or not but the love for Harry Potter will remain in the heart of his forever.

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