7 Best Hacks to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Since every marketer knows Instagram is a great way to gain popularity, it is important to keep up with Instagram’s regular updates. Instagram’s algorithm is very user-centered to help improve your experience.

However, a problem arises because no one knows exactly how this algorithm works and how it influences what your followers see. Fortunately, Instagram has made announcements about vague details regarding their algorithm. To gain more Instagram followers, you need to know how to use the algorithm to your advantage. Essentially, this involves convincing the algorithm that your postings are relevant to what people want to see on Instagram. 

Although people may not know how the algorithm exactly works. But we have made a list of 7 ways to help you beat the algorithm and make sure your content gets the recognition it deserves.

●     Use stories features 

Regardless of how the algorithm arranges your material, your stories will always be at the top of your audience’s Feeds, making it easy for them to find and engage with your content. 

Instagram favors those that make use of the platform’s most recent updates. Even though stories appear at the top of hashtag searches, they do not influence the position of your posts in the feed. Additionally, stories might help you gain more Instagram followers. In other words, Stories will ensure that your profile remains visible to others.

●      Engage 

The algorithm relies heavily on user engagement.  Consequently, if you want to outsmart the algorithm, you need to engage with other users.  For example, sending direct messages or liking and commenting on others’ posts will all help you get ahead of the algorithm. You are more likely to appear in people’s feeds if you interact with them. You can also ask your Instagram followers to interact with your profile.

●     High-quality content 

The quality of your material is also taken into account by Instagram’s algorithm. As a result, if you want to outrank the algorithm, you must only upload high-quality material. 

What this entails is employing eye-catching images and intriguing subtitles. Content that is relevant to your company and target audience should also be posted on social media. Making great content means you’re already ahead of the curve. If you don’t already, you may want to consider hiring an expert to create some graphics for you. 

●     Consistency

Instagram’s algorithm rewards account with a high frequency of posts. Hence, if you want to outsmart the system, you’ll need to publish frequently and consistently. Keep up a consistent posting schedule, with at least a few posts every week. There is a risk of appearing spammy if you post several times a day. The quality and number of your posts on Instagram play a significant influence in boosting your engagement. This is critical, regardless of whether you want to increase your audience’s exposure or the overall number of Instagram followers.

●     Post when followers are most active

There is a larger possibility of receiving engagement if you publish during peak hours when the majority of your followers are online. Instagram uses audience engagement as a critical indicator. This means your material must be shared at the proper time and day to acquire the most organic reach possible. Posting the content when the bulk of your followers are online, on the other hand, gives it a lot higher chance of generating more engagement, which in turn leads to more impressions in general. 

●     Keep up with trends

Using current trends to your advantage is a certain way to outsmart Instagram’s algorithm. Engagements are nearly a given when you do that. And when that happens, you can expect Instagram to put your post at the top of the feeds of your followers.  Additionally, you may use Instagram insights to get a better idea of which of your content is popular.  You can also check out hashtags to see what’s popular right now.

●     Go live 

Like Instagram stories, live videos are community-centric versions of Instagram stories. Live videos provide a unique opportunity to engage with your viewers by allowing them to post comments in real time. A lesson, a Q&A session, or a sneak peek at your most recent project are all excellent ideas for engaging your audience. You may wish to ask for their input in advance to get the best outcomes. There’s a good chance they’ll come up with some suggestions you haven’t considered. 


To overcome Instagram’s algorithm, use the 7 mentioned hacks. As a result, your audience will grow, and you will gain more impressions along with interaction. They will help you increase the visibility and performance of your account. These are just some techniques to help you achieve more of your goals on Instagram more efficiently.

When it comes to getting more views on Instagram, the more you take advantage of every opportunity for involvement, the better your chances are.  Additionally, you can switch to a business account to help gain more leverage.

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