Important Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

How to increase your blog traffic is a question that every blogger should know.  One of the biggest challenges for any blogger is how to increase traffic to their blog. Everyone tries to increase traffic to their blog, but few people succeed. If you also want to increase your blog traffic and success in blogging, you can follow the tips given in this post today.

Important Tips to Increase Your Blog TrafficIn this post we are going to tell you about some tips and tricks to increase the traffic on your blog which will help you to know how to increase the traffic on your blog.

Important Tips to Increase Traffic:

Here are some strategies to use to increase traffic to your blog. Let me tell you, the same strategy doesn’t always work. Tips and tricks change over time, so we should always use a new strategy.

Only if we keep changing our strategies over time can we increase our blog traffic. Below are some tips to increase blog traffic that you can follow to increase traffic to your blog.

Submit your website to Google Search Console

To increase your blog traffic, you must first get your blog indexed by Google. If our blog gets indexed in Google, chances are that traffic to our blog will start coming. But if we don’t have a blog index, there is no chance that our blog will get traffic. We can use Google Search Console to index our blog in Google. We must first submit our blog to Google Search Console so that Google can crawl and index it.

Google has some Google guidelines for our website to be indexed and ranked, such as site design, site speed, etc. You need to make your website accord to Google’s guidelines so that Google can crawl and index your site. Once your site is crawled and indexed, traffic from Google will start coming.

Traffic Analysis

To increase traffic to your blog, you need to analyze your traffic. You need to know a few things about your traffic.

For Example:

-Who are your readers.

-What are the sources of traffic to your website.

-How long the audience stays on your side.

-Which of your posts do your visitors like the most.

-What are the top traffic sources for your site.

Important Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Once you know that, you have to use all this information to solve these problems and you have to work even harder on the portion on which you are doing well so that your user base grows. You can use Google Analytics, Google’s free tool, to analyze traffic to your website.

Mobile Optimization:

Mobile optimization of our site is very important in increasing the traffic to our website as we all know that people now use smartphones more than PCs. If we do not make our website mobile optimized then we are leaving a large portion of the traffic.

If you make your website mobile-friendly as well as share content on your blog that is for mobile users, your blog will receive a large amount of traffic.

Social Sharing:

Social media sharing is the best and quickest way to increase traffic to your website.  With the help of social media sharing, you can get the most traffic to your website. To get your blog traffic from social media, you need to engage people on social media and build relationships with them. You need to use feature images and headings that are good for social media sharing. If you use attractive featured images and good headings then people will definitely come to your blog because of the featured image. Build your social media presence on all social platforms and from here you will automatically start getting good traffic.

YouTube Channel:

As we can see now, people prefer video content to text content. In that case, if we create a YouTube channel named after our blog or website, it becomes a good source of traffic for our blog. Create videos related to the content of your blog and include a link to your blog in the description so that your YouTube users can visit your blog.

Seriously follow all the tricks mentioned above and increase the traffic to your blog.

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