How to Start a Blog on Blogger

Google’s Free Blogger Blog Publishing Website is a great option for newbies if you also want to start a blog. In this blog post, we will tell you “How to sign up for Blogger”.

So let’s see how we sign up for a blog on Blogger. To create a blog on Blogger, go to in your computer browser and sign in with your Google Account.

How to Sign in to Blogger

You must have a Gmail account to create a Blogger account On

If you do not have a Google Account, you can create a new Gmail account for Blogger by clicking create your account.

Create a new blog” Enter the title and address of your blog on the screen.


Customize your blog according to what you are blogging about. You must enter the title of your blog in the title column.

 For Example


The address is the URL of your blog. The same URL will appear when your blog opens on Browser. You can register a custom domain to give your blog a professional look. You can use any of the templates for your blog.


For which you will have to spend some money annually. You can always change the templates later

 If you do not find the address you entered, you can change it a little bit to get your address.

Select the starter template of your blog post which will be the basic layout of your blog.

After selecting the title, address, and template of your blog, you can create your blog by typing in Create Blog.

Blogspot Blog Basic Setting

1: Now there are some settings on your blog that need to be set.

You can customize the look of your blog by clicking on the theme in the menu. Your blog is now created

After creating a blog, first, we need to change the basic theme of our blog and upload a good-looking theme to make your blog look professional. Uploading a theme to Blogspot Blog is very easy.

You can select and download any good theme for your blog by going to BackupRestore in Theme Options

2: You can adjust the language and other settings by clicking on the Settings option.

-You can add other contributors to the blog by clicking + Add author in the Permissions section of the Basic section in Settings.

-In the posts comments and sharing menu you can adjust the publishing comments and sharing of your blog.

3: Before creating your first blog, you should add some pages to your blog For example, the About Page٫ Contact page. To add a page, you can create the pages you need by going to the Pages Options in the Dashboard.

4: Now you need to add Favicon to your blog Favicon is an icon when your blog opens in a browser. The icon that displays in the Browser tab is called a favicon. To add Favicon you need to go to the Layout option in the dashboard and select the image you want to display in your browser tab by clicking on the Favicon options at the top. To get Favicon you can go to the website and click on TEXT-ICO in it you can create your own Favicon

5: You can now start writing posts on your blog. To write a post, you need to go to the Post option in the Dashboard and select Add New Post.

Once the New Post screen opens, you need to add title, content to your blog post.

-You have to add the title of your post at the top of the post screen. After adding the title, you have to write the content of your blog in the blank space below.

-When you write your blog, you can set labels to categorize your blog by going to the Labels option on the right side, to make it easier for your visitors to find your content.

-With the help of Permalink you can set the link to your blog

-With the help of location you can also add location in your post

-In the options, you will find some settings for your blog that you can set

-Click the Publish button to publish your post right away and click the Save button.

6: Now that your blog is getting a lot of traffic, you can apply for Google AdSense for your blog.

Google will not accept AdSense on your blog if you apply for zero traffic on Google AdSense.

We hope you find this article helpful on how to start a blog on Blogger.

Use these steps to sign in to your Blogger blog and create your own blogs.

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