How To Replace Toshiba Laptop Keys

Replacement Keys for Toshiba Laptop

Some time ago my old but still very useful Toshiba Satellite (A65) had a strange glitch. One of the shift keys is shortened to the “down” position. So, it worked like the shift key is always pressed. This means that I could not write a number, and clicking on objects tends to highlight or open entire pages.

I tried many software fixes and then dug into the hardware. Even I tried an external USB keyboard to no avail. After purchasing an alternative laptop, I decided that it would be a good idea to try to completely remove the keys, including the keyboard. That was a bad idea.

It did not solve the problem and it created a new one. To make matters worse, the laptop is where my Adobe software resides and I’ve long lost the disks and stuff needed to move to my new laptop.

I finally decided that the real solution was to install a new keyboard and then restore the system. That’s why I am describing here how to replacement keys for Toshiba laptop. Here are the 5 best tips to replace the laptop keys.

Step 1: Find the Right Part

It turns out that many of Toshiba’s laptops use exactly the same keyboard. That’s a good thing. I just used the model number of my laptop and did a search on Amazon. This cheap mess is over. So, I didn’t need to spend hundreds on my replacement laptop because it was effectively a 16 issue.

By the way, if you have a Toshiba laptop with a broken keyboard, replacing it is a little intimidating but easy.

Step 2: Disassembly

It is always a good idea to unplug any electrical device before working or disconnecting it, and if any battery runs on them, you should remove it as well.  So do it

I didn’t even know how to separate the laptop and go to the keyboard. Finding a way to do this online with a spare machine was fairly easy.

I can’t stress the importance of reading the instructions before doing so. For example, the disassembly instructions tell you how to disassemble your machine, but you don’t really need to disassemble it to get on the Toshiba keyboard.

Gently lift the plastic cover to access the patch on your keyboard, as in the picture. No need to crack the case.

Once inside, remove the two screws that hold the board in place. There are only tabs on the other side.

Be careful not to bend over or pull too hard. Below that is a ribbon cable.

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With the board free, carefully lift or lift the black retaining sleeve where the ribbon cable attaches to the motherboard and pull it gently. The space for him to take a shot was very narrow but when you look at it will become clear. It will not take much power. If you take a closer look at it and see what is not right.

How To Replace Toshiba Laptop Keys

Step 3: Once you’ve Opened it

Grab some canned air and clean things. You will not open this item every day or again. Make the most of it.

Step 4: Install the New Keyboard.

That’s probably what you did to turn it around.

Gently insert the ribbon cable into the socket and be careful not to push it too hard or force it. The shape of the cable and socket allows it to be easily lined up.  Once you are sure it is inside, push the black sleeve down and lock it in place.

Now you can turn on the keyboard and insert the tabs that are closest to you.  This should be another gentle operation for which the parts do not need to be forced into places where they do not want to go.

I stepped forward and put the retaining patch back in place. You may or may not want to do this but wait for the boot test before re-inserting the cover.

Step 5: Check it Out

Boot this thing and tap some keys.

I also needed to rearrange the time and date but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the keyboard swap. Not sure why.

Either way, he tested the new keys well because it required the use of numbers.

Button up if things are working!  The plastic cover just comes back inside.

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