How to Delete and Restore a blog on Blogger?

In this post, we will tell you” How to Delete and Restore a blog on Blogger”.

You may have many reasons to delete your blog.

So if you want to delete your blog or restore an accidentally deleted blog, follow the guide below.

How to Delete and Restore a blog on Blogger?

Deleting Entire Blog                                                      

-Click the down arrow in the top left corner, Clicking on Down Arrow will open all your blogs Select the blog you want to delete.

-Only the blog owner and admin can delete the blog.

-Click Settings in the menu on the left side.

-Click on other settings.

-Tap on the Delete Blog option. In the second section of the option on the right side of the screen, you will find the Delete Block option.

-If you want to save a copy of your blog, click Download Blog in the dialog box.

-Click Delete Blog. Your blog will be deleted from the Blogger account. You have 90 days if you want to restore your blog.

Deleting specific Posts

-Click on the post option.

-All blog posts will appear on the right side. Delete the blog post you want to delete.

-Click on the Delete option below the check post.

How to Restore Deleted Blog

Click on the down arrow on the top left corner. After clicking on the down arrow, select the blog you want to restore in the “Deleted Blog” section.

-Click on the “undelete”.

How to Back up a Blog on Blogger?

Blogger is one of the top free blogging platforms that comes with many limitations.

The biggest limitation is that Google controls our blog. Google can delete your blog at any time. This can happen when you use your blog for Spamming. One of the things you can do with Google’s guidelines is to take a backup of your blog from time to time.

This will ensure you that if something happens to your data in the future, you can restore it.

How to backup Blogger Blog

Any Blogger user can take a full backup of their post and comment using Blogger’s Expert Features and import it to another blog. This backup will be XML in 4 minutes and you can store it on your local desktop.

-In the left-side menu, click Settings, then Click on other.

-In the “Import & Backup section, click on Backup” Content, then go to, Save to your computer.

Save a copy of the blog theme

-Click on the theme in the left Menu

-Click Backup/Restore in the top right corner.

-Click on the option “download theme”.

Import posts and Comments into the Blog

You can import an XML file of your posts and comments to your blog.

-Click the down arrow on the top left corner and select the blog from which you want to import the posts and comments.

-Click on the left side menu on settings and click on the other

-Click on Import Content in the section of “Import & back up”

– Click on Import from Computer

-Select XML file from your computer and then click on Publish.

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