How to create a post on Blogger

How to create a post on Blogger

After registering and set up on Blogger the most important thing is to create a post. So today in this post we will tell you how to create a post on Blogger.

How to create a post on Blogger

How to create a post on Blogger

-Click on the New Post option at the top of the screen. You can create, edit and view posts by going to the Post option on the left.

-To enter the title of the post, enter the title in the text box to its right.

-You can add different fonts, sizes, and text colors to your post by clicking Compose. If you want to work in HTML, you can click on HTML.

-You can select Reader Comments Option, HTML Setting, and Line Break Option by going to Post Settings in the top right corner. You can save your settings by clicking on Done.

-You can Publish your work by clicking on the Publish option. You can see what your post looks like by clicking on Preview. Click on the Publish option to publish the post. And your post is published.

How to change profile on Blogger

How to create a post on Blogger

Let us tell you in this post” How to Change your profile on Blogger”. If you also want to change the profile on your blog, follow this guide.

How to Change your profile on Blogger.

How to create a post on Blogger

-Sign in to Blogger with your Google email and password.

-Click Settings in the menu on the left side, and then click User Settings.

-You can change your user profile by going to user settings. You can select Blogger or Google+ profile. Click the Save Changes option to save the change.

Connect to your Google+ Profile

Follow the steps below to connect to your Google profile.

-Select Google+ profile.

-Click on Save Settings. You will be redirected to the Connect to Google page.

– “I have read the above and fully understand” to check it.

-Click on SWITCH NOW.

What happens when Blogger switches to Google+ profile?

-Switching to a Google+ profile will affect all your blogs.

-You can revert your profile for up to 30 days after switching to a Google+ profile.

-After 30 days your Blogger profile will be deleted and you will need to create a new profile.

-Your Blogger profile information will not be viewed on your Google+ profile.

-Google+ profile is public but you can select whether your profile will appear in the Google search engine or not.

-Past comments still display your Blogger profile name.

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