How Casinos Influenced Gaming

Casinos and gaming have a thing in common: they both belong to the world of entertainment. Both industries are pretty successful and they keep providing quality titles to players all over the world. Casino players just like to take the stakes higher by playing with real money.

That’s why they might be looking for sites that will help them in choosing the right casino, with the right offers and games. Additionally, they might be interested in the selection of promotions available. Similar to that, gamers will be looking for a title with lots of features that offers a unique gaming experience.

Both industries offer a similar experience and being the giants they are, they have influenced each other. Casinos influenced a lot of video games in various ways and they will continue to do so. If this is something that might have come across as irrelevant, then here are some ways that you can spot the casino influence:

Games Within Games

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You see movies based on famous poker players or blackjack players such as the MIT Blackjack team. So, why wouldn’t you put such games in video games? This is the approach certain developers took when producing certain titles. One such example is Read Dead Redemption 2.

This is a game that takes you to the Wild West in the boots of a rugged cowboy looking to make a living. You’ll do all sorts of odd jobs and if you don’t feel like following the main story, you can always go exploring.

Certain saloons and hotels will let you enjoy a round of poker and blackjack. The reason behind this is because these 2 games were popular back in those days. They are mostly enjoyed online nowadays, but in Red Dead Redemption 2 you can be a poker or blackjack player of the Wild West and earn money by beating other players. You can use that money to buy your character new clothes, gear, guns, ammo, and whatnot.

Sometimes developers will be fascinated by a casino game that they will use its rules and mechanics to come up with a similar one. This was done in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The game in question is Pazaak where you need to beat the other player by having a hand with a value of 20 or around 20. You have cards that increase and decrease the value of your hand.

The blackjack influence is obvious and similar to RDR2 you’ll get to earn credits you can use to upgrade the gear of your character and get cool new cards that can come in handy in your next Pazaak match. But this isn’t the only way casinos have influenced gaming.

Casinos as Locations

Casinos can be online or based on land. The latter establishments are alive and kicking today. They are locations and as such anyone of age can visit them. So, if you’re making a game set in the current year then you can make it more realistic by putting a casino or two on the map. This was the case with the Grand Theft Auto series that features several casinos spanned across several titles.

But this point is better illustrated with Fallout: New Vegas. The location of the game is a post-apocalyptic Vegas, and when you have such a city it’s a shame to not put any casino venue. The developers made 5 separate casino establishments in homage to Sin City. Your character can go in every one of them and play slot machines or table games. You’ll get rewards in bottle caps, the game’s currency, as well as gears, guns, and ammo to aid you in your next battle. The luckiest ones will get suites in the hotels of these resorts. In truth, New Vegas isn’t that much different than Las Vegas if you don’t count the radiation and mutants roaming about.


These examples are some of the ways that the casino industry influences the gaming industry. As mentioned before, the influence is mutual so you’ll see leaderboards and levels in casino games, as well as the concept of gamification being actualized in the world of casino games. These are giants in the world of entertainment which is why the mutual influence will continue.

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