A quick guide to the Cyber Range!

Cybersecurity is an area that receives more attention every year. Increasingly complex and unexpected hacking attacks mean that every company wants to ensure complete data protection. Not only specialists are needed for this purpose, but also a space in which they will be able to train. The solution turns out to be the Cyber Range. Read on for details!

What is a Cyber Range?

Cyber Range is a virtual environment where both cybersecurity amateurs and specialists can practice and elevate their skills. In its area, activities are divided into four categories: modelling, simulation, monitoring, and practice. All this is done under the supervision of specialists who prepare detailed reports. Both individual and group trainings are carried out in this space. Thanks to 24/7 availability, you can use a Cyber Range at any time and from anywhere!

Cyber Ranges – the origins

Where did the idea for the Cyber Range space come from? It turns out that the inspiration to create this kind of environment were police and military training grounds, where people in uniforms practice their skills in safe conditions and under the supervision of an experienced crew. But what contributed to the creation of Cyber Range platforms? Here are some of the main reasons!

  • the need to train specialists – cybersecurity is a field in which learning never ends, and regular training is the key to success. It is important not only to protect the company, but also to be able to respond quickly in the event of an unexpected hacker attack. Numerous trainings and group exercises are available in the Cyber Range in which you can test your skills. This allows not only to increase theoretical but also practical knowledge. Systematic training also makes it easier to enter the state of full readiness!
  • the development of cyberattacks – hackers constantly surprise with new, more complex and aggressive attacks. Therefore, an appropriate, regularly improved and updated training space is needed, in which one can learn from the mistakes of predecessors.
  • better recruitment results – thanks to Cyber Ranges, recruiters can check candidates’ skills in a simple and quick way. This makes it easier to recruit and select employees with the appropriate cybersecurity skill set.

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