Google Keyword Planner- All You Need to Know

Google Keyword Planner helps the marketers discover essential keywords as well as find data for certain keywords such as search numbers, competition, and ad pricing.

Google Keyword PlannerHowever, if you have just begun the search engine marketing journey, the best place to start is with keyword research. Along with this, if you are already using Google Ads or plan to start incorporating search ads into the marketing strategy, Google’s Keyword Planner is considered a great tool to get you started.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Firstly, there is a great need to know that, google keyword planner is designed to help you research keywords to use in your search network campaigns. It is also a free tool that allows you to discover keywords related to the business as well as see the estimated monthly searches to target them.

Knowing how keywords in your industry are searched for is important for the campaign. The reason is that you wouldn’t want to target keywords that no one is using. You will always want to target keywords that have a high search volume as they tend to be more competitive.

Moreover, it also helps you understand what keywords people are using most frequently to discover certain products. Understanding the user as well as how they will be searching for the products is important for the campaign and strategies. Depending on the strategy, you can also be more focused on the more specific queries to help you reach people who are ready to buy.

Discover Costs for Keywords

Google Keyword Planner

The overall cost of keywords you want to target is another essential aspect for considering for your campaign. It is fascinating to know that; the keyword planner is responsible to provide the average cost for the ad to show on searches for a keyword.

However, it is easier to pick as well as choose which keywords best suit the strategy and budget.

If the average monthly search is higher, keep in mind that the costs are higher as there is a lot of competition for those keywords. Along with this, if the average monthly search is lower, the overall results are the opposite. Remember that, the cost of the ads is determined by a range of factors including the keywords, the budget settings, as well as the quality score.

Creating New Campaigns

No doubt, the Keyword Planner was significantly created to use with Google Ads, it also permits you to create new campaigns easily. However, these campaigns are significantly based on in-depth keyword research.

There is a great need to know, creating a campaign also allows you to select a recommended budget as well as enter a custom daily budget according to your needs. Once the campaign is implemented, access it under the tools and settings icon in Keyword Planner. In this way, you can make it easy to see the campaign from start to finish all in one place.

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