How to Get a Comodo Certificate? And 4 Best Advantages of the Comodo SSL

If you need an SSL certificate, go no further than Comodo Certificate, one of the best and most affordable. Comodo SSL certificates are essential to keeping online communications secure for everyone, from individuals to e-merchants to small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations.

Comodo Certificate makes it possible to have a secure digital identity with solid encryption. That keeps data between the client and the server from being snooped on. You can give it a strong identity with Comodo certificates.

What details are required before purchasing a comodo certificate?

Here is the information you need to know before you buy an SSL certificate so that you don’t have to deal with chaos at the last minute.

IP Number:

Each SSL certificate you want to use will need its unique IP address. If your IP address has more than one sub-domain, you can use a Wildcard SSL certificate to protect them all. And if you have more than one domain name on the same IP address, you can use a Unified Communication certificate to protect these domain names.

Request to sign a certificate (CSR):

 It is a message that has been encrypted in a specific format. CSR is sent from an “SSL applicant” to a certificate authority (CA) before an order for an SSL certificate is placed. CSR is made on the web server. The CA makes the SSL certificate based on the CSR information, like the organization’s name, the public key, etc.

Accurate information in WHOIS record:

 According to the criteria, when a comodo certificate for a domain name is bought, the applicant’s information is checked by the certificate authority. The CA has to ensure that you have the right to order a comodo certificate and that you own that domain name. That is done by comparing the information about you in WHOIS records with the company name and address given when the certificate order is placed. Some CAs will call the phone numbers listed in the WHOIS record and send an email to the address provided by the applicant to ensure that the information given is correct.

Documents for Validating a Business:

If you want to buy high-assurance certificates, the business needs to be checked out. CAS often looks at online government databases to determine if your business is registered. Sometimes, they might ask you to send them a government registration form. The requirements for validation may be a little different depending on the CA.

Comodo SSL Certificate Benefits

The most reliable CA:

Comodo has made a name for itself in the SSL business and worked with thousands of companies and people of all sizes. Comodo’s SSL certificates are very sure to be accurate.

Strong defenses:

Strong SHA-2 encryption will be used for all transactions between the client machine and the server. So, cybercriminals will need help to steal data in real time.

We offer the lowest price in the SSL industry on Comodo SSL certificates to meet the security needs of businesses of all sizes. That saves you money and makes your customers trust you more.

Secure SAN Domains:

Comodo has multi-domain certificates that let you add different SAN domains to a single certificate. That saves you time and money from having to manage multiple certificates.

Improve your search rankings:

Comodo SSL certificate makes your site safe on the Internet. Because of this, your website will show up well in search engines.

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