Film Travel Videos That Inspire Wanderlust

Travelling is always fun. The enigma to a happier, greater fulfilled existence of human life is to make investments in stories instead of fancy things; this reality has been supported by way of means of research. As journey enthusiasts, we couldn’t agree extra—the moments we accumulate from every area we’ve visited add the means to our lives.

Our travels provide us with the experience of success unequaled even via means of high-give-up devices and fashion dressmaker luggage or clothes. The great wanderlusts know the value of the priceless travel they do. Clicking pictures is one of the most evident ways to immortalize our travel memories. If you want more enticing physical memories that will enable you to relive the best moments from your travels, scroll down a little to know all of them through this guide.

There are numerous interesting ideas and ways that inspire wanderlust and help create amazing videos. Let us know about them in detail.

Film Travel Videos That Inspire Wanderlust

Have a travel plan

Travelling is fun and interesting; conveying it nicely with your pictures and videos is something you should do. You can document your trip by creating travel videos, telling a specific story through it, or just creating videos of the sites you visit. Create such videos that you and your viewers would want to see repeatedly. Therefore, to ensure that you get the perfect shots and videos, it is recommended to plan your videos. This way, you will know what places you will visit and what kind of tools you need to get the perfect shots.

Prepare for your trip

Well, once you know where you are going, the next thing is to start the preparations. It might feel a little boring, but it will help make your shoot day easy. You need to know the climate, local culture, and other important things so that you can prepare your videos accordingly. To create the best videos, you need the best preparation, which includes gathering inspiration and collecting information about the travel destination. For example, if you are going to the jungles in South Africa, you will have a different preparation compared to when you go to Greece to visit the beautiful city and beaches. Pen down the places you wish to visit or mark locations on Google Maps where you will be traveling and plan the tools you will require for filming these places.

Build a story

Your story should be unique, and for that, you will have to shoot something more than just picturesque locations. The first thing you need to do is create a personal connection between you and your audience, and the best way to do this is by creating and telling a story through your travels. While creating videos, you should have a story in mind, take notes and use this story while editing the videos. Make sure that you edit and cut video wherever required to make it more interesting and to the point.

Use Natural Sounds

If you wish to create travel videos that inspire wanderlust, then the best way to do so is by using natural sounds in your video instead of adding music. Travel videos are all about new places and natural sounds in the background, for example, the sound of the river, birds, and in fact, sometimes silence and peace around is enough to show the beauty of the place. Such videos are not just beautiful but also pleasing to the ears. Using them can have a calming effect on the viewers, and they will be able to feel the place thousands of miles away just sitting at their home.

Pack your camera bag

What else can be more important for a travel blogger than the tools? Therefore, you should do the packing well in advance so that you do not miss anything. Now that you know the type of video you want to create, keep the tools accordingly. But, you need to ensure that you keep less stuff, as while shooting videos, you would want your bag to be light and organized. The stuff required for creating excellent videos are – 

  • – You can also create videos with your smartphone, but if you have a DSLR, that will be even better. The best-recommended camera for creating travel videos is mirrorless cameras, as they help get the best quality images and videos. But you can create videos from a normal camera as well. If you have a drone, do not forget to carry it along for creating traveling videos, as you can get the finest view from it, giving an incredible feel to your viewers watching your travel video.
  • – You might have multiple lenses but carry only a few as per the type of videos you want to create. For example, it is advised to carry a telephone zoom lens if you wish to create videos of subjects that you can’t get close to.
  • It is advised to carry tripods or a gimbal to get smooth cinematic shots. Using these stabilizers can help get more usable footage than taking a shot directly, as a lot of these shots can be shaky and unusable.

Use editing Tools

Once you are done with creating the travel videos, the next thing is to do the editing. This is the major part where you need to cut video, trim it, and edit it to give it a professional look. To do this, you can use an online video editor, as they offer pre-made templates and numerous advanced customization options that can help you create a video as per your requirements. You need to ensure that you do the proper research before choosing the editor, check what features it offers, pricing, ease of use, customer support, etc. Do not opt for an editor that is trending; instead, select the one you need as per your videos.

Summing Up

These were some of the best tips for filming your travel videos and getting the most out of them. These tips will help you multiply the number of views on your videos, so before you begin your next trip, keep these points in mind! 

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